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  • Airplane Apology Caught on Camera

    Disobedience on flights has become an all-too-common story.

    From flight attendant meltdowns to Alec Baldwin's words with a flight attendant over a game of "Words With Friends," we have grown accustomed to a lack of politesse while on board an aircraft.

    That's why this rare example of public civility so stands out:

    "My fellow travelers, today I come to you with great remorse," 17-year-old lacrosse player Mac Breedlove said over the Southwest Airlines' flight intercom.

    Breedlove was traveling to a tournament with his teammates and believed he could beat the airline's first come, first seat system by boarding before his group was called.

    Little did he know he was about to get busted.

    "We said we have a young man, and we'd like him to apologize to the plane for cutting in line," said Breedlove's coach, Evan Whelchel.

    When a voice over the flight's PA system asked Breedlove to come to the front of the plane, he had no idea what was in store for him.

    "At first, I felt a little

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  • Giant Sinkhole Grows in Brooklyn, Swallows Car

    Talk about living on the edge. When Annette Flood walked out her front door to walk her dog Wednesday night, she was shocked by what she saw in the street.

    "I was coming home from work and we parked the car. Normally we're in the driveway but my daughter just pulled to the curb. I put the leash on the dog and we walked out the door. When we opened the door we said 'Oh!' We just missed it. The car was just hanging in the hole," Flood told ABC News.

    A giant sinkhole opened up around 6pm Wednesday on her street in the Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn, N.Y, almost swallowing her parked car.

    The 20-foot-deep by 20-foot-wide hole formed after a water line broke beneath the street.

    "It was big, it's big. There was no dirt beneath the street. None. Once that cracked it was all gone," Flood said.

    The fire department promptly arrived on the scene and was able to rescue her dangling car from getting completely engulfed in the hole.

    "The fire department did get it out. First they were

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  • Tanning Mom Isn't Tan Anymore

    The " Tanning Mom" has stopped tanning.

    When we last saw Patricia Krentcil, she was nationally notorious for tanning five times a week.

    Krentcil first made headMichael Todd/In Touchlines when she was accused of allowing her 6-year-old daughter (5 years old at the time) to use a tanning booth. She denied the allegations after she was arrested and charged with second-degree child endangerment.

    But now Krentcil has turned over a new leaf. She took a challenge from the magazine In Touch to stay out of the UV rays, both real and artificial, for an entire month.Michael Todd/In Touch

    The results are quite shocking for the Nutley, N.J. mom. She says people tell her she looks so much better. Krentcil, 44, reveals to In Touch that she is still indulging in self-tanning lotion, however.

    "I feel weird and pale," Krentcil told the magazine.

    Krentcil hasMichael Todd/In Touch admitted she's battled in the past with what doctors dubbed "tanorexia."

    "Everyone says I look so much better less tan," Krentcil told the magazine at their July 19

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  • Update Your Wardrobe for Free

    Tired of your old clothes jamming up your closet? Do you have pieces that are too big, too small, or just plain out of fashion?

    Jillian Owens, the " ReFashionista," shows us how to turn outdated clothes into something new and trendy. You can get these looks in just three basic steps:

    Crimson Dress:

    1. Dye it to get rid of that blah, boring beige!

    2. Take it in! And use the leftovers from the sides to make a sash (Yay! Less waste!)

    3. Add elastic to the new top of the new dress to make it stay up and avoid wardrobe malfunctions.

    Skirt Dress: No Sewing Required!

    1. Unbutton three of the front buttons below the top button.

    2. Stick an arm through the hole.

    3. Add a belt and party all night!

    More Good Tips to Refashion:

    The uglier, the better. You can have the most fun with these items.

    The better the condition of the garment or fabric, the better.

    You can always take in something that's too big. Letting out is much harder to do well, and is sometimes impossible.

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  • Ethel Kennedy Plays Matchmaker to Taylor Swift

    Turns out it was matchmaker Ethel Kennedy who was reportedly behind the pairing of her grandson Conor and singer/song-writer Taylor Swift.

    Apparently the 83-year-old widow of Robert F. Kennedy is a big fan of Swift's music and reached out to Taylor, and the two became friends.

    In fact, this winter, Swift walked the Kennedy matriarch down the red carpet at the premiere of an HBO documentary about the widow's life.

    Kennedy set up her pal Swift with her grandson on July 4, and fireworks instantly went off.

    The New York Post added that on Saturday, the couple went sailing and Swift was seen talking to Ethel Kennedy. On Sunday, Swift and Conor Kennedy reportedly attended church together.

    According to the Post, the two have been seen together three times in the past month. A classic example of how, once again, grandmother always knows best.

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  • Road Rage Revenge Gets Wet

    A wet and wild case of road-rage revenge has been caught on camera.

    Watch this car and SUV battle for space on a highway in Russia. One driver vented his frustration at a fellow driver who refused to merge. The driver of the SUV takes off, but then pulls onto the shoulder of the road.

    The maneuver was a well-timed, well-planned effort to administer a soaking to the smaller silver car that refused to let the SUV over.

    The passenger's window was open, according to the person who posted the video. Bad news for whoever was riding shotgun.

  • Crocodile Caught Roaming Miami Neighborhood

    Courtesy Javier TobaresJavier Tobares, 41, of South Miami, Fla., woke up to quite a scary sight Wednesday morning around 5:30 a. m.

    "The dog started growling so I was alerted because she woke me up," Tobares told ABC News.

    When Tobares walked outside his front door to investigate, he was greeted by an unfamiliar and rather unsettling sight.

    "I walked outside and I see a couple police cars outside. When I walk out I see this huge crocodile laying there next to my car," Tobares explained.

    The crocodile, estimated to be eight to 10 feet long and roughly 250 pounds, had casually been crawling through the neighborhood making its rounds from door to door.

    "It actually came through our backyard because there's a canal in the back of the house. There's a chain-link fence, but there was a hurricane a few years ago and knocked it down. We haven't gotten it fixed yet. It must've crawled up through the fence," said Tobares.

    Tobares explained he wasn't scared of the croc because the "trapper came and started

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  • Doing Yoga with Hilaria Baldwin

    Courtesy Plum TVHow does newlywed Hilaria Baldwin keep so fit?

    Baldwin, host of Plum TV's " Yoga with a View," has been teaching fitness and dance for more than 10 years. A yoga instructor since 2005, Hilaria's " Yoga Vida" studio biography explains, "She also strongly stresses the 'why' for each movement, enabling you to take charge of your own practice and truly understand the purpose behind your yoga. Our bodies are always aware of our minds as they think-this is why we have a physical reaction to all of our emotions and thoughts."

    Hilaria shares some of her favorite yoga poses and tips exclusively with our "Good Afternoon America" viewers.

    Warrior 1

    Teaches: You to stay in the moment.

    Strengthens: Quads, shoulders, core.

    Stretches: The hip flexor of the back leg and the calves and Achilles tendon

    Technique: Keep the knee above the ankle and the back leg straight.

    Warrior 2

    Teaches: Building stamina.

    Strengthens: Quads, hamstrings, chest, outer and inner thighs

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  • Hilaria Baldwin Exclusive: Wedding Pics and Inside Scoop

    Mega-star Alec Baldwin has been heating up Hollywood for years, but he recently made headlines for a different, more personal reason -- his marriage.

    Baldwin, 54, tied the knot with yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas, 28, in New York June 30. And the bride herself dished on the wedding details with "Good Afternoon America" and even brought along some pictures from the wedding experience.

    Courtesy Hilaria Baldwin
    First Dance
    This is the first photo Hilaria saw from the wedding. A friend captured this moment on her cellphone of the happy couple's first dance as husband and wife.

    Courtesy David SteeleDress Fitting
    Hilaria said she dreamed about her wedding as a little girl, but as she got older never thought she'd get so into wedding planning. At first, Hilaria didn't want a big wedding or fancy event. She didn't even want to wear a wedding dress. But as soon as she met designer Amsale, who made her gown, Hilaria was ready.

    Amsale listened to Hilaria's dress Courtesy David Steeledesires. Hilaria said that Amsale really thought about what

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  • 'Operation MMMBop': A Mission to Have Hanson at Her Wedding

    Mike Prior/Redferns/Getty ImagesStephanie Lewis, 27, of New York City, remembers hearing the oh-so-blond boy band "Hanson" for the first time like it was yesterday.

    "I was home from school when 'MMMBop' came out," she said of the 1997 pop-rock song. "I remember watching MTV and I remember the song. It was bubble-gum pop all the way. That was so my kind of music. I went upstairs after watching the video and began digging deep into my Hanson research."

    Lewis said she was so crazy about the boys that she knew "every piece of information there was to know about them," even down to the color of their toothbrushes. "My walls were covered in posters," she said. "My mom would bribe me, 'If you do well on your math test, I'll buy you a new Hanson poster.' There was no wallpaper anymore. I had to start using my ceiling and bathroom. I had to start keeping folders."

    But now Lewis has grown up and "normalized a little bit," she said, although some of her friends and co-workers might beg to differ. Despite her engagement

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