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  • Pa. Couple Tired of Cars Crashing Into Home

    Christina Ng at ABC News Blogs2 yrs ago

    A Pennsylvania couple has found themselves in an all-too-familiar situation this week when a car crashed into their home for the fourth time, the third time in the past six months. Sonya and Wade Schenewolf, of Easton, Penn., were getting ready for their day on Tuesday morning when they heard a loud booming sound from outside. Unfortunately, they knew what it was before going outside. A car had hit their house, again-the third time that's happened in just the last six months.

    "My house got hit in December, my house got hit in March and my house got hit in May," Sonya Schenewolf said with disbelief. "And a year before that, my car and my garage got hit."

    She has had serious damage to her garage, car and front porch from the various accidents.

    "This is a 30 miles per hour zone. We do live on a curve and our house is close to the road, but, recently, the township put in a two-lane bridge directly across from my house," she said. "If you come across that bridge and you don't stop, you're in my house."

    Schenewolf said Tuesday's accident was caused by a speeding driver. She believes he was going approximately 65 mph in the 30 mph zone.

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  • Could the Appetite For Chocolate Exceed the World's Supply?

    Christina Ng at ABC News Blogs2 yrs ago

    Though the world's demand for chocolate almost exceeds the ability of worn-out plants to produce it, experts say it's not time to panic yet.  But something needs to be done.

    "An improvement needs to be made to extend this supply chain," Robert Peck, senior director of operations for the World Cocoa Foundation, told "We have to start thinking, where is that increase in supply going to happen and how are we going to get it?"

    The demand for chocolate increases by about 2.5 to 3 percent each year, which means about four million more tons of cocoa are needed every year.

    Experts predict that by 2020, the demand for chocolate will increase by 25 percent. That's about five million metric tons of chocolate.

    "Cocoa has been almost completely static," said Andrew Pederson, global chocolate manager for Mars, Inc., the makers of M&Ms, Milky Way bars, Snickers and other confections.  "The crops don't perform well. They're aging pretty badly. Farmers don't have a lot of tools and training."

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  • 'Black and Bleu' Chris Brown, Rihanna Sandwich Chef Has No Regrets

    Christina Ng at ABC News Blogs2 yrs ago

    The Georgia chef behind the controversial "black and bleu" sandwich that pokes fun at Chris Brown and Rihanna said he's "not afraid" of what he did and has no regrets.

    "I was not trying to make a joke of domestic violence, just bringing light to the situation through food," chef Richard Miley told today. "I do not regret doing it. I don't regret anything."

    Miley is one of the owners of Chops & Hops in Watkinsville, Ga. The mom-and-pop-style  restaurant made headlines last Friday with its celebrity sandwich of the week.

    "Put your hands on this Caribbean black and bleu sandwich," the restaurant advertised on its Facebook page. "Chris Brown won't beat you up for eating this unless your name starts with a R and ends with A."

    In February  2009, Chris Brown beat Rihanna in a rented Lamborghini. They recently fueled speculation that they had gotten back together after they collaborated on two songs.

    The ribeye sandwich was made with bleu cheese, sliced tomato, onions and shredded romaine.

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  • 'Grandparents Discover Photobooth' YouTube Goes Viral

    Christina Ng at ABC News Blogs2 yrs ago

    Some grandparents have done it again - they've gone viral. A YouTube video called " Grandparents Discover Photobooth" shows the grandparents playing with distortion effects on Photobooth, a program for Mac computers. More than half a million people have now clicked on them.

    The minute-long video, posted by a YouTube user called ThaneACovert, features about a dozen grandparents vamping for the camera. They make animal noises, stick their tongues out,  laugh at their distorted faces and rock out to the Black Eyed Peas.

    "Look at my nostrils," one woman laughs. Another exclaims, "Look how little my mouth is!"

    "You have to end it now. You have to," the last granny says through tears of laughter. "I can't stand any more."

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  • Good Samaritan Helps Driver Who Flipped Her Off Moments Earlier

    Christina Ng at ABC News Blogs2 yrs ago

    Kristyn Dominy, 22, was driving home from her grandmother's house on Monday with her 5-month-old daughter when a car approached from behind.

    "As I was going home, an older jeep came up behind me pretty fast and got right behind me," Dominy told "Then, they went around me and passed me on a double line. And as she was passing me, she flicked me off."

    Dominy said she was "irritated" by the woman's action, since Dominy was going the speed limit.

    "I noticed there was a child in the car and thought, 'Oh my gosh, I can't believe she's driving like this with a child in the back seat,'" she said.

    When the car passed her, Dominy noticed one of the doors was held to the car with a rope and that a tail light was out.

    The jeep sped up behind a truck pulling a boat and weaved in and out of the opposite lane, looking for an opportunity to pass the truck.

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