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  • Family turns down KFC's $30k donation to scarred girl who was allegedly asked to leave

    Eric Pfeiffer at Yahoo News10 days ago

    The family of a 3-year-old girl who was allegedly asked to leave a KFC restaurant because her facial scars were “upsetting” other customers has turned down a $30,000 donation offered by the fast-food chain.

    In an earlier interview, KFC told Yahoo News it was committed to making the donation toward Victoria Wilcher’s recovery, even after two independent investigations concluded that the alleged incident never occurred.

    However, a lawyer representing family members said they have decided to decline the donation.

    “We just didn't feel right about accepting their money," the family’s attorney, Bill Kellum, said in an interview with the Clarion-Ledger. "But we did tell them they were more than welcome to donate the money to the Frank Stile Foundation."

    Stile, a plastic surgeon, has agreed to pay for Wilcher’s surgery without charge. His foundation helps raise money to provide medical procedures and other services for children in need.

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