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  • Man Uses Webcam to Solve Case of Missing Fruit

    David Wright at ABC News Blogs2 yrs ago

    The alleged perpetrator was a cleaning lady apparently helping herself to a late-night snack as she snatched an apple off his desk.

    In the video, the janitor is on her cellphone as she wheels her cart down the hallway. She steps into the office and snatches the apple without hesitation before making a quick exit. Before wheeling her cart away, she takes a bite of the apple.

    Instead of confronting or reporting her, the angry worker posted the janitor in action as his screensaver, accusing her of snatching the fruit. He then kept the webcam rolling to catch people's reaction to his screensaver. One co-worker found it amusing while the alleged culprit was left standing with her mouth wide open in shock. The video ends with the text, "I haven't had any fruit stolen since."

    The YouTube video has been received with mixed reactions. "Awesome video," wrote phonelosersofamerica. "Kudos to you for freaking her out instead of reporting her."

    Buslateagain was far less sympathetic, writing, "I hope she sues the pants off you."

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