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  • Romney a tea partier? It’s complicated

    Romney (Jae C. Hong/AP)When NBC's Brian Williams asked former Gov. Mitt Romney at the most recent Republican presidential debate if he considers himself "a member of the tea party," it may have been the toughest question of the night.

    As anyone who aligns himself with the small-government movement will tell you, the question was overly simplistic--the tea party is more of an intellectual concept than an actual centralized organization--but Williams' question clearly struck a nerve. It was one of the only questions during the debate that Romney hesitated before answering, and his meandering response took far more time and effort than what some of his contenders would have expended in the same exchange.  Herman Cain, for instance, probably would have whistled by the query and just said, "Yes."

    "I believe in a lot of what the tea party believes in," Romney said. "The tea party believes that government's too big, taxing too much, and that we ought to get to the work of getting Americans to work. So I put together a plan with a whole series of points of how we can get America's economy going again. Tea party people like that. So if the tea party is for keeping government small and spending down, and helping us create jobs, then, hey, I'm for the tea party."

    Interestingly, that's about the same response that tea party-aligned lawmakers provided when I asked if they thought Romney espoused the principles of the movement. All basically gave the same answer: To paraphrase a popular Facebook characterization of a user's relationship status, it's complicated.

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  • Herman Cain sings ‘God Bless America’ in 9/11 tribute video

    Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain released a tribute video for the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. An amateur gospel singer, Cain sings a version of "God Bless America" while images from Sept. 11, 2001 play on the screen.

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  • White House floods reporters’ inboxes after Obama’s jobs speech

    The White House really wants you to know that the $447 billion jobs plan that President Obama outlined in a speech to a joint session of Congress Thursday night has support--that is, from unions, liberal groups and other Democrats.

    The White House Press Office sent nearly 50 e-mails to reporters overnight with statements of support from the president's allies, including The International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Democratic lawmakers, The Center for American Progress, the mayor of San Francisco and members of Obama's own Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

    The deluge of e-mails continued into Friday, with the last one (so far) sent out at 12:17 p.m.:
    American Jobs Act

    But wait, there's more!

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  • Delayed by rain, Bachmann misses Obama’s speech

    Bachmann (Cliff Owen/AP)Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann missed President Obama's speech on job creation Thursday night, but delivered a response to the president's remarks shortly afterward. She dismissed the president's appeal to Congress as "nothing more than a political speech."

    The Republican presidential candidate, who flew into Washington from the campaign trail the night of the address, said her flights were delayed so she listened to the address on the radio. The East Coast was hit Thursday night by severe thunderstorms--the roof of the Capitol building itself was leaking just before Obama took the podium--and several flights at the Ronald Reagan National Airport were delayed.

    Bachmann arrived at the Capitol near the end of Obama's speech, she said, and watched the end of it from her office television.

    In her remarks after the speech, Bachmann said the plan Obama outlined was "unfortunate" and said that "in all likelihood would fail."

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  • Reid schedules vote after Obama’s speech to keep GOP lawmakers in DC–and it works

    Vitter (AP)Sen. David Vitter, the Louisiana Republican who said he would skip President Obama's speech to go to a football kickoff party, won't be participating in the pigskin festivities after all.

    Majority Leader Harry Reid has scheduled a vote in the Senate immediately after the speech, a decision that is giving members who were thinking of playing hooky second thoughts. The vote is an important one, too: It will give lawmakers a chance to go on the record with their disapproval of the debt-ceiling hike passed in August, an opportunity no Republican wants to miss.

    Vitter took to his Facebook page to complain about the scheduled floor vote.

    "Typical Harry Reid," Vitter wrote. "He's now scheduled votes that should've been held this morning for right before and right AFTER the prez's speech. Pens in those who would have skipped speech, like me. So now I'll miss my own Saints game party at home. Always knew Harry was a Dirty Birds fan! Don't worry--only strengthens my Who Dat resolve. On to the Super Bowl!"

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  • Video shows protesters interrupt first super committee meeting

    The congressional "super committee" on deficit reduction got off to a rocky start this morning.

    About 25 shouting protesters from the Washington, D.C.-based advocacy group Our DC flooded the House office building where lawmakers were holding the first meeting of the bi-partisan meeting Thursday, shouting "Jobs Now!" in the hallway outside the meeting room.

    The demonstration forced the lawmakers to halt the meeting for several minutes. Capitol Hill Police gave the members of group a warning; the protestors left before any arrests were made.

    You can watch the video below:

    A few members of the anti-war group Code Pink were sitting in on the meeting and joined the demonstration. The two groups are not associated and did not coordinate, Our DC spokesman James Adams told The Ticket.

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  • John Boehner to House Republicans: Please attend Obama’s speech

    Boehner (J. Scott Applewhite/AP)Every member of the House of Representatives should attend President Barack Obama's address on job creation tonight, House Speaker John Boehner said Thursday in response to reports that several in his caucus are planning to skip the speech.

    "He is the president of the United States and I believe that all members ought to be here to do this. Doesn't mean they're going to," Boehner told reporters Thursday morning after a conference meeting with fellow Republicans. "Remember, I'm just the speaker. There are 434 colleagues who have their own opinions and they're entitled to them. But as an institution, the president is coming at our invitation. We ought to be respectful, and we ought to welcome him."

    Republican lawmakers in both chambers, including Louisiana Sen. David Vitter, who said he would attend an NFL kickoff party instead, have announced they won't attend.

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  • Rick Perry’s remarks on Social Security stand out at latest debate

    As expected, Texas Gov. Rick Perry took the brunt of the hits on Wednesday from the other presidential candidates at the latest Republican debate.

    Perry hoped to damage the candidacy of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney by attacking Romney's record on jobs as governor of Massachusetts, but Perry's comments on Social Security were more memorable. Perry's unapologetically tough rhetoric on the New Deal-era program will be used against him for as long as he stays in the presidential campaign.

    Romney made an effort to distinguish himself from Perry on Social Security, a program Perry called a "failure."

    Perry doubled down on the tough language he used to describe Social Security in his book, calling the program, among other things, a "monstrous lie" to the nation's young people.

    "The issue in the book 'Fed Up' Governor, is you say that by any measure, Social Security is a failure," Romney said to Perry. "You can't say that to tens of millions of Americans who live on Social Security and those who have lived on it."

    "A candidate should be committed to saving Social Security," Romney added.


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  • Live-blogging the Republican presidential debate

    The Republican presidential candidates will face each other in a debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California at 8:00 PM EST tonight.

    All eyes are on Texas Gov. Rick Perry--the newest addition to the race--who will take the debate stage for the first time as a presidential contender.

    Read The Ticket's full debate preview and sign up below to join us tonight at 8:00 for full coverage.

    Watch the debate here:

    Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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  • Ron Paul will skip Obama’s speech on job creation

    Republican presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul will skip President Obama's address to a joint session of Congress Thursday, The Ticket has learned.

    Paul campaign spokesman Gary Howard confirmed Wednesday that Paul "doesn't plan on going" to the address.

    Paul joins a handful of other Republicans, including Sens. David Vitter of Louisiana and Jim DeMint of South Carolina, who will not attend the president's speech.

    Obama plans to outline a $300 billion proposal that the White House says will boost job creation and economic growth. Republican leaders said they are not preparing an official response to Obama's plan.


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