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  • Ryan: GM 'Isn't Alive in My Hometown'

    Ahead of the Democratic National Convention Vice President Biden summed up how the Democrats hope the country views the past four years, telling a Detroit Labor Day crowd that "Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive."

    But Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan shot back today telling me that General Motors isn't alive in his hometown of Janesville, Wisc.

    "The president came to Janesville…before the plant shut down and said he would lead an effort to retool the plant. After the plant was shut down he said he would lead an effort to retool the plant to get people back to work. They're still not back to work," he said. "I really ask the 23 million people George who are struggling to find work in America today if we're better off than we were four years ago?"

    The congressman says the Romney-Ryan ticket offers "big solutions in a big year" to create jobs, lower our debt, lower our taxes and create economic growth.

    But the Democrats are taking aim at those ideas,

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  • Ann Romney: 'Our Love' Is With Robin Roberts

    Ann Romney this morning sent a message of love and support to my friend and co-host Robin Roberts, whose mother - Lucimarian Tolliver Roberts - passed away last night. This terrible loss came just hours after Robin began an extended medical leave in preparation for a bone marrow transplant.

    "Our love is with her. She's lost her mother. I don't think there's a harder thing we do in our lives than to lose our mothers so our thoughts and prayers, Robin, they're with you, " said Romney, who also tweeted a message of support to Robin earlier this week as well.

    Speaking to me on "Good Morning America," Romney said she spent the time after her husband's speech at the Republican National Convention in Tampa Fla. with her grandchildren, who she said couldn't be prouder of their grandfather, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

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  • Chris Christie Is 'Ready' For Keynote

    Chris Christie is set to deliver the keynote
    address at the Republican National Convention tonight. But he'll have one eye on Isaac, which could make landfall just before the New Jersey governor takes the podium.

    "We're all obviously looking very closely at what's going to be happening in the gulf. And our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and hope that any damage that may happen will be minimal and there will be no loss of life," he told me on GMA.

    Despite the threatening storm Christie said his speech "has pretty much stayed the way it was intended to be."

    Party faithful are expecting a fire and brimstone address from the governor, but Christie wouldn't say if that's what they'll get.

    "I'll be talking about the New Jersey experience and what that means for the country, what it can mean and promise for the country. They'll be some other stuff I'll be talking about too. But I'll be ready when I walk out on

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  • Todd Akin Opens Door to Possible Exit

    Here's what Missouri Congressman Todd Akin said when I asked if he was in the race to stay - even if it looked like he would lose and possibly cost Republicans control of the Senate.

    "Well George, I'm never going to say everything that could possibly happen. I don't know the future, but I do know this. I know that the party voters took a look at our hearts, understood who we were, had a chance to meet us in many, many different ways and made a decision," Akin told me. "And it makes me uncomfortable to think that the party bosses are going to dictate who runs as opposed to the election process."

    Republicans are lining up to ask Akin to drop out, including Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan. And the Chairman of the Republican Party asked Akin not to attend next week's convention in Tampa.

    Akin told me he will honor the wishes of Reince Priebus and not attend the convention, but insists he can still win the Senate seat. He's staying in the race because of how he

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  • VP Pick: Despite Low Initial Polls, Republican Strategist Says Romney Campaign Is 'Ecstatic'

    The Obama campaign's line of attack on its Republican opponents boils down to yesterday's tweet: "Romney and Ryan want to end Medicare as we know it while giving millionaires a tax cut."

    So I asked Republican strategist Mary Matalin this morning on GMA how the Romney-Ryan campaign can beat that message?

    "Here's the choice George, President Obama has ended Medicare as we know it. He has taken $716 billion out of it and put 15 bureaucrats in Washington in charge of it who will be making decisions about the kind of health care seniors will receive," she told me. "We could choose that or we could choose the Romney-Ryan version where seniors choose their own health care and it is predicated on those reforms."

    "And it's the only future for Medicare. We won't have a Medicare, or at least any kind of Medicare that will deliver quality care unless we reform it now," she added

    Mitt Romney won't say specifically where he disagrees with Rep. Paul Ryan over Medicare reform,

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  • Obama Campaign 'Assumed' Romney Would Raise More Money, Advisor Says

    That's what the president's top political strategist, David Plouffe, told me on GMA when I asked him about the Obama Campaign's fundraising pitch entitled "We could lose if this continues" that was blasted out following the news that Romney outraised the president by $35 million in June.

    "We assumed all along that Governor Romney and the RNC would out-raise us. The real new dynamic in this race is obviously the Super PAC," he said.

    After losing the fundraising battle for two consecutive months, Plouffe said this morning that "money matters in politics" but "you have to have enough money to run and win your campaign and our big concern is these SuperPACs who are, you know, you've got a few very wealthy people lining up, trying to purchase the White House for Mr. Romney."

    Today the Republican National Committee Chairman will take Obama on in the same Iowan town. About one hour before the president holds a roundtable discussion in Cedar Rapids, Reince Priebus will unveil a

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  • Bill O'Reilly Accuses Obama, Clinton of 'Guerrilla Theater'

    Last night Bill Clinton said it would be "calamitous" if Mitt Romney were elected president. And this morning Bill O'Reilly called that "insane."

    "All of these guys - it's amusing to me, and I'm sure it is to you, although you would never admit it. It's all a bunch of theater, it's guerrilla theater. They run around and they all [say] 'Romney is going to bring European socialism to the United States.' Does anyone believe that?" O'Reilly asked.

    Although Clinton didn't use the word "socialism" in last night's private New York City fundraiser, he said Romney would be "calamitous for our country and the world" adding that Romney's economic policy is "austerity and unemployment now, and then a long-term budget that will explode the debt when the economy recovers so that interest rates will be so high nobody will be able to do anything."

    O'Reilly questioned how Clinton could know Romney's policy would explode the debt. He said this election comes down to a very basic

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  • Edwards Jurors Explain Why Guilty Verdicts Weren't Possible

    The jurors in the John Edwards trial spoke this morning for the first time about their 9 days of deliberations that resulted in a  not guilty verdict on only one count and a mistrial on the remaining counts.

    One of the jurors, Theresa Fuller, told me she didn't even think the case should have come to trial at all.   "I felt like the evidence just wasn't there.  It could have been more.  It could have been a lot more than what it was."

    Despite the inability to reach a unanimous decision on most of the counts, the five jurors that I spoke with this morning on Good Morning America, including two alternates, were in good spirits about their experience in the highly dramatic case.

    Jonathan Nunn, a juror and a maintenance specialist at the University of North Carolina, explained why he was unconvinced of John Edwards guilt in taking illegal campaign contributions in order to hide his pregnant girlfriend.

    "In my opinion, it was personal gifts," Nunn said.

    Another juror Sheila

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  • Gov. Nikki Haley: 'Hard To See How' Obama Wins in November

    South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley said President Clinton is wrong when he picked up on the "Etch A Sketch" comment and said Mitt Romney will have to wipe away the positions he took in the primary in order to compete in the general election.

    "He's got to convince the swing voters that he'll be moderate enough and open enough and inclusive enough to be an effective president, and effective on the economy. And hope that the Republican base voters say, 'Well, okay, so he maybe wasn't as right-wing as he claimed to be in the primary. Still more conservative than President Obama.  I guess I'll vote for him anyway and I won't stay home,'" Clinton told ABC News' Jake Tapper.

    Haley, who is out with a new book, "Can't Is Not an Option," told me that was merely Clinton saying what "he is supposed to say, but it's just not true."

    "I mean if we look at the record of President Obama, if we look at the fact that we lost our credit rating, if we look at the debt that's

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  • What Happens if Rick Santorum Wins Michigan?

    Republican presidential candidate, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum speaks at the Livonia Chamber of Commerce breakfast, Monday, Feb. 27, 2012, in Livonia, Mich. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)That's the question I asked ABC News contributor Matt Dowd ahead of tonight's primary. Mitt Romney has been bouncing up and down in the polls of his home state, and is now neck and neck with Rick Santorum.

    "If Rick Santorum wins tonight it's the equivalent of a 9.0 on a Richter scale. I mean it is going to shake Washington, it's going to shake Republican establishment it's just going to shake things to their very core," Dowd told me. "And I think what you're going to see are the conversations that have been going on behind quiet doors saying we need another candidate in this race."

    But how can another Republican jump in?  After Super Tuesday, the filing deadlines will be open in only seven states.  Even if a candidate can manage to get on the ballot - and win every one of those states - he or she will still have fewer than a third of the delegates needed for the nomination.

    Dowd says Republicans could recruit another candidate to shake things up and "demonstrate that

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