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  • Paul Ryan dings Joe Biden over gaffe

    NORTH CANTON, Ohio—We won't have to wait for the vice presidential debate in October to see Paul Ryan and Joe Biden take swipes at each other, because the pregame show is already playing out on the campaign trail.

    Speaking on Thursday at a rally in the gymnasium of Walsh University here, Ryan took a lighthearted jab at the vice president for confusing the state where he was campaigning earlier this week.

    "It is great to be here in North Canton," Ryan said when he stepped on the stage. "Or as Joe Biden might say, it's great to be here in Nevada!"

    At a speech in Danville, Va., on Tuesday, Biden told the crowd, "With you—and I mean this—with you, we can win North Carolina again, and if we do, we win the election if we win you."

    Danville, located in southern Virginia, borders North Carolina.

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  • Paul Ryan to Obama on Medicare debate: Bring it on

    Paul Ryan in Oxford, Ohio. (Matt Sullivan/Getty Images)

    OXFORD, Ohio -- Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan weighed into the ongoing debate over Medicare at a public rally here Wednesday, inviting a public argument about the future of the program.

    "The president, I'm told, is talking about Medicare today," Ryan told supporters at Miami University, where he graduated from college. "We want this debate. We need this debate. And we will win this debate."

    That "debate" so far has been a messy one, keeping independent fact checkers busy ever since Ryan proposed a plan in 2010 to restructure Medicare into a system that provides subsidies to seniors to buy health care on the private market.

    Democrats have seized on Mitt Romney's decision to choose Ryan as a running mate, arguing that the budget plan he proposed as House Budget Committee chairman would "end Medicare as we know it," a claim that a fact checking group rated the "Lie of the Year" in 2011. Meanwhile, Ryan repeated on Wednesday an attack that Romney has used regularly on

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  • Paul Ryan expected to address Medicare at Ohio rally

    DAYTON, Ohio—Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan is expected to discuss the brewing debate over his plan to overhaul the nation's Medicare system on Wednesday at a rally in Oxford, Ohio, a campaign aide said.

    Ryan's public remarks during his first days on the campaign trail as Mitt Romney's running mate have focused mostly on energy independence and Romney's proposals for economic recovery.

    President Barack Obama's campaign has criticized Romney for choosing Ryan, who, as chairman of the House Budget Committee, proposed a plan to reform the Medicare system by providing subsidies for retirees to purchase health care coverage through the private market. Democrats say Ryan's plan, which would not apply to anyone now over the age of 55, would "end Medicare as we know it," and not provide enough funds for seniors to afford their health care.

    On Ryan's flight to Ohio Wednesday, he was seen going over his remarks for the upcoming rally. An aide said that he has been working on

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  • Liberal group American Bridge launches initiative targeting conservative movement

    A liberal advocacy group is launching a new initiative through its nonprofit arm that will monitor conservative outside organizations and think tanks, Yahoo News has learned.

    The American Bridge 21st Century foundation, a nonprofit group, is running the the new program and operates alongside the Democratic super PAC American Bridge. The new program, called the Bridge Project, will conduct research into a nationwide network of conservative think tanks, advocacy organizations, super PACs and tea party groups. The operation is headed by David Brock, founder of the liberal media watchdog group Media Matters.

    The aim is three-fold: The Bridge Project plans to operate as a source of rapid response to political ads launched by Republican-friendly outside groups, track donations to these groups from conservative donors by reviewing tax filings and other public documents, and serve as a research organization that will file regular public policy briefings.

    The group, which has directed research

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  • Mitt Romney won’t noodle with Paul Ryan

    LAS VEGAS—Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will spend a lot of time together over the next four months—and if they have their way, the next eight years—but when Ryan takes his next trip to noodle himself some catfish, he'll be on his own.

    "Noodling" is a form of fishing in which the sportsman reaches his bare hand beneath the water toward the mouth of the catfish. When it bites down, they hoist the creature out and wrestle it to dry land.

    Ryan loves it. But Romney, well, not so much, according to a forthcoming interview with People magazine:

    PEOPLE: The congressman likes to "noodle," which is wrestling catfish bare-handed, I hear. Have the two of you made a noodling date yet?

    MITT ROMNEY: "Uh, I'm not going to be doing a lot of noodling.  I enjoy fly-fishing, but noodling, I'm afraid, I'll leave to Paul."

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  • Paul Ryan in Las Vegas (Steve Marcus/Reuters)LAS VEGAS-- On the second day of Paul Ryan's cross-country solo tour as Mitt Romney's running mate, the Wisconsin congressman visited Nevada, where he promised the Republican administration would turn around the economy and met privately with top Republican donors at the Venetian Hotel.

    Arriving Tuesday afternoon after a rally that focused on energy policy near Denver, Colo., thousands of enthusiastic supporters greeted Ryan at Palo Verde High School, while hundreds more watched from an overflow section outside where the temperature reached over 100 degrees.

    In a state still struggling to recover from the housing market crash and an unemployment rate above 11 percent, Ryan spoke as though he was a prophet--or a false prophet, if you're a Democrat--sent to deliver Romney's gospel, promising to turn the state's economy around. Standing in the high school's gymnasium in front of an American flag and the new Romney-Ryan logo, Ryan said he would make "a covenant" with voters to boost the

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  • Paul Ryan in Denver. (Marc Piscotty/Getty Images)

    LAKEWOOD, Colo--Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan took the stage before 2,600 supporters at Lakewood High School Tuesday to promote Mitt Romney's energy proposals, but he had another agenda.

    Interlaced throughout his speech were subtle, but clear, references to Ryan's common-man appeal. Over the course of his nearly 20-minute address, Ryan discussed working at McDonald's, shelling out more than $100 at the pump to fill up his gas tank, camping and fishing with his family, climbing the Colorado "14ers"--a reference to the state's mountain peaks above 14,000 feet--and that he recently taught his boys "how to cook a meal on the fire."

    In short: I'm one of you.

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  • Joe Biden to supporters: Mitt Romney will ‘put you all back in chains’

    On Tuesday, speaking at a rally in Danville, Va., Vice President Joe Biden told a group of supporters that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney would "put you all back in chains" if elected.

    The vice president was arguing that Republicans plan to "unchain Wall Street" with deregulation.

    "He said in the first hundred days, he's going to let the big banks once again write their own rules, unchain Wall Street," Biden said during a speech at the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research. "They're going to put you all back in chains."

    The Romney campaign took issue with the comments.

    "After weeks of slanderous and baseless accusations leveled against Governor Romney, the Obama Campaign has reached a new low," Romney press secretary Andrea Saul said in a statement. "The comments made by the Vice President of the United States are not acceptable in our political discourse and demonstrate yet again that the Obama Campaign will say and do anything to win this election. President

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  • Paul Ryan holding private meeting at Sheldon Adelson-owned hotel

    LAKEWOOD, Colo.—If all goes as planned for Paul Ryan, what happens in Vegas will stay in Vegas.

    A campaign aide told reporters the Republican vice presidential candidate plans to meet privately with a small group of supporters Tuesday night at the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas, which is owned by Republican mega donor and billionaire casino mogul Sheldon Adelson.

    The Romney aide said the meeting would be considered a "finance event," not a "fundraiser," and because of this distinction would not be open to the press. While the aide was short on details about what occurs at a "finance event," the person said that no money would be turned over during the meeting. The aide said about 40 people would attend but could not comment on the guest list.

    "Tonight's event is not a fundraiser, it is a finance meeting," the aide said. "The rules are pretty clear on this. If it's a public venue for a fundraiser, we have press there. Given that it is not a fundraiser, it is a finance meeting, it is closed press."

    When asked to define a "finance event," the aide simply replied, "it's not a fundraiser."

    Not all of Ryan's events in Sin City will be held behind closed doors, however. He plans to attend a public rally at a high school in Las Vegas Tuesday afternoon.

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  • Paul Ryan takes his P90X workout to the campaign trail

    DENVER—The rigors of the campaign trail have not kept Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan from his intense workout regimen, a daily tradition he observes religiously in the wee hours of the morning.

    Ryan was spotted Tuesday in the gym of the Renaissance Denver Hotel working out to a P90X video on his iPad.

    "I'm going to keep myself in shape, that's for sure," Ryan told Yahoo News on Monday when asked if he plans to keep up the habit while campaigning for vice president.

    A former personal trainer, Ryan leads a group of members and staff in grueling pre-dawn workouts in the congressional gym in Washington, D.C., when the House is in session.

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