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  • What to Watch For in the Polls

    George Stephanopoulos at ABC News Blogs2 yrs ago

    Just 12 days to go until the presidential election and I received a lot of questions about those polling numbers that seem to be all over the map.

    Take a look at the questions I tackled today:

    Linden Wooderson: @GStephanopoulos how are the polls reflecting the early vote?

    Carlos Romero: Do polls account for people without landlines?

    Chris Cyr: @GStephanopoulos with all of these polls who has the best historical prediction?

    David Heikkinen: @GStephanopoulos Does anything more than Ohio, Virginia, and Colorado matter?

    Belinda Abbott: @GStephanopoulos Please talk about popular vote versus electoral vote and what ifs.

    All great questions. You can check out my answers below, and why I think you should pay close attention to our ABC News polling site HERE.

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  • Obama Made Up For First Debate, Biden Says. Romney Showed 'Temperament' We Need, Ryan Says

    George Stephanopoulos at ABC News Blogs2 yrs ago

    "He clearly [has] made up for that but what Governor Romney showed today, and I felt a little badly because it's clear he is not, he is not ready to be the commander-in-chief of the United States military," the Vice President told me. "He demonstrated a lack of sophistication about what's going on in the world, his rapid change in his positions. Look being president requires a clear vision and a steady hand. That's exactly what president Obama demonstrated tonight."

    Vice presidential contender Paul Ryan accused Obama of spending too much time "attacking Mitt Romney" and not enough time laying out his vision for the next four years.

    "We really didn't actually get an agenda for how we should move our country forward on foreign policy," Ryan said. "We got sort of a defensive, you know, he tried to defend his record. It is a bad record. Turn on your TV and you can see that the Obama foreign policy is unraveling before us."

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  • Only One Debate Left - George Stephanopoulos On Your Remaining Questions

    George Stephanopoulos at ABC News Blogs2 yrs ago

    There's only one presidential debate left, and hundreds of you sent me your remaining questions via Facebook and Twitter.

    Doctor Callaghan tweetedto ask "how are people still undecided and what would help them make a decision?"

    And Gregory Pickel asked "Why can't they turn off their microphone when their time is up?" Referring, of course, to the presidential candidates during the televised debates.

    Two great questions, and here are my answers:

    Please keep the questions coming via Facebook and Twitter. And hope to see you Sunday on This Week.

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  • Stephen Colbert Invades 'GMA'

    George Stephanopoulos at ABC News Blogs2 yrs ago

    And of course I asked him about the debate tomorrow night. (He thinks President Obama and Mitt Romney should play rock, paper, scissors to see who has the first question.)

    Colbert also weighed in on who he thinks is the most American American.

    Don't miss it.

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  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Undecided on Romney vs. Obama

    George Stephanopoulos at ABC News Blogs2 yrs ago

    "I always wait until the last minute because there are some very interesting debates coming up and I think it's always nice when you see both of the candidates next to each other and they can debate the issues," he said on "Good Morning America."

    "I'm open-minded and I want to hear what everyone has to say and I'm also not one who just votes on issue. I vote on the whole package so which one of the candidates really is the best package because no one is perfect and no one is exactly what you want," Schwarzenegger told me on "GMA." "The ideal thing is if you can put two candidates together but that's not going to happen and so I'm going to keep an open mind."

    Schwarzenegger has a book out today, "Total Recall," on growing up in Austria, bodybuilding, Hollywood, his marriage to Maria Shriver and life as governor.

    It was an unlikely path to becoming a governor. And he told me that while he always had the desire, the 2003 recall election gave him the ideal opportunity to run.

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  • Arnold Schwarzenegger on Affair: 'Worst Thing I've Ever Done'

    George Stephanopoulos at ABC News Blogs2 yrs ago

    "It hurt so many people and the mistakes and failures I've had in the past, and I write about all of them in the book…But this is the worst because it has affected so many people," he said.

    The affair with Mildred Baena occurred in 1996, according to Schwarzenegger's new autobiography "Total Recall," when Maria Shriver and their children were away. The following August Mildred gave birth to Joseph, but it wasn't until the boy was older that Schwarzenegger saw the resemblance.

    "While Mildred and I barely discussed it, from then on I paid for his schooling and helped financially with him and her other kids," Schwarzenegger writes.

    Shriver asked her husband if Joseph was his son years earlier, but he denied it. She again confronted Schwarzenegger about Joseph the morning after he left the governor's office in January 2011, he writes. This time he admitted to the indiscretion.

    Shriver filed for divorce in July 2011.

    When I asked why he didn't tell his wife about the affair earlier, he said he didn't know how.

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  • A Day In My Life: Covering the Conventions

    George Stephanopoulos at ABC News Blogs2 yrs ago

    Heading to Charlotte after GMA today to cover the Democratic National Convention. Long hours, but best place to be for political junkies.

    Here's a behind the scenes look at one of my days in Tampa:

    - George Stephanopoulos

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