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  • Jameis Winston deserves benefit of doubt in sexual assault claim until proven otherwise

    Dan Wetzel at Yahoo Sports10 mths ago

    Winston has not been charged with a crime. Forget innocent until proven guilty, absolutely no law enforcement body has accused him of doing anything at all. He'll continue to quarterback the Seminoles.

    In fact, since that moment the report was filed nearly a year ago until TMZ broke news of the investigation Wednesday evening, no one from the police to the prosecutor's office has bothered to speak to Winston. Not one interview, not one question, not one thing, at least according to Winston's attorney, Tim Jansen.

    So let's start right there.

    If Jansen is telling the truth, then over 11 months of a said-to-be "open investigation" by the Tallahassee police, including the Special Victims Unit that was assigned the case, deemed it unnecessary to speak to one of the two people who would presumably be at the center of this incident. They did contact Jansen last February about the allegation, but they never went any further in regards to his client.


    If Jameis Winston sexually assaulted someone, then he should go to prison. Forget about football, this is about freedom.

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