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  • Georgia mayor pulled over driving a police cruiser, charged with impersonating officer

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 6 days ago

    The mayor of a small town in Georgia has been charged with impersonating an officer after he was pulled over while driving a marked police cruiser, officials said Tuesday.

    John Dopson, the mayor of Jacksonville, Ga. (pop: 140), was driving a Jacksonville police cruiser when he was stopped by Telfair County deputies on Monday afternoon.

    According to the sheriff’s office, Dopson refused to take state-administered blood and urine tests “because he knew it would show positive for ‘weed.’”

    He was subsequently charged with driving under the influence of drugs and booked into the county jail.

    Apparently Dopson had been routinely using a police cruiser as his personal Uber for some time.

    The sheriff’s office said it had received “numerous complaints related to the daily personal use of a marked and equipped city of Jacksonville patrol car by an individual who possesses no law enforcement authority.”

    Investigators said they obtained at least three statements from individuals who witnessed Dopson operating the patrol vehicle with its blue lights activated.

  • How accurate are Groundhog Day predictions?

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 7 days ago

    It’s Groundhog Day, a day when otherwise reasonable Americans eschew advanced meteorology and put their faith in a seasonal weather forecast determined by a fur-covered mammal in a small Pennsylvania town.

    And shortly after dawn on Tuesday, the handlers of Punxsutawney Phil said the world’s most famous groundhog failed to see his shadow, meaning he “predicts” an early spring — and not the “six more weeks of winter” that many dread.

    Punxsutawney Phil usually predicts a longer winter. Since 1887, the groundhog has seen his shadow 102 times and not seen it just 18 times. (You know what they say: It’s always sunny in Punxsutawney!)

    SLIDESHOW – Groundhog Day 2016 >>>

    So just how accurate are Punxsutawney Phil’s forecasts? Well, not very.

    Overall, Phil’s prognostications have been correct only 39 percent of the time, according to the Stormfax Almanac.

    So if you can’t trust Phil, who can you trust?

  • Challenger disaster: Americans share memories on 30th anniversary of space shuttle explosion

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 12 days ago

    On Jan. 28, 1986, the space shuttle Challenger exploded 73 seconds after takeoff, killing all seven onboard and forever changing the lives of those who witnessed it.

    As their families gathered at the Kennedy Space Center on Thursday to mark the 30th anniversary of the disaster, Americans old enough to remember watching the Challenger’s fateful flight are sharing their memories online.

    Today, we pause to remember our fallen heroes of the Apollo 1, #Challenger & Columbia crews:

    30 years ago today: The space shuttle Challenger explodes

    Many of us of a certain age remember exactly where we were on this day 30 years ago. Remembering #Challenger

    Noonan tweeted:

    Here is that speech.

  • Mexican authorities release El Chapo booking video, escape animation

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 12 days ago

    Earlier this month, Mexican authorities released dramatic footage of the deadly raid that ended in the capture of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán in Los Mochis, Sinaloa state, where heavily armed gunmen stormed a house in which the world's most notorious drug lord was hiding.

    On Wednesday, they released the comparatively boring sequel: El Chapo's booking video.

    In it, we see the recaptured kingpin being fingerprinted and photographed after he was taken into custody on Jan. 8. El Chapo is also seen giving a blood sample from his finger before posing for his mugshot.

    SLIDESHOW – Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman >>>

    Curiously, the 58-year-old drug lord — who escaped from a maximum-security federal prison in July — is not wearing handcuffs in the footage, which was released by the Mexican attorney general's office.

  • Meet Tanu, the Japanese raccoon dog currently melting hearts on the Internet

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 13 days ago

    Can you hear that? It’s the sound of the Internet letting out a collective “aww” over Tanu the tanuki, a Japanese raccoon dog whose undeniable cuteness is melting the icy hearts of online users everywhere.

    According to BuzzFeed, the buzz currently swirling around Tanu began when a Japanese man began posting pictures of his adopted pet on Twitter.

    He told the website that he found the animal abandoned last June and has been raising him ever since.



    Tanuki are omnivores. In the wild, they eat insects, rodents, frogs, birds and fish — depending on where they live — and have even been known to forage for fruit and berries, using their curved claws to climb trees in the forest. Tanu, though, appears to eat whatever is put in front of him — that is, when he’s not next to the heater in the living room.

  • How the blizzard looked from space

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 14 days ago

    The massive blizzard that buried the East Coast over the weekend was a spectacle for both the 45 million Americans affected by the storm — and for those watching from space.

    NASA released a series of satellite images showing snow on the ground in 21 states stretching from Georgia to Maine.

    A high-resolution image of the Washington, D.C., area taken on Sunday showed the nation’s capital blanketed in white.

    Snow from #blizzard2016 can be seen in this natural-color satellite pic of Washington, DC:

    And infrared imagery from NASA-NOAA’s Suomi NPP satellite showed the blizzard over the New York metropolitan area at night.

    This nighttime view shows historic blizzard as it moved north of Mid-Atlantic at 1:55 am ET:

    View more of Kelly’s photos above.

  • Snow Dragon called in to help Washington, D.C., melt snow

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 14 days ago

    The massive blizzard that buried the East Coast over the weekend dumped more than 20 inches of snow on Washington, D.C., and left city officials to ponder a question all too familiar to their counterparts in Boston: What do we do with all this snow?

    Their answer: Call in the Snow Dragon.

    CBS News reports that the nation's capital called in a giant snow melter — aka the Snow Dragon — from Indianapolis to help in its snow removal efforts.

    So what exactly is a Snow Dragon, you ask?

    According to the Snow Dragon website, the "patented (#7,814,898) commercial snowmelting system" eliminates accumulated snow "using the very latest advances in heat exchanger technology":

    The SND5400 model, which is designed for municipal use, can melt 180 tons of snow per hour. And because of the cost associated with traditional snow removal, Snow Dragons are becoming more common.

  • 'Snowboarding With the NYPD': YouTube filmmakers use NYC blizzard shutdown for viral video

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 16 days ago

    A pair of enterprising if law-bending filmmakers used the weekend blizzard that shut down New York City to produce a soon-to-be-viral video showing them skiing and snowboarding through Manhattan's near-empty streets — and right through Times Square.

    Casey Neistat and Jesse Wellens, both popular YouTube video producers, and a small team set out from their studio in a Jeep Wrangler on Saturday, armed with several cameras, a GoPro and a drone to capture their blizzard adventure.

    The resulting two-and-a-half-minute video shows Neistat, pulled by a rope-tow, carving up the snow-covered streets alongside parked cars, plows and police cruisers as if the Big Apple was his own snowboard park — all of it set to Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York."

    The storm dumped a total of 26.6 inches of snow in Central Park on Saturday — a single-day record — causing Mayor Bill de Blasio to order a 2:30 p.m. shutdown of New York City's streets.

    "You guys are awesome," Neistat replies.

  • Doctor who exposed Flint water crisis accepts Michigan governor's apology

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 19 days ago

    The doctor credited with exposing the lead contamination in the Flint, Mich., water supply says she has accepted Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder's apology for failing to recognize the crisis sooner.

    "The state has apologized," Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, director of the pediatric residency program at Hurley Medical Center in Flint, told CNN. "I've accepted their apology."

    Hanna-Attisha, a Michigan native, says her "crusade" began by chance last August, when she was discussing the city's decision to switch its water supply source from Lake Huron to the dirty Flint River over dinner with a friend.

    That friend, a former Environmental Protection Agency staffer, had heard Flint wasn't doing enough to prevent lead in aging, corroded pipes from leaching into the water supply.

    Hanna-Attisha said their findings were embraced by Flint city officials, but shunned by the state.