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  • Kristin Chenoweth Leaving 'The Good Wife'

    Kristin Chenoweth will not be returning to her recurring role on CBS's "The Good Wife."

    After sustaining a head injury during filming in New York last July, she has decided to leave the show in order to fully recover.

    "It is with deep regret to inform everyone that due to my injuries, I am unable to return to 'The Good Wife' at this time. Getting better slowly and thank you everyone for your concern," she said in a statement provided to ABC News by her publicist.

    Chenoweth will still appear on the show's Sept. 30. premiere, kicking off its fourth season. Her rep confirmed that she "may return in the future but right now she needs more time to heal."

    Chenoweth was injured filming a scene for "The Good Wife" in Brooklyn" when "a gust of wind blew a lighting silk out of place striking actress Kristin Chenoweth," CBS said in a statement in July.The actress was hospitalized after lighting equipment fell on her head.

    A witness said Chenoweth was hit "square in the head" and was "knocked out cold," according to TMZ.

    As of July 12, Chenoweth had been

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  • Five Arizona Siblings Marry Same Day in 'Mega Wedding'

    All eyes might have been on France this weekend for the rumored wedding of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie that went bust, but a pretty spectacular wedding took place Friday in Mesa, Ariz.

    Not one, not two, but five of eight siblings from one Arizona family said their "I Do's" in what has been dubbed the " Mega Wedding."

    Courtesy The Waldie FamilyThe Waldies (Sydney, 25; Brooke, 20; Bradford, 26; Walker, 24 and Emily, 28) all got engaged within one month of each other: Sydney to Doug, Walker to Jillian, Emily to William, Bradford to Megan and Brooke to Todd. So Doug Waldie, their father, came up with the biggest proposal yet: A quintuple wedding.

    "Except for Walker, who had dated his new wife in high school, the rest of the couples had just met each other around October of last year," Waldie said. "By December or so, I could see the tidal of waves coming. They were all very, very much in love. So even at that point, I'm thinking to myself, 'I'm never going to be able to afford that many weddings.'"

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  • Turn Your Toys Into Cash

    This is not your ordinary child's play. As host of Travel Channel's "Toy Hunter," Jordan Hembrough takes viewers on the ultimate adventure across America searching for the rarest toys and turning them into huge profit.

    Hembrough caught the collecting bug at a young age and quickly learned he could make more money selling vintage toys to his school peers than he could on any paper route or summer job. At only 16-years-old, he began buying and selling toys professionally and hasn't looked back since.

    Hembrough has plenty of at-home tips for our "Good Afternoon America" viewers on how you can score big bucks on your old toys.

    Tips on what to look for when purchasing vintage toys and collectibles:

    Always try to make sure the toy is in original packaging.

    Make sure the box is not torn or ripped in any way. This will affect the overall value.

    If not in box, make sure toy is complete with all accessories.

    If battery operated, check battery compartment for any corrosion or damage.

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  • Shannon Eastin Throws Five Flags as First Female NFL Ref

    With her hair tucked under her black cap, Shannon Eastin made history Thursday night as the first woman to referee a National Football League game.

    Before taking her place as a line judge for the pre-season game between the San Diego Chargers and Green Bay Packers, she acknowledged at news conference Tuesday afternoon that she was a bit of a pioneer.

    "I would say probably most of the way, to some degree, yes. Even in my previous experience in judo, I did a lot of things that were first there," Eastin said.

    Eastin threw five flags Thursday night, according to The Los Angeles Times, including a "significant fourth-quarter call that replays justified, flagging San Diego cornerback Greg Gatson for pass interference because he ran into Green Ba(AP Photo/Denis Poroy)y receiver Dale Moss."

    She also intervened to calm a post-play confrontation between Gatson and three Packers, The Times reported.

    Some say Eastin, 42, got her shot to wear the iconic black-and-white-striped referee jersey not because she

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  • How to Save Money on Your Children

    Let's face it, kids are expensive. A recent study suggests that you can spend an average of $14,000 in the first five years of having your little one, and it doesn't get any cheaper as they get older. So instead of over-spending on items you don't need, we have found ways to condense your spending on the little tykes in your family.

    Alison Bernstein, editor of, shows us items that are cost-efficient and can actually grow up with your child.

    Chicco Travel System

    The Chicco travel system is a great solution for parents. Instead of splurging on an expensive car seat and stroller separately, this is a two-in-one car seat and stroller for only $300 that can grow up with your child.

    Jahgoo 3-in-1 Potty

    Potty-training your child can be quite the tedious task. But at least you can eliminate the pricey cost of buying a booster seat for the toilet, a step stool and a training potty for the different phases of the process. Here is the Jahgoo 3-in-1 Potty on Amazon

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  • Ditch the '80s with a Fashion-Forward Makeover

    Most women who lived the '80s remember them fondly but have nevertheless ditched their old leg warmers, big shoulder pads and even bigger hair for a new, trendy look. But there are still a few stragglers who haven't quite been able to ditch the outdated look.

    For one "Good Afternoon America" viewer, Dawn Siedlarz-Aponte, the 1980s were very much still alive. Fashion and beauty expert Gretta Monahan, along with her team from her Boston spa and salon GrettaCole, shows us how they updated Dawn's '80s style with fashion-forward tips.

    Courtesy Dawn Siedlarz-AponteHair:

    Dawn's color was brassy, uneven and the tone was making her skin look drab. Gretta believes that a bold hair color is essential to a youthful look. For Dawn’s color, she used Clairol's Nice and Easy at home treatment in a dramatic, dark brown shade.

    Dawn’s 80’s mullet had to go. Gretta blunted Dawn’s back and ends to create fullness, connecting the top and sides of her hair. The cut instantly updated & modernized Dawn’s outdated

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  • Olympic Weightlifter Matthias Steiner Drops 423-Pound Barbell on His Neck

    German weightlifter Matthias Steiner lost his balance and dropped a 423-pound barbell on his neck during the 105-kilogram, super-heavyweight weightlifting finals Tuesday.

    This video captures Steiner, Germany's defending super-heavyweight champion, crumbling under the weight of the barbell in his second lift of the snatch portion of the competition.

    Paramedics rushed to Steiner, bringing a banner to shield him for public view.

    Steiner appeared to be fine, however, and walked away from the incident waving to the crowd. He was taken to the hospital for X-rays.

    He withdrew from the competition in the 230-pound weight category.

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  • Shannon Eastin to Become First Female NFL Referee

    (Photo Courtesy of Seattle Seahawks)Shannon Eastin is making history this week as the first woman to referee a National Football League game and she acknowledges that she is a bit of a pioneer.

    "I would say probably most of the way, to some degree, yes. Even in my previous experience in judo, I did a lot of things that were first there," Eastin said in a news conference Tuesday.

    Eastin, 42, will serve as the line judge in Thursday's pre-season game between the San Diego Chargers and the Green Bay Packers.

    "I'm excited. Every step is hope that I can continue to show it really doesn't matter male or female, as long as you work hard," Eastin said.

    She is getting her chance in part because the league's regular officials are locked out in a labor dispute. It's not clear whether she would be able to stick in the NFL once a new deal is signed.

    "I'm going to continue doing what I've been doing and work with the NFL as long as they need me. Should that change, pursue going back to college or you never

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  • 'Bluey' the Car Gets New Orleans-Style Sendoff to Honda Heaven

    For Harry Ettling, 63, of New York City, "Bluey" was a man's best friend.

    The 1982 Honda Civic was with him through thick and thin, 'til death do they part, literally.

    The rusted-out, falling-apart-at-the-wheels Honda was laid to rest Saturday with a full-blown funeral procession parade marching up Seaman Avenue to 207th Street in the Inwood section of Manhattan. Equipped with police escort and a New Orleans-style jazz band, the junker had one last hoorah before being met by a tow truck to haul it off to Honda heaven.

    Thirty years and 170,000 miles later, "Bluey" had become an official uptown icon.

    "Every time I'd see it, I'd just kind of chuckle," Inwood resident Nancy Preston told "We're always looking for that car." Even though she often vied for the same neighborhood parking spots, she will still miss "Bluey," Preston told the paper.Courtesy Sherry Mazzocchi

    Originally nicknamed years ago, "Bluey" got its name when the car was actually still blue.

    "There was a kid that lived

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  • Caught on Camera: Dog Swims With Dolphins

    This four-legged friend is going viral all the way from the African coast.

    Kira, the black Labrador dubbed the "dolphin-spotter," is all suited up to play with her favorite flippered friends. It's safety first for the pup as she leaps into the water donning a life jacket.

    According to the Earth Touch website, where the video was originally posted, Kira takes the plunge into the pristine waters of Ponta do Ouro in Mozambique and paddles toward the pack of dolphins.

    "Kira is an ordinary dog with extraordinary friends," according to the website. "Each day, she leaves boring canine pursuits on the shore and heads out to sea to do something much more exciting: swim with wild dolphins."

    Kira's owner, Noleen Withers, is no stranger to dolphins either. She is the founder of the Somente Aqua Dolphin Centre in Ponta de Ouro. Apparently, the canine is such an important member of the center that it even named one of their snorkeling boats after her.

    "Kira is named after Noleen's

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