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  • Jurors in Zimmerman trial hear 911 call, deadly gunshot

    By Eric Adelson at Yahoo! News1 yr ago

    SANFORD, Fla. -- The sound of a single gunshot punctured George Zimmerman's murder trial on Thursday -- a jarring reminder of what ended the cries for help on a rainy February night last year.

    Jurors for the first time heard the shot that brought a nation’s focus to a teenager named Trayvon Martin and a town that had been known before mostly for an airport and the end of a railway.

    They also heard screams. “Yelps,” in the words of the witness who made the 911 call that captured the sound of the shot that killed Martin.

    Zimmerman has admitted shooting Martin, who was unarmed, but said he did so in self defense. The prosecution has sought to cast doubt on Zimmerman's claim that he was ever in danger.

    Jenna Lauer, who lived close enough to the fight between Martin and Zimmerman that “it sounded like they were in our living room,” insisted on the stand she heard just one pleading voice from her townhouse.

    She called the screams “life-threatening.”

    “It sounded like they were desperate,” Lauer said. “Whoever it was really needed help.”

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