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  • Nebraska couple wear matching outfits every day for 35 years

    Mel and Joey Schwanke have been married for nearly 65 years. And for more than half that time, they have been wearing matching outfits every single day.

    "We don't dare go somewhere without having matching outfits," Mel told Fremont, Neb., affiliate KETV.

    The couple reportedly have 146 custom-made matching outfits, which they've been rotating over the course of 35 years. Though to be clear, they don't actually wear the exact same outfit. The customary arrangement is that Mel will wear a tie to match Joey's dress.

    "Every day," Mel, 86, said. "Every day, my tie matches her dress."

    The trend started as part of the couple's flower shop business, which they operated for more than 60 years. Although they don't recall exactly what inspired the first matching outfit.

    "It was before we traveled in '76, so let's see …" Joey, 81, said.

    "Oh goodness sakes, no, I don't remember how that first outfit came about," Mel added.

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  • Woman says kangaroo ‘stalked’ her for two days before attacking

    Eastern gray kangaroo attacks are reportedly on the rise in Australia (Image: Today, Tonight)

    An Australian woman says she was "stalked" for two days by an angry kangaroo, which finally attacked, leaving her with a 12-inch scar.

    "It was lucky it was cool weather and I had two layers of clothing; otherwise it could have been worse," Kirrily McWilliams said.

    The (Sydney) Daily Telegraph reports that McWilliams called the National Parks and Wildlife Services (NPWS) to report that the female eastern gray kangaroo was lurking outside her home, in Port Macquarie in New South Wales. But wildlife officials reportedly told her to simply ignore the kangaroo and that it would move on.

    Instead, the kangaroo attacked her 143-pound mastiff dog the next day.

    And the day after that, the kangaroo assaulted McWilliams as she was headed out to her car, on the way to pick up her daughter from school. When McWilliams saw the kangaroo approaching to attack, she curled into a ball on the ground.

    "If you stand and confront them, they can easily tear you apart because that's what they do to each

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  • Pepsi offering ‘salty watermelon’ flavored soda in Japan

    "Salty Watermelon" flavored Pepsi (Pepsi Japan)Pepsi Japan is set to unveil a new "salty watermelon" flavored soda that might sound a little unappetizing to U.S. consumers. But Short List reports that the unique mix of flavors actually makes perfect sense in Japan, where adding a dash of salt to watermelon "to bring out the taste" is common practice.

    Not to be outdone, Coca-Cola also has strange soda offerings in Japan, where you can buy a clear and flavorless soda known as "The Wellness," which is targeted to health-conscious women.

    And our shock at the world's strange soda offerings must be tempered by one of our own nation's proud concoctions, the Bacon Shake.

    The salty watermelon flavored soda won't be Pepsi Japan's first unconventional soda offering. It already released "Pepsi White," which was infused with yogurt, and "Pepsi Pink," which had a strawberry milk taste.

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  • Stray dog follows cyclists for 1,139 miles

    A stray dog in China has finally found a new home after following a team of cyclists for more than 1,100 miles.

    "She was lying, tired, on the street around Yajiang, Sichuan province," cyclist Zhang Heng, 22, told China Daily. "So we fed her, and then she followed our team.

    The small white dog, named Xiao Sa, followed the cyclists over 12 mountains and even caught a ride in one of the rider's baskets for parts of the 1,139-mile journey.

    Zhang says he would like to adopt Xiao Sa, who has more than 40,000 fans on a blog set up to chronicle her journey from Kangding, Sichuan province in China, to Lhasa, Tibet.

    "I would like to take the dog home and take care of her. She has been a stray on the road for a long time," Zhang said. "She needs a home."

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  • UPDATE: Mother of three abandoned Oregon children found

    Update: 5:42pm EST

    Police in Oregon say the mother of three children allegedly abandoned in a shed has been found. They released the following statement on Friday afternoon: "The mother of the missing children has been located, and we thank everyone who helped with information. We do not need any additional tips."

    The search began on Thursday when the three children, all aged 3 and under, were found living among a group of homeless people inside an abandoned shed on a residential property in Portland.

    CNN reports that the children appear to be related, with the youngest being a baby girl estimated to be 8-15 months old.

    Local resident Judy Baxter said she notified a neighbor that there were homeless people gathered in an empty shed next door to his home but that she had no idea there were children among them.

    "Little did I know they had three babies in the backyard," Baxter told the Oregonian. "It was real sad when we saw the kids come out.''

    When police arrived, the homeless people on the scene told authorities they believe the children belong to a woman who abandoned them there on Wednesday night.

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  • MSNBC "Hardball" host Chris Matthews lectured a fellow television reporter when asked about his 2008 comment that a speech from then-candidate Barack Obama sent a "thrill up his leg."

    Matthews was taking part in a discussion with C-SPAN host Steve Scully, who asked, "Is the thrill still there?"

    Visibly annoyed, Matthews turned to face Scully and offered a detailed defense of his comments before saying, "Perhaps I shouldn't have said so because I've given a lot of jackasses the chance to talk about it."

    "I hope that you feel satisfied that you've used the most obvious question that is raised by every horse's ass right-winger I ever bump into," Matthews added.

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  • Cory Booker hits back at critics via Twitter: ‘Sorry I make u sick’

    Newark, New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker (Mel Evans/AP)Newark, N.J., Mayor Cory Booker has apparently had enough of saying he's sorry this week.

    The rising Democratic star has been under fire since a Sunday appearance on NBC's "Meet the Press"during which he said Democratic attacks on Mitt Romney's record at Bain Capital were "nauseating," Having endured days of excoriating criticism, and having tried to explain his comments on multiple talk shows and via a self-produced web video, Booker took to his favorite venue to vent. Writing on his Twitter account, Booker lashed out at his critics Thursday night:

    "Sorry I make u sick. And sorry I made a mistake. I'm sorry that 15 seconds on MTP erodes my 20 yrs of work in inner cities around our nation."

    That was almost immediately followed up by another tweet to his more than 1,150,000 followers, reading, in part: "In the end we are all imperfect. Best we can do is learn from our mistakes, not let them stop u but make u stronger."

    Booker's "Meet the Press" appearance ignited criticism from his Democratic colleagues and caused Republicans to enlist him as an involuntary Mitt Romney surrogate. The mayor was quick to put his comments into a larger context, releasing a Web video explaining that he was only opposed to negative campaigning in general and that examining Romney's record in the private sector was fair game. He said much the same thing during an appearance on The Rachel Maddow Show, while expressing his frustration over 'being used' by the GOP.

    But that hasn't stopped some critics from going after Booker, who last in the national spotlight just a month ago, when he ran into a burning home to save a local resident.

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  • School bus with students aboard crashes into home; 4 hurt

    A bus crashed into a house while taking students to school. (Derek Gee/Buffalo News)

    A school bus in New York State carrying 19 children swerved out of control and crashed into a private residence on Thursday morning.

    The Buffalo News reports that the bus was carrying students to nearby Lorraine Academy when it crashed through the front of the home. Police say the bus driver may have been trying to avoid a gravel pile and had their view obstructed by sunlight.

    "The sun is very bright right now. It was at an angle and the driver couldn't see the stone pile, then tried to avoid it and hit the structure," said Al DiAmico, district transportation director.

    The collision was so powerful that the front of the bus actually crashed through inside the house, and the ensuing impact knocked the home's two residents out of their bed.

    Four children were hurt in the crash but all were reported to be minor injuries.

    "It looks to be bumps and bruises, though one of the students was taken on a stretcher, but it is all precautionary," school district spokeswoman Elena Cala said.

    The bus was equipped with two video cameras, which will be used to help determine the cause of the accident, DiAmico said.

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  • Another bear falls from tree in Colorado (PHOTOS)

    A bear falls from a tree in Colorado after being tranquilized. (Matt Stensland/Steamboat Pilot & Today)

    The bears don't grow on trees in Colorado, but they sure are making a habit of falling from them. The Steamboat Pilot & Today reports that another black bear has been tranquilized and immortalized in photos as it fell from a tree to safety.

    The Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife tranquilized the bear after it climbed up a tree in Steamboat Springs.

    It was just a month ago that another young black bear dominated the Internet after a student photographer captured a priceless photo of the bear falling from a tree after local firefighters tranquilized it. Sadly, it was just one week later that the same bear was killed after it wandered onto a Colorado highway and was struck by a passing motorist.

    And if you just can't get enough bear updates in your daily news diet, check out this recent video of an Alaskan grizzly bear charging at local tourists, or this extremely cute video of 10 bear cubs forming a conga line.

    More popular Yahoo! News stories:

    A look inside the 'world's nicest

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  • A look inside the ‘world’s nicest prison’

    Picture this: A small Norwegian island dotted with pine trees, rocky coasts, rustic farms and private, wooden cottages. It sounds almost like the perfect romantic getaway. But the residents are actually inmates confined to what some are calling the "world's nicest prison."

    CNN has an excellent, in-depth look at Bastoy Prison, located on a one-square-mile island in southern Norway. It's unconventional to say the least; neither the prisoners nor the guards wear uniforms, and the inmates have keys to their own rooms.

    "It's still prison," said one inmate, "Luke," 23, who withheld his full name. "In your mind, you are locked (up)."

    Nonetheless, during the summer months, the island's 115 prisoners can sunbathe on the beachfront, go fishing, play tennis or take a relaxing sauna. And these aren't low-level offenders either; CNN reports that most of the inmates have been sentenced for serious crimes, including murder and rape.

    [Related: 'Predatory' prison phone rates]

    "If we have created a holiday camp for criminals here, so what?" said the prison's governor Arne Kvernvik Nilsen. "We should reduce the risk of reoffending, because if we don't, what's the point of punishment, except for leaning toward the primitive side of humanity?"

    And sure enough, Bastoy does have a lower level of recidivism (16 percent) than other prisons in the country, and much lower numbers than U.S. prisons. About 43 percent of former U.S. prison inmates reoffend within two years of being released, according to a recent study released by the Pew Center on the States.

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