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  • Device Curbs Facebook Overuse with Shock to Wrist

    Douglas Caballero at Trending Now 1 yr ago

    Let's face it. We spend waaay too much time on social media, especially Facebook. Sometimes it's like "shame eating" when we're all alone. You're not alone. We all do it. But how do we shake the habit? With tough love and electrical shock!

    MIT PhD students Robert R. Morris and Dan McDuff have invented a device called Pavlov Poke that actually shocks the user's wrist when he or she spends too much time on Facebook. Yup. Zap!

    The name "Pavlov Poke" references Ivan Pavlov's famous conditioning experiments with dogs and Facebook's infamous "poke" feature. Clever name, indeed. McDuff says the shock is "unpleasant, but it's not dangerous." Whew, glad to know it won't kill us.

    The inventors admit their technology is meant to be humorous, but there's no denying that Facebook can be a real time suck, overloading us with useless posts from friends and sometimes negatively affecting our self-esteem.

    Morris and McDuff even filmed an infomercial explaining the device.

  • Skateboarding Teens Record Clever Instagram Video to Return Lost Cell Phone

    Douglas Caballero at Trending Now 1 yr ago

    Ever found someone's lost smartphone and tried to return it? The owner is probably stressed about losing all those precious photos, videos, and texts — not to mention losing the expensive phone itself. How did you contact the person to return it? Call "Mom" in the contacts list? That's soooo last century and, let's face it, lacking creative spirit.

    Enter three skateboarding teens , an Instagram account, and a blog. Sebastian Schallenberg, Ryan Benjamin, and Jake Besner from Waterloo, Ontario, were skating when they found a lost phone,belonging to a friend of cyclist Kim Ho, after it fell out of her bike bag on the road. They picked it up and promptly headed to a skate park, shot an Instagram video using the owner's account, and told him to call the phone. 

    Kind of restores your faith in humanity. But what do you expect from Canadians? They are so friendly #Instagood.

  • Sand artist creates awesome infinite sculpture

    Douglas Caballero at Trending Now 1 yr ago

    Beach sand art is serious business. Wait, don't laugh. It's serious enough to earn you the attention of sunbathing beauties, studly surfers, and people who give out awards, especially if you're Carl Jara. His epic sand sculpture, titled "Grain Damaged," won the gold medal and People'sChoice Award at the Hampton Beach Master Sand Sculpting Competition in NewHampshire this summer. The native of Cleveland — which is far from any beach we know of — used the Droste effect to create the incredible optical illusion of a man holding a man , within a man holding a man, etc. The sculpture is so effective, we're quite confident that M.C. Escher would be proud. 

    Jara is a one-of-a-kind artist. Watch the amazing time-lapse video of him creating "Grain Damaged." It's a master class in sandsculpture. 

  • The Beauty of Popping Painted Balloons

    Douglas Caballero at Trending Now 1 yr ago

    What would you get if Jackson Pollock played with water balloons? A beautiful mess! Enter Swiss artist Fabian Oefner . His artwork is literally explosive. Titled "Liquid Jewels," Oefner's photos were featured in Wired U.K., and they will astound your eyes and inspire you to throw an impromptu spin-art  party.

    So how does he make this crazy magic? Oefner creates his amazing photos by popping balloons covered in acid-rainbow paint and then snapping pictures as the paint flies. It looks like a blast, but it's a very time-consuming process. Oefner said he got only five useable photos out of the 100 he took.

    And it turns out, his creative process even blew up in his face: "I remember one balloon burst directly into my face, while I was preparing the last layer of paint. ... I looked like a walking piece of art afterward."

    See more of Oefner's "Liquid Jewels" photos at  Wired U.K.  

  • 'Hot Dog Legs' leads summer's hottest Tumblr blogs

    Douglas Caballero at Trending Now 1 yr ago

    And the hottest trend of the summer is ... hot dog legs! Huh? You know, the "you wish you were here" photos your girlfriends post on Instagram showing off their shiny, bronzed legs on a beach, making you so darned jealous. How glamorous of you, girl. Until now!

    Let's take a look.

    Hot dogs?

    BuzzFeed says "Hot Dog Legs is the best Tumblr of the Summer." What do you think? But more important, what's your favorite brand of hot dog? We say Nathan's Famous. Let us know on our  Facebook  page and on Twitter at  @YahooTrending.

  • Kid President Has Adorable Interview with Beyoncé

    Douglas Caballero at Trending Now 1 yr ago

    Warning! Do not read the following if you're prone to intense bouts of the warm fuzzies.

    Superstar Beyoncé was interviewed by 11-year-old YouTube sensation Kid President, promoting World Humanitarian Day in what is quite possibly the most adorable celebrity interview in the history of interviews. He gets to do what most men dream about their entire lives - Plant a smooch on  Beyoncé .

    Kid President, aka Robby Novak, is a pint-sized inspirational comedic speaker who has interviewed everyone from President Obama to Josh Groban. He partnered with actor Rainn Wilson's feel-good media company, Soul Pancake, to "chew on life's big questions," which has made him a social media darling.

    Robby suffers from osteogenesis imperfecta, or brittle bone disease, and he has broken his bones more than 70 times. But you'd never know it. His videos are filled almost entirely with his laughter and dancing.

    Check out more inspirational Kid President  videos .

  • 11-Year-Old Thinks of Awesome Addition to Deodorant Stick

    Douglas Caballero at Trending Now 1 yr ago

    Guys, add this to your morning routine: the theme from "Rocky" jamming in your ears as you apply deodorant under your arms. Think about it for a moment. Stallone plus smelling fresh. You could use it next time you need motivation to crush the morning commute or burn through some TPS reports.

    Is this the next big thing from America's most popular deodorant brands? Not yet, but it should be!

    And it was invented by someone probably not old enough to even wear deodorant. Eleven-year-old Quinn Sheeran attached the electronics from a musical birthday card to a stick of Old Spice so that it rocks the inspiring tune when the deodorant is opened.

    Quinn's cousin posted a photo of his invention to Reddit, where it was voted to the top of the r/Funny forum and the homepage, receiving overwhelmingly positive comments from users like DjQball: "Sweet mother of all that is good and holy, this is the best thing I've seen on youtube since 331Erock."