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  • Colorado Shooting Cast a Pall on Eva Longoria Campaign

    Eva Longoria, the former "Desperate Housewives" star, said today it was difficult to focus on her latest business endeavor after hearing about the Colorado theater shooting early this morning.

    "It was so overwhelming. Like the doctor said, you don't have to be there to have been affected by it," Longoria said during an appearance on "Good Afternoon America."

    Originally scheduled to discuss her teaming up with Lay's Potato Chips on the "Do Us a Flavor" campaign, Longoria, 37, couldn't help but veer off topic to address the shooting at the "Dark Knight Rises" premiere.

    "We woke up this morning going, 'What? What happened? What did I miss?' she said.

    "We were launching this campaign today, and it was like, 'Yay, we're here to say, 'Win a million dollars,' and then this happens and you go, 'That's how fragile life is in these moments,'" Longoria said.

    She has teamed up with Lay's Potato Chips to find the next great potato chip flavor, and said this is the company's way of

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  • Spice Up Your Style Without Spending a Dime

    Are you sick of staring at the same old styles in your closet? We have tips to spice up your wardrobe into the hottest summer trends without spending a dime.

    Fashion aficionado Carson Kressley shows you how a little inspiration can go a long way when shopping in your own closet.

    Carson's Key Steps to Shopping in Your Closet:

    Make an Inspiration Board

    Always begin with inspiration. Put a bulletin board next to your closet and pin up the looks you love from magazines and articles. Identify the key trends you want to emulate, and look for the pieces you already own that closely resemble them.

    Look for "Trend Pieces"
    Shop your closet for "trend pieces," then pair them in new ways with you already have to create new outfits. Try tying a scarf on a basic bag, or adding snazzy clip-on earrings onto a basic pump to jazz them up.

    Organize by Type and Color
    You can see your options much better when you organize your clothes by type and color. You won't feel so overwhelmed

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  • From Virtual to Nuptial

    A young couple has become an Internet sensation for the video they posted online of their first meeting.

    The heartfelt moment, shared on YouTube in March, shows Cady Harris, 18, of Houston and Will Jarman, also 18, of Cleveland, Tenn., embracing for the first time after five long years of communicating with each other through the online video game "Halo."

    "I was using Xbox Live where you can play with people all around the world, and even friend people as you do on Facebook. I was just playing an online game with a few friends I know from here and he happened to be in the lobby with us," Harris said. "He joined our game because we were doing well. We were talking through the mic. We'd play for hours at a time, then eventually friended each other on Facebook and it just went from there."

    Harris and Jarman said they both started playing the video game in middle school. Hundreds of miles apart, they talked online for three years, speaking to each other through the microphone

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  • Katy Perry's Bra Nixed

    Katy Perry's infamous spinning peppermint bra has been nixed.

    Her tour insurers have asked her to remove the revolving bra for her own safety, The Sun reported. Apparently, Perry's hair has gotten caught in the spinning wheels, pulling her head closer and closer to her chest.

    "I keep being told the insurers are worried I will injure my neck. I seriously doubt it could be lethal but they want a new bra designed that will not allow hair to be caught up," Perry told The Sun.

    "My hair got caught in the wheels of my spinning peppermint bra and began to coil around and around," she said. "I'm forced to just go with it. … What a girl does for her art."

    She wasn't bothered by the incident, but the tour's insurance company wants a newer, safer bra alternative.

    Perry, 27, recently sat down with ABC News' Elizabeth Vargas for "Good Morning America" to discuss her new documentary, " Katy Perry: Part of Me." Released on July 5, the film touches upon topics such as Perry's divorce

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  • 'Wipeout' Game Show Saves Pastor's Life

    It's hard to resist watching the contestants on the ABC show "Wipeout" getting tossed around the obstacle course like rag dolls. But one of those contestants quickly learned that being tossed around was exactly the reason his life was saved.

    Jason Poznaks, 41, is a children's ministry pastor in Carlsbad, Calif. He said his kids encouraged him to participate in the show.

    "I think more than 85,000 people applied on the season. For us to go through the audition and actually get on was a lot of fun. We dedicated it to the children and the youth that we serve. I think my catchphrase was 'This is for every kid that wanted me to be wiped out,'" Poznaks laughed.

    But as most contestants do, Poznaks got banged up pretty badly throughout the course of the show.

    "I took some pretty heavy hits and had some severe pain for a few days," he explained.

    Poznaks was having severe headaches and eyesight problems after the show, so he visited the optometrist on June 11 thinking all he needed

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  • Woodchuck Bandit Strikes NY Cemetery

    Police in Hudson, N.Y., have solved the mystery of who was stealing American flags from the tombstones of Civil War veterans in the Grand Army of the Republic section in Cedar Park Cemetery.

    Around 75 flags were reportedly missing in the days leading up to the Fourth of July. In one night alone, 17 flags were swiped. So the Hudson police set up cameras to catch the culprit.

    Turns out it was an ambitious woodchuck snacking on Old Glory. Mayor Bill Hallenback said he's glad the bandit didn't turn out to be a resident of the area.

    "I'm glad we don't have someone who has taken it upon themselves to desecrate the stones and the flags in front of them," Hallenback told the Register-Star.

    Apparently the flags were coated with a substance that attracts woodchucks. And since woodchucks, also known as groundhogs, are such skilled burrowers, no one saw the thieves in action.

    Police Commissioner Gary Graziano was heavily involved with the investigation.

    "We patrolled the daylights out

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  • Pawn Shop Tips: How to Find - and Sell - True Treasure

    How do you uncover cold hard cash hiding in plain sight? One of Lara Spencer's new favorite "Good Afternoon America" segments "So Not Junk" shows you just that.

    TruTV's "Hardcore Pawn" stars, Les Gold and daughter Ashley Broad, are professionals at uncovering the hidden value in items most people consider junk. Gold is a third-generation pawnbroker and owner of American Jewelry & Loan in Detroit. His daughter has been involved with the family business since she was only seven years old.

    They stopped by "GAA" to see if our audience members had any valuable items. They also gave us a few expert tips on how to walk out of a pawn shop a winner and how to tell if you have any hidden treasures lurking around your home.

    When You're at the Pawn Shop:

    Leave Your Emotion at the Door

    Gold says if you buy things with emotion because you think it has intrinsic value, it doesn't. Emotional ties are never good when it comes to buying or selling your goods.

    Go into a Pawnshop with Your

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  • 70-Year-Old Man Rides Roller Coaster 7,000 Times

    Even at age 70, Gary Coleman will always be a kid at heart.

    (Photo Courtesy: Kings Island)Coleman, of Monfort Heights, Ohio, celebrated his Fourth of July flying high just like all the fireworks. On America's birthday, he rode the Diamondback roller coaster at Kings Island amusement park for the 7,000 th time, even donning a shirt with the remarkable number on it. This is a pretty impressive record, considering the ride only opened in 2009.

    "I've always loved roller coasters since I've been a kid. It's been a hobby. It's what I like to do. I like to relax doing it. It's a form of relaxation," Coleman said.

    Coleman has gotten pretty cozy on the roller coaster. Check out these stats: In total, he's spent more than 350 hours on the ride. As of Sunday, he had visited the amusement park 32 times this season alone, riding the coaster a combined 1,190 times, which, if you do the math, averages to 37 rides per day. But that's nothing compared to his personal best on June 17 when he rode the ride 111

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  • Behind the Scenes with 'Craigslist Joe'

    Courtesy: Joe Garner
    Would you ever completely ditch your responsibilities to devote yourself to living off the kindness and generosity of strangers you find on Craigslist?

    Joe Garner did.

    Garner, 32, teamed up with funnyman turned executive producer Zack Galifianakis on a new documentary called "Craigslist Joe" in which he did just that. Set to premier Aug. 2, the film follows Garner cross-country as he relies solely on Craigslist ads to eat, sleep and bathe, among a few other things.

    Garner is no stranger to the film industry. He was the assistant to director Todd Phillips on what he calls "a little movie at the time," which later turned into the blockbuster hit "The Hangover." It was on the set of "The Hangover" where Garner and Galifianakis first started discussing the premise for "Craigslist Joe." Living in a hotel casino in 2008 while filming the movie, Garner said he was isolated in Vegas, watching the country fall falter around him.

    "The country was falling apart around me, people losing

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  • Naomi Watts Looks Ravishing as Princess Diana

    Purvey/Jenkins/Splash News

    Has Princess Diana risen from the grave?

    No, it's just Naomi Watts looking uncannily similar in these newly released photos in full hair and makeup for her upcoming roll as Princess Diana in the film, "Caught in Flight," set to premiere next year.

    Watts, 43, was photographed in London as she was shooting scenes for the film about the last two years of the Princess of Wales' life before her death in 1997. Filmmakers plan to include the fatal car crash that killed Princess Diana at age 36.

    The film will also focus on Di's relationships with heart surgeon Dr. Hasnat Khan, as well as Dodi Fayed, who was with her in the car crash when she died. Khan will be played by "Lost" actor Naveen Andrews.

    The British actress has reportedly admitted she is "absolutely terrified" of playing the prestigious role of the princess.

    "It is such an honor to be able to play this iconic role," Watts said in a statement when she got the gig. "Princess Diana was loved across the world, and I look

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