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  • What I learned surfing in Hawaii with the first Hindu congresswoman

    Chris Moody, Yahoo News at Yahoo News1 mth ago

    HONOLULU, Hawaii – The sun has yet to rise when Tulsi Gabbard pulls her car into a near-empty parking lot here on Oahu’s windy eastern shore, walks toward the water and unfurls a yoga mat on the beach.

    As gently crashing waves break the morning stillness, the congresswoman stands straight and salutes the tip of the glowing sun as it rises into the clouds and flashes a light upon the water.

    For 30 minutes, she mediates in silence, shifting yoga positions while the sun rises higher in the sky.

     Washington is—and certainly feels—4,000 miles away.

    An hour later, Gabbard is geared up in a wet suit and rashguard, a surfboard under her arm, looking out over the surf near Waikiki. She paddles out to the breakers several hundred yards from shore, where she sits on her board and waits for the blue waters of the South Pacific to rise in a swell.

    When the first waves roll in, she turns back toward the beach and paddles for the wave. The waist-high wall of water rises behind her, and she leaps up from her stomach—Gabbard is goofy-footed, which means she puts her right foot forward—and carves her way toward the beach on a strong but steady left.

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