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  • World’s largest cheeseburger more than doubles previous record (PHOTO)

    The world's largest cheeseburger on display (Black Bear Casino/AP)

    A Minnesota casino has created one for the record books: a bacon cheeseburger that is 10 feet in diameter and weighs over one ton.

    And Guinness Records representative Philip Robertson said the enormous burger is more than simply a gimmick.

    "What I saw today was a feat of remarkable teamwork that resulted in a world record burger that actually tastes really good," Robertson said in a news release.

    Together, the burger, bun and toppings weighed in at 2,014 pounds, shattering the previous record of 881 pounds, according to the Duluth News Tribune.

    Chefs at the Black Bear Casino Resort spent four hours creating the statistical monstrosity that included 60 pounds of bacon, 50 pounds of lettuce, 50 pounds of sliced onions, 40 pounds of pickles, and 40 pounds of cheese. The bun alone took another seven hours to bake.

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  • Romney’s acceptance speech most tweeted news event of 2012

    The image of Mitt Romney on his Twitter account (Twitter)Even as the Republican National Convention viewership saw a steep decline compared with past years, Mitt Romney's acceptance speech set a number of milestones across social media.

    "It's not always easy to sit in front of a TV and watch a convention unfold when you can watch it online, on demand or whenever you care to do so," Costas Panagopoulos, a Fordham University political science professor, told the Associated Press. "The changing media landscape has given people a chance to gather convention information relevant to them through social networks and other nontraditional sources."

    Overall, the Nielsen Company estimates that 30.3 million viewers watched the Romney acceptance speech across the 11 networks that aired it. That's a 23 percent drop from 2008, when 39 million viewers tuned in to hear John McCain's national address.

    However, traffic online tells a much different story.

    Twitter says Romney's speech has been the most heavily tweeted news event of the year so far, generating some 14,300 tweets per minute. That pace narrowly beats President Obama's State of the Union address.

    "You are no longer tethered to that screen in your living room or anywhere else—you can actively participate in these events while you're in line at the supermarket or waiting for the bus. It's incredibly transforming and freeing," said Adam Sharp, Twitter's director of government and news.

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  • Mysterious shipwreck washes onto Alabama shore, believed to be from Civil War

    Hurricane Isaac has washed the remains of a blockade-runner vessel onto the shores of an Alabama beach, and many believe it could be a Civil War-era vessel, dating to 1862, according to the Birmingham News.

    However, a debate has ensued over exactly which era the shipwreck is from.

    "Look what Isaac uncovered!" reads a Facebook post from Meyer Vacation Rentals, a local real estate company that posted several pictures of the wreckage on its fan page.

    A number of Confederate ships attempted to circumvent a Union Navy blockade of Mobile Bay during the Civil War. And some believe the wreckage may belong to the Monticello, a ship that burned and sank while trying to break the blockade during the war.

    Could this be the wreck of a Civil War-era vessel? (Meyer Vacation Rentals/Facebook)

    This is actually the fourth time parts of the wreckage have become visible over the years, after it first made an appearance following Hurricane Camille in 1969. It reappeared in 2004 after Hurricane Ivan and again in 2008 after Hurricane Ike.

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  • People with purple beds have the most sex: survey

    Are purple beds reflective of a more amorous lifestyle? (Stephen Lee/Wikicommons)Purple is the most amorous color, according to a new study which found that people who decorate their bedrooms in the color have the most active sex lives.

    The survey of 2,000 British adults by retailer Littlewoods found that those with purple bedding or furniture had 3.49 "intimate encounters" per week. The least active color scheme in the survey was gray, averaging 1.8.

    'For years I have been telling British homeowners, a beige bedroom makes for a beige sex life," Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, homes style expert for Littlewoods told the Daily Mail. "That's one thing I wouldn't want to wish on anyone."

    The survey also found that those with silk sheets were the most sexually active, averaging 4.25 intimate encounters per week.

    A 2011 survey of 26 countries found the U.S. and U.K. to be near the bottom in terms of both frequency of sexual activity and reported satisfaction with sexual activity. Greece, Brazil and Russia topped the survey, with Japan far behind the pack in both categories.

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  • A viral video of a sleepy commuter snuggling up to a stranger on a London subway train has been making a lot of people laugh, but the wife of said stranger, who stumbled across the video and thought she'd caught her husband in an act of infidelity.

    "I got into trouble with my wife who thought it must be something quite serious," Rakesh Nair told Croydon Today.  "She didn't think it was funny to begin with. She thought it was a work colleague or someone I knew and started accusing me of these things."

    Nair and Paula Jovel were seated next to each other aboard the London Underground's Jubilee line. Nair, head chef at London's Cinnamon Club, was headed home late at night after a long shift at work. Jovel was asleep next to him, when she inadvertently reached over to snuggle up next to Nair. And all of this was happening while a friend of Jovel's was filming with a camera phone across the aisle.

    "Most people getting home at the time have been working and are obviously very tired, they

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  • In just 24 hours, one man's online petition convinced the National Geographic Channel to rethink its plans to include a big-game hunter on a new show set to debut this fall.

    Conservationist Tim Martell, 42, says a lifetime of watching National Geographic specials inspired him to pursue a career dedicated to preserving animals and their ecosystems. So he was shocked to discover that a new show about survivalists in the Alaskan wilderness would feature "Hardcore Huntress" Melissa Bachman, a well-known hunter who specializes in tracking and killing big game.

    "I'm not against all forms of hunting. I'm primarily against trophy hunters," Martell told Yahoo News in a phone interview on Friday. "I believe that it's wasteful. It's damaging to the ecosystem. To kill for a thrill or just a photograph is just unnecessary."

    Martell, who is a certified Florida Master Naturalist, was contacted by some of his friends who encouraged him to launch a petition against Bachman's involvement on the show. However, when Martell first contacted National Geographic via email, he says he received a "generic" response informing him that the network planned to move forward with Bachman's involvement.

    But less than 24 hours later, Martell's petition has received more than 13,000 signatures and has gone viral on social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Martell then received another email from National Geographic, this time informing him that they had changed their minds about Bachman's involvement.

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  • Behold, the chocolate eclair hot dog

    The chocolate eclair hot dog (Maple Lodge Farms/Facebook)With Labor Day on the horizon, millions of Americans will be enjoying hot dogs on the grill. But a Canadian company has taken the sausage-in-a-sliced-bun experience to a whole new level, creating a chocolate eclair hot dog.

    Maple Lodge Farms debuted the comestible at the Canada National Exhibition.

    And this isn't the only time that Canada has beaten the U.S. to the extreme food punch: In July, a Canadian vendor began selling double bacon fried corn dogs.

    But rest assured, extreme eaters of the world. Creating your own chocolate eclair hot dog doesn't appear to require much work, now that the imaginative heavy lifting has been done: Simply insert a cooked hot dog into the sliced eclair, garnish with whipped cream and sprinkles, and enjoy.

    What would you add as the conceptual cherry on top?

    Via Shortlist.

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  • Medieval well discovered beneath couple’s living room

    Colin and Vanessa Steer sit near the medieval well below their living room floor. (SWNS)Nearly 25 years after they moved into their home, an English couple has discovered a 33-foot-deep medieval well beneath their living room floor.

    "I was replacing the joists in the floor when I noticed a slight depression—it appeared to be filled in with the foundations of the house," Colin Steer told the London Telegraph. The discovery has led Sheer to explore the history of his property, located in the city of Plymouth, near the south coast of Devon, England.

    After receiving permission from his wife, Steer dug some 17 feet down into the well, which plans show dates to the 16 century.

    "I dug down about one foot but my wife just wanted to me to cover it back up because we had three children running around at the time," he said. "I always wanted to dig it out to see if I could find a pot of gold at the bottom, so when I retired at the end of last year that's what I started to do."

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  • Donkey attacks and kills South Texas mayor

    William Bohlke was killed by a 500-pound donkey on his farm. (City of Hollywood Park)They say that U.S. politics, whose two major parties are represented by a donkey and an elephant, is a full-contact sport. But one small South Texas town is dealing with tragedy after their mayor was killed by an aggressive, 500-pound donkey.

    William Bohlke had been in office only since May, but was reportedly well liked by local residents in Hollywood Park, 15 miles north of San Antonio. The San Antonio Express-News reports that Bohlke was found on Monday by Atascosa County officials.

    "We'll probably never know what triggered it," Atascosa County Chief Deputy David Soward told the paper. "But it was evident that this particular donkey was involved, based on the evidence at the scene and what we saw on this donkey."

    The donkey is still reportedly roaming the grounds of Bohlke's property, while his family decides what to do with it. The aggressive donkey is believed to have kicked and trampled Bohlke to death on Monday morning while he worked on his farm.

    Aggressive behavior in donkeys

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  • 98-year-old message in bottle sets world record

    The record-breaking 98-year-old bottled message (Scottish government/AP)A message in a bottle has been pulled from the ocean 98 years after it was written, and officials say it is the world's oldest of its kind.

    Scottish fisherman Andrew Leaper found the letter in his nets while sailing off of Scotland's northern coast. And on Thursday, Guinness World Records confirmed that is the old message in a bottle ever found, beating the previous record holder by five years.

    "As we hauled in the nets I spotted the bottle neck sticking out and I quickly grabbed it before it fell back in the sea," Leaper, 43, told the BBC. "It was very exciting to find the bottle and I couldn't wait to open it."

    Amazingly, the previous record holder was found by the same boat, the Shetland-based "Copious."

    "We are pleased to hear that the same vessel helped to break the Guinness World Record for oldest message in a bottle twice," said a spokesperson for Guinness World Records. "This is a fascinating record, both historically and scientifically.

    In 1914, Scottish Captain C.H. Brown of

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