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  • Live-blogging the Republican presidential debate on national security

    Join Yahoo! News and ABC News Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. ET to watch the Republican presidential debate from Washington, DC.

    Questions will focus on issues of national security, and the debate is co-sponsored by two conservative think tanks, The Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute.

    CNN will broadcast the debate, and you can watch the live-stream here.

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  • C-SPAN battle: Historian shouts down congressman at hearing

    Televised congressional hearings often serve as a platform for members of Congress to berate, bloviate and showboat for the cameras, but at a House Natural Resources Committee hearing Tuesday, historian Douglas Brinkley wouldn't stand for it.

    The topic at hand was drilling in the the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The trouble began when Alaska Republican Rep. Don Young misstated Brinkley's name after referring to the hearing as "an exercise in futility." In a certain breach of protocol, Brinkley cut him off.

    Young didn't like that one bit.

    "You just be quiet," Young demanded.

    "You don't own me," Brinkley shot back. "I pay your salary!"

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  • Jimmy Fallon’s house band plays vulgar song to welcome Michele Bachmann on show

    Michele Bachmann made an appearance on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" Monday, but when she walked on stage, Fallon's house band played a song titled "Lyin' Ass Bitch" to welcome her to the show.

    Most viewers, and Bachmann herself, didn't notice that they played the song, by the band Fishbone, until the band leader hinted at it on Twitter later that night.

    Here's the video:

    Bachmann was on the show to discuss her new book, Core of Conviction.

    Via Mediaite and Spin

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  • Poll: Gingrich in the lead among Republicans, but Romney tied with Obama nationally

    Romney and Gingrich (Richard Shiro/AP)Another national poll shows former House Speaker Newt Gingrich leading the race for the Republican nomination, but among all GOP presidential candidates, only former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney places anywhere near President Obama in a head-to-head match up.

    Gingrich, whose recent surge comes at the expense of businessman Herman Cain, now leads with 26 percent among Republican voters, according to a new Quinnipiac poll. Romney trails Gingrich by 4 percentage points. When you take the other GOP candidates out of the equation, Gingrich still leads Romney, this time by 10 percentage points.

    The poll of 1,039 Republican voters, taken Nov. 14 - 20, has a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

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  • Romney turns up the heat on Obama in New Hampshire

    Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney unveiled his first television ad of the election cyle this week in New Hampshire, kicking off a major media push in the state.

    The 60-second spot ignores Romney's Republican primary opponents and strikes directly against President Obama, who is scheduled to visit Manchester Tuesday.

    Democrats on Tuesday took issue with the part of the ad that quotes Obama saying, "If we keep talking about the economy, we're going to lose," pointing out that Romney took the quote out of context. Obama used the line in 2008, but he was talking about his opponent, Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain, not his own campaign. What Obama did say at the time, was this: "Senator McCain's campaign actually said, and I quote, 'If we keep talking about the economy, we're going to lose.'" In response, the Democratic National Committee slammed Romney, calling him "a serial deceiver."

    Apart from the video, Romney also penned a two-page open letter to the president, which three of the state's largest newspapers will publish this week.

    "I will be blunt. Your policies have failed," Romney writes. "It is bad enough that they have fallen short even by the standards your own administration set for itself. But things are much worse than that. Far from bringing the crisis to an end, your policies have actively hindered economic recovery. In some cases, they were the exact opposite of what our government should have been doing."

    "It is not America's laziness that is the problem, as you recently suggested," Romney goes on to say. "It is your policies."

    As the former governor of a neighboring state and a Granite State property owner, Romney--should he become the GOP nominee--would presumably enjoy something of a home-field advantage against Obama in New Hampshire, who won the state against Republican presidential candidate John McCain by nearly 10 percentage points in 2008.

    You can read the full letter after the jump.

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  • Mitt Romney drops bombshell from his past

    Via ABC News' Michael Falcone, who got his hands on an interview with Mitt Romney in a forthcoming issue of People magazine:

    "I tasted a beer and tried a cigarette once, as a wayward teenager, and never did it again."

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  • Herman Cain and the Holy Land Experience

    An exhibit at the Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Fla., where Cain spoke Friday.

    ORLANDO, Fla. -- By the time Herman Cain took the stage, Jesus had already been crucified, resurrected and returned to Earth to collect the faithful once that day.

    Cain made a campaign stop Friday at The Holy Land Experience, a Christian-theme amusement park in central Florida where visitors pay $35 to watch a reenactment of the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ just minutes from Disney World.

    In the park, which is run by the religious television station Trinity Broadcasting Network, employees dressed as shepherd boys, Pharisees, Roman soldiers and merchants from first-century Israel lead the faithful on tours through the re-created streets of old Jerusalem, perform re-enactment shows and serve as baristas in the coffee shop. Over the course of a day at Holy Land, you can take communion--fed to you from the hand of a bearded actor playing Christ with flowing brown hair--browse an impressive collection of early Bibles, rock out to praise-song karaoke, get baptized and even have your picture taken with Jesus on a Harley.

    And on this day, you can meet Herman Cain.

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  • First Lady booed at NASCAR race

    First Lady Michelle Obama and Second Lady Jill Biden were booed at the Homestead-Miami Speedway Sunday, where they were present to grand marshal the final races of the NASCAR Sprint Cup.

    They were also visiting to raise support for a White House initiative that encourages businesses to hire veterans.

    You can watch the video via Mediaite and below from CBS4 Miami:

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  • Meet Herman Cain’s new Secret Service detail

    Cain's Secret Service agentsORLANDO, Fla. -- At least nine Secret Service agents wearing dark sunglasses flanked Herman Cain on all sides during a short media conference outside a Christian-themed amusement park here Friday--one of the candidate's first outings with his new government security detail.

    Cain, the first Republican candidate to receive Secret Service protection this election cycle, rolled up to the pre-arranged spot with three Chevy sport utility vehicles, a heavy-duty pick up truck and one mini-bus. Agents immediately jumped out of the vehicles and dispersed, warding away any supporters who tried to get too close.

    Although Cain spent several minutes answering questions from reporters and even gaggled after the official press conference, it was clear that the era of open candidate-access that marked the first months of Cain's initial lower-tier candidacy is definitively over.

    Cain's campaign requested the agents after several contentious skirmishes with reporters in the wake of allegations that he sexually harassed co-workers during his tenure at the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s. In an interview with The Washington Post this week, campaign spokesman J.D. Gordon cited the media swarm as a reason for requesting the Secret Service detail, but Cain on Friday denied that he was trying to keep reporters away from him.

    "No," Cain said in response to a question about whether the media were responsible for his new armed guards in dark suits. "It was just that it was time because of the popularity of the campaign. It was just time to go to that next step. And I'm just glad we were given that opportunity so we're delighted to have it."

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  • Jack Abramoff asks Democratic group for rights to website domain bearing his name

    Five months after finishing a prison sentence for corruption charges, former lobbyist Jack Abramoff published a tell-all book about his time in Washington and is attempting to rebrand himself as an anti-corruption advocate, but despite his efforts, some aren't letting him off the hook.

    The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee bought the rights to in 2006, where they posted an anti-Abramoff website complete with an online petition to defeat "ethically-challenged Republicans."

    Not surprisingly, Abramoff isn't all too pleased that Democrats are using an online domain bearing his name, and he allegedly called the DCCC about buying it last week. The DCCC posted a message he left with the IT department on the website.

    "I wanted to discuss with you guys whether I could wind up amicably figuring it out with you in getting it back," Abramoff says in the voicemail. "I would be very grateful for a call back in any event."

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