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  • The Reality of Reselling Your Home

    David Miller at Beyond The Headline 1 yr ago

    Are you selling your house or perhaps looking to renovate to increase your home’s value for when you eventually sell, but don’t know what to do? Well look no further. ABC’s very own Paula Faris consulted with HGTV’s “Property Brothers” hosts Jonathan and Drew Scott to uncover the secrets behind successful renovations.

    What’s the #1 renovation to pursue? “The best thing and the easiest thing is flooring and paint. Putting in brand new flooring and flowing it in through the entire space ties all the rooms together,” says Jonathan.

    A renovation to avoid and one that many people do regularly is transforming a vacant bedroom to closet. According to Drew, “if you take a third bedroom and turn it into a custom closet, you’ve now eliminated all those families that would want your house for a family with two kids and need three bedrooms.”

    The moral of the story, before you renovate, be sure to consult with a professional

  • The Stain Proof Shirt that Won’t Get Wet

    David Miller at This Could Be Big 1 yr ago

    Forget the club soda and leave the napkin on your lap. There is finally a shirt for every klutz who spills soda and drips soup on themselves.

    It’s calling the Silic shirt and it’s made from a fabric bonded with hydrophobic nanotechnology that repels water like a raindrop on a leaf.

    That means the days of, “what’s that on your shirt?” are finally over.

    The “self-cleaning” shirt impressively withstands a shower fit for a Super Bowl winning head coach, without leaving a single drop.

    The shirt was designed by Aamir Patel of California, who believes that we’re in the early stages of implementing technology into all of our clothes.

    The Silic shirt is available for pre-order on Kickstarter now for $48 and will be available online soon.

  • Bringing Back Detroit with Watches

    David Miller at Beyond The Headline 1 yr ago

    The ABC News series made in America, David Muir visited Shinola, a store in New York City that sells products made exclusively in America.

    The company started in Detroit and they’re working to restore the great city in the Midwest with watches.

    They first started selling American made watches earlier this year, and their first run of 2,500 sold out in just 8 days.

    If Shinola sounds familiar, it all started with the company that made the shoe polish way back when.

  • A Paper Plane that Flies, not just Glides

    David Miller at This Could Be Big 1 yr ago

    The paper airplane is more than a piece of folded paper that glides and turns before hitting the ground--it’s a classic part of growing up. We all made them, some that worked well and others that tanked immediately after takeoff.

    They’re a low-tech fixture in a high-tech world, so when inventor and pilot Shai Goitein created a module that turns the classic paper airplane into a Bluetooth-enabled smart phone-controlled paper airplane, he risked stomping on nostalgia.

    But the PowerUp 3.0 is so simple to understand that instead of messing with a classic they’ve brought renewed interest to the paper airplane, and just in time before every kid gives up their notepads for an iPad.

    The beauty is in the integration of the technology. You fold the paper airplane the same way you always have, and the technology fits in to make it fly. It’s like making a new friend, you want someone who complements your life and makes it more enjoyable.

    The PowerUp 3.0 includes one of the durable carbon fiber Bluetooth units along with instructions on how to fold the Nakamura lock paper airplane, which Shai calls one of the best and easiest paper airplanes to fold.

  • Real Money: How to Cut Costs at the Grocery Store

    David Miller at Beyond The Headline 1 yr ago

    Grocery shopping can really eat away at the family budget, but it doesn't have to. ABC’s Paula Faris is going to show you two quick ways to cut back on culinary costs without losing quality.

    The first is a popular and free website called All you do is type in your grocery list and zip code and they’ll send you weekly coupons that match the items on your list. There's no more coupon clipping and scissors, you simply print out your coupon.

    Then, how would you like to get paid for products you’re already buying? An app called “Ibotta” lets you do just that. You watch a video or answer a quick questionnaire, then scan your receipt and the money adds up fast.

    Collectively we’re leaving over $400 billion dollars of unused coupons on the table every year. Hopefully, with these two tips you’ll start cleaning up on some of these deals and get in on the savings that are out there.

  • Hunting 700 Pound Alligators In Mississippi

    David Miller at Beyond The Headline 1 yr ago

    The Trammells are an everyday family from Mississippi, but the alligator they recently caught in the swamps of the Mississippi Delta looks it came from Jurassic Park. Weighing 723 pounds and spanning thirteen feet, the gator was a prized catch from this year’s Mississippi alligator hunt.

    The Trammells wrangled this massive beast during Mississippi’s 10 day alligator hunt where 920 people were chosen and issued permits to catch two gators each.

    Why are alligators in Mississippi so big? For years no one was allowed to hunt them and if left alone for long enough, alligators can grown up to 19 feet, the length of an average RV. So recently the state created a short hunting season to help control the population, and size, of local alligators.

    Some people might wonder why you do This? “We eat the meat,” says Beth Trammell, “I don’t see it as any different from pre-packaged meat in the grocery store.”

    Dustin Bockman is another gator hunter, “hunting an animal that’s 700 pounds, is something that can eat you, is pretty exciting.”

    A lot of critics say this is a blood sport but these families say this is no different than hunting dear.

  • Alicia Keys Sings to ABC News’ David Muir

    David Miller at Beyond The Headline 1 yr ago

    Alicia keys joined ABC News’ David Muir as the World News, Person of the Week. She joined us to discuss her charity work, and to sing her sons favorite song of hers.

    For the past decade, Alicia Keys has been quietly using her voice to save others, pushing prevention and treatment for HIV, with her organization Keep a Child Alive, in the towns and villages of Africa.

    This week, the Grammy-winning singer and songwriter sat with ABC News’ David Muir during a visit to New York, her hometown, to reignite an important conversation in the United States.

  • Fire Rages in Yosemite National Park

    David Miller at Beyond The Headline 1 yr ago

    ABC News’ Neal Karlinsky is along the south side of the large fire burning in Yosemite National Park where large plumes are shooting into the sky, giving you an idea of how intense the fire can be.

    The blaze is growing more out of control by the hour, It was 6 percent contained 24 hours ago, but only 2 percent contained today. Fortunately more homes are not in danger, but the fire continues grow. it has shot up more than triple in size just since yesterday and we got a real up close and personal sense of how quickly things can change and it is all due to the wind.

    While approaching the entrance to Yosemite National Park, We saw a major road that has been burned over. We saw tree limbs burning and falling down - large ones right near our vehicle. It's a volatile and dangerous situation that continues to change almost by the hour.

  • NJ Town Protects Homes When Residents Are Gone

    David Miller at Beyond The Headline 1 yr ago

    According to the FBI, 1.4 million homes are burglarized in America every year, so ABC News' Gio Benitez looked into a couple of different approaches people are taking to protect their homes.

    Catching criminals on camera is not just for street and business crimes. Bluetooth enabled cameras are widely available and sync to your phone, alerting you immediately if anything is going on in your house.

    But we met a New Jersey police Sergeant that's doing it a different way. Local Residents of Pompton Lakes, New Jersey fill out a form before they go out of town, and when they're away the patrol team will drive by the home on their routes to make sure everything is OK. They will make sure there aren't any suspicious cars parked in the driveway or lights on when they're not supposed to be.

  • How to Protect Yourself Against Pick-Pockets

    David Miller at Beyond The Headline 1 yr ago

    How to Protect Yourself Against Pick-Pockets How do you protect yourself against pick-pockets? ABC News’ Gio Benitez met a self titled professional scoundrel in Times Square named Simon Lovell to give us some advice.

    Always be aware of your personal surroundings. Most people in Times Square are taking video, they’re on cell phones, or they have music playing on headphones, you have to be paranoid and aware. There are people who are out to get you, especially in crowded tourist areas, to keep them away from you always be aware of your surroundings.

    Also, never keep all of your money in one place. Split up your cash between different pockets and your bag, that way if a thief is able to steal some of it you will have some left. But don’t carry around too much cash. Some people prefer to pay with cash, but in a big city you can pay for most things with a credit card and if your credit card is stolen, it’s harder for someone to use and you can call the bank and cancel it immediately.

    So always be aware of your surroundings, split up your money, and use credit cards instead of cash. And finally, always watch your cell phone, it’s the most frequently stolen item in the world today.