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  • In this hilarious video, a Canadian man arrested for being drunk in public is seen arguing (gently) in front of a squad car police camera. At first, the man denies "having been sort of intoxicated, as you proclaim." After stumbling over his words, he segues into a rendition of Queen's 1975 hit "Bohemian Rhapsody." As in singing the entire song. (He does get a few of the lyrics wrong.) He even attempts an a capella rendition of the song's musical breakdown.

    Near the end of the video, a police office asks him to "calm down," to which the man responds, "I can't," before finishing the song up with a pun on the initials for Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

    He then returns to a seeming state of calm, putting on his glasses and asking the officer, "Do you have to cuff me? Physical violence is the least of my priorities."

    As one astute commenter noted, he may have been suffering from Mercury poisoning. If all else fails, this guy would make an excellent addition to the cast of Trailer Park Boys.

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  • An eagle, fox and two cats hang out peacefully on Alaska woman’s porch (VIDEO)

    In this unique video, a woman living in Alaska opens her front door to find an eagle, a fox and her two cats hanging out peacefully on the porch. She says during the video that the eagle keeps calling out to her, while the fox and cats remain silent.

    The adorable fox not only doesn't seem afraid of the woman, but it also wants to come into her house and warm up. From her YouTube page:

    "See how the fox, eagle and cat are all just fine hanging out and no one is trying to attack anyone and they are getting along just fine? Notice the eagle in the background on the lamp post down by the street. That is the partner to this eagle. They aren't always out to attack and kill each other. Our fox and eagles and cats basically get along just fine here. Sometimes if there is food they might fight over the food some."

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  • (Facebook)Even with support for gay rights steadily on the rise, it undoubtedly still takes a lot of courage to come out of the closet. But what do you when your friends and family are more concerned with your level of technical sophistication employed across social media, rather than the message itself?

    Via Happy Place, that seems to be the issue for one Facebook user who used his account to open up about his previously undisclosed sexuality. Sure, his friends and family are supportive and proud of his decision. But they appear a little offended by the seemingly bland manner in which he displayed the announcement.

    In his announcement, the Facebook user (whose name has been redacted) writes, "I've been in the closet for far too long, so here goes: I'm gay. I've known, in retrospect, for about eight years. This is the easiest way for me to deal with it; I apologize if anyone feels affronted that I didn't tell them in person. As proof that this is not an account hack, I have posted a somewhat longer post on my blog."

    The initial responses are entirely positive, with comments including, "Good on you man :)" and "takes guts to broadcast this."

    But then, a small wave of criticism begins. One friend writes, "I like the proof of no hack … Could you possibly link a style sheet to that html? I hate bland markup."

    And another person jokes, "could you please make your blog post that says you're gay look prettier?"

    The first commenter responds, "I swear I wasn't mocking. I just work on stuff all day and I've grown sick of ugly sites."

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  • Christopher Meloni knows who can bring Kony to justice: Dog the Bounty Hunter

    In this new video from Funny or Die and the Enough Project, Law & Order: SVU co-star Chris Meloni decides he wants to get involved in the effort to bring Central African warlord Joseph Kony to justice.

    But instead of using his celebrity to get other people involved, Meloni wants to take a more direct approach, disguised as Dog the Bounty Hunter and going after Kony himself. His agent tries to talk a little sense into the actor:

    "Why don't you make a video?"

    "What are you talking about? Like a funny but informative video that kind of highlights the problem for people and lets them know how to get involved?"

    "That is exactly what I mean."

    "No. I'm going to Africa."

    In reality, human rights organization The Enough Project is part of the effort to bring the Lord's Resistance Army warlord to justice. Meloni has been part of the effort since 2009, when an episode of Law & Order: SVU tackled the subject. The Enough Project produced the video in conjunction with Funny or Die to encourage viewers to sign an online petition to President Obama, encouraging his efforts to bring Kony to justice.

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  • It might be ‘snowing microbes’ on one of Saturn’s moons

    Is there life beneath the icy surface of Enceladus? (AP/NASA)

    A NASA scientist says there's a good chance of finding extraterrestrial life inhabiting one of Saturn's tiny orbiting moons.

    "More than 90 jets of all sizes near Enceladus's south pole are spraying water vapor, icy particles, and organic compounds all over the place," says Carolyn Porco, an award-winning planetary scientist and leader of the Imaging Science team for NASA's Cassini spacecraft. "Cassini has flown several times now through this spray and has tasted it. And we have found that aside from water and organic material, there is salt in the icy particles. The salinity is the same as that of Earth's oceans."

    NASA says the watery jets are erupting through icy cracks in a "vast underground sea" on this moon's surface. And the sea may be home to microbes similar to those found in some of the deepest parts of our own planet's oceans. While there is no direct sunlight reaching beneath the surface, Saturn's own orbit may be creating enough heat beneath the surface of Enceladus to helped create the tiny life-forms.

    When filmmaker James Cameron returned from his historic voyage to the bottom of the Mariana Trench this week, he said the virtually unexplored depths reminded him of an isolated lunar landscape.

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  • Dad makes 12-year-old son hold ‘I’m a thief’ sign on street corner

    Twelve-year-old Jose Gonzalez isn't having much fun on his spring break. But his father hopes it will be a week the Denver-area youth will never forget.

    The Denver Post reports that after Joseph Gonzalez found out that Jose had stolen $100 from a cousin's wallet, he forced his son to stand on a downtown street corner holding a sign that reads, "I am a thief. I took money from a family member. Don't give me money."

    "He's a good kid," Gonzalez told Post reporter Electa Draper. "This is the first time he's done something like this. I hope it will be the last."

    On first glance, the punishment sounds like an effective, old school punishment that will likely bring nods of approval from many readers, myself included. But it seems a bit extreme that Jose, who has never been in trouble with the law, is being required to hold the sign for up to 10 hours in a single day. It sounds a little bit like an exaggerated disciplinary lesson out of Amy Chua's "Battle Hymm of the Tiger Mother."


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  • Mega Millions reaches record $476 million jackpot

    (AP/Charlie Litchfield)

    The multi-state Mega Millions lottery climbed to a record $476 million jackpot heading into this Friday's drawing. The jackpot went up yet again after no one picked the correct six winning numbers in Tuesday's draw.

    Several contestants came close on Tuesday, with the AP reporting that 47 players matched 5 of the 6 numbers. Each of those tickets is reportedly worth at least $250,000.

    The previous all-time high prize was $390 million, split by two winners from Georgia and New Jersey in 2007. The Mega Millions game is played in more than 40 states, along with Washington, D.C., and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

    So, where would a $476 million jackpot place you in the list of America's wealthiest individuals? Depending on how much of your winnings are handed over to the government in taxes, you might end up wealthier than Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who is worth an estimated $250 million. You'd almost certainly have more cash on hand than NBA superstar LeBron James, who is worth an estimated $120 million. And you could buy more all-meat outfits than Lady Gaga, who as of last year was estimated to have earned about $90 million.

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  • Arlen Specter gets tangled up in blue humor

    (AP/Gene J. Puskar)

    Something has gotten former U.S. Senator Arlen Specter fired up; and it's not just what he sees as political extremism from his one-time colleagues in the Republican Party.

    Specter, who switched parties to become a Democrat shortly before leaving office, has been out promoting his new memoir, "Life Among the Cannibals." But it's his off-color commentary in the past 24 hours that is generating the most attention.

    The Washington Post flipped through Specter's new book and found this creepy old-man passage about former Alaska governor Sarah Palin on page 156:

    "She was a total charmer, very friendly," Specter wrote. "The few things she said were intelligent."

    But then things get a little awkward:

    "We were sitting virtually knee to knee in the cramped bus," he wrote. "She radiated sensuality. Her skirt rode above her knees — not exactly short, but close."

    Seemingly right on queue, Specter appeared on the MSNBC program "Morning Joe" on Tuesday and compared Republican presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney to an adult film actress, saying, "Mitt Romney has changed positions more often than a pornographic movie queen." The joke caused a startle on the set, with panelist Donny Deutsch quickly responding, "I did not say that. The great senator from the state of Pennsylvania said that."

    And Business Insider reports that Specter performed 10 minutes of "surprisingly R-rated" stand-up comedy at Caroline's Comedy Club in Times Square on Monday. Two of the more risqué jokes were directed at Bill Clinton and former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain.

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  • (Photo credit: Wiki Commons)

    An estimated 20,000 New Age believers who say the "upside down" mountain is home to aliens who will rescue them from an impending apocalypse have saturated a small French commune near the foot of the picturesque Pic de Bugarach.

    The Independent reports the growing flock, whom locals refer to as "esoterics," believe the world will come to an end on Dec. 21, 2012. They also reportedly believe that the unique mountain is in fact home to a race of alien beings that will emerge to rescue the gathered humans and transport them to a new civilization.

    Pic de Bugarach has long been famous because rock samples taken from its peak are actually older than points measured at lower elevations. Scientists say that is because when the 1,230-meter (4,040-foot) mountain erupted, its peak flipped upside down before crashing back down upon the mountain's base. The mountain is said to have played a role in inspiring everything from Jules Verne's "Journey to the Center of the Earth" to Steven Spielberg's "Close Encounters of the Third Kind."

    The BBC reports that the French government is concerned about mass suicides taking place near Pic de Bugarach in advance of the Dec. 21 date and that there have been reports of "strange rituals" taking place there as well.

    Last year, CNN filed a report on the apocalyptic rumors surrounding Pic de Bugarach:

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  • Obama campaign hoodies sale canceled after controversy

    store.barackobama.comPresident Obama recently said that if he had a son, he'd look like murder victim Trayvon Martin. And in what some conservatives see as a direct connection between the national controversy surrounding the teen's death, the Obama 2012 re-election campaign announced via Twitter on Monday that it was putting its collegiate hooded sweatshirt on sale.

    The sweatshirt was temporarily discounted to $40 from its regular $50 listing. However, the tweet announcing the sale has apparently been removed and following the hooded sweatshirt link at Obama's campaign re-election site store shows the clothing item listed at its regular $50 price.

    Obama's critics on the right had a field day with the questionable Twitter posting, with the conservative blog Gateway Pundit calling it "disgusting," and the website Twitchy asking if  "Team Obama is capitalizing on Treyvon Martin's death?"

    Some of Obama's Republican presidential rivals offer hooded sweatshirts on their sites as well. You can buy a Mitt Romney "

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