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  • Parody Song Combines Journey and Internet Memes

    The band Journey has seen a resurgence in popularity over the past few years as more people discover its music through shows like "Glee" -- and as those who grew up with the band find themselves drawn into the nostalgia of '80s power ballads. We can't think of a better way to celebrate Journey's return to fame than with a parody song featuring other pop-culture hits -- in this case, Internet memes.

    Humordy, a comedy group from Austin, Texas, gives a nod to the group with a new YouTube video, and it's getting a lot of attention on the Web. Borrowing the tune from the Journey hit 'Faithfully,' the group's song "Favorite Memes" recalls memes from the past few years. Everything from "Ehrmagerd Girl" to "Grumpy Cat" is mentioned in the song's soulful lyrics.

    One YouTube commenter states "this is the song of the internet." Considering that it includes nearly every meme we could think of, that sounds like a good summary.

    So, what do you think: Were any important memes left out? And what is

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  • Bakeries are not generally known for sparking controversy, but that's what happened at Sweet Cakes by Melissa in Gresham, Oregon, when owner Aaron Klein refused to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple.

    In January, one of the brides and her mother visited Klein's bakery. When Klein found out the wedding involved two brides, he told the potential customers that he doesn't bake cakes for same-sex marriages. "They're making a choice to do what they're doing and I'm making a choice not to be part of it," Klein says.

    The Oregon Department of Justice is looking into the couple's discrimination complaint. Meanwhile, Duff Goldman, a popular pastry chef featured on the reality show "Ace of Cakes," has reached out to the couple via Twitter. Goldman, who is based in Baltimore and created a fondant-covered 50-lb. cake for Obama's second inauguration, offered to bake and transport a cake for them free of charge.

    Given how pricey wedding cakes can be, we say problem solved! But what do you think?

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  • ‘Snowsuit Monkey’ Competes with ‘Ikea Monkey’ for Viral Cuteness

    Since we're deep into awards season and Fashion Week is around the corner, sartorial comparisons are clearly on our mind -- and yours. The threads we're talking about today, though, are for slightly smaller primates than you'd expect … that's right, monkeys!

    Darwin -- or, as most of you know him, "The IKEA monkey" -- became an overnight celeb after wandering around an IKEA store in Canada dressed in a particularly cozy-looking shearling coat. Now, a new monkey is about to steal his thunder. Let us introduce you to Vanya, a macaque from Russia who is featured in this video enjoying the snow in a fetching green snowsuit that he's accessorized with a belt and white scarf.

    He hops around. He stops to reflect. He even seems to speak to his owners. A blogger from the blog Motherboard wrote, "This monkey just made winter worth it." A YouTube commenter added, "I want one," which is exactly what we've all been saying over here.

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  • Math Teacher Uses New Rap Video to Connect with Students

    Math may not be everyone's favorite subject, but a teacher at Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland, has figured out a way to raise its popularity. Instead of hitting the chalkboard, Jake Scott began writing and filming math-themed rap songs to explain complex precalculus concepts. Suddenly, he found, his students were far more interested and connected to the material.

    Scott, aka 2 Pi, has created raps that address the Pythagorean theorem and the quadratic formula. Says Scott, "I think we can preach to kids until they turn blue, but if there's no connection, then there's no response. I constantly search for ways to connect with students, with language, with conversations, with music."

    "Undefined Expressions," Scott's latest video posted to YouTube, features his own adorable daughter and students from Blair High rapping about zero denominators.

    Have you heard of any innovative tools that teachers use to engage their students?

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  • Fireworks mishap causes fireball at Scotland show

    Who doesn't love a fireworks show full of awe-inspiring pyrotechnics? Folks looking forward to the annual Bonfire Night display in Edinburgh, Scotland, were hoping for one, but they didn't exactly get the visual treat they came for. Instead they got a show reminiscent of San Diego's Fourth of July spectacular last summer, in which an entire program's worth of sparks and bursts went off in 30 seconds.

    This time one of the rockets misfired and landed in a box of unlit fireworks. A video shot by someone in the audience captures what appears to be a giant fireball. Spectators can be seen making for the exits as they figure out that something's gone seriously wrong. One girl suffered burns to the side of her face, and unbelievably that appears to be the extent of the injuries. Organizers have vowed to review all safety procedures for future shows.

    What's the most memorable fireworks show you've ever been to? Let us know on, and follow Trending Now on Twitter: 

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  • Meet Instagram’s Newest Feline Star

    Many pets on the Internet have gotten famous for their cuteness. And while there is no official designation of "The Internet's Most Adorable Dog/Cat/Sloth," pets like Boo and Maru have won a lot of hearts. But now, a new challenger arises-- a cat named Shishi-Maru, and his popularity is skyrocketing on Instagram.

    Shishi-Maru is a Scottish fold, a favorite breed of cat lovers because of their large eyes and folded-over ears. At just two years old, the feline has garnered a hugefan base. The account @emonemon on Instagram has picked up over 8,300 followers in the past few days as word of the cat spread. Buzzfeed even went so far as to declare, "This Cat Wins the Internet."

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    Commenters, as expected, love the little guy. Instagram user DCBoyer wrote, "This kitty is way too cute! What a personality! Excellent feed." ShellmyBelly added, "Can he even take a bad photo?!! So adorable!"

    So what do you think? Any pets you know that can counter the

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  • Surrealist Photographer Takes Out of This World Self-Portraits

    The web can be a great place for helping people gain fame and success in ways that might have been impossible in the past.   One example of that success is Kyle Thompson, a surrealist photographer whose work has won a lot of fans and tremendous popularity thanks to the power of social media.  It all started nine months ago, when Thompson posted an album of photos he had created to Reddit. It became a huge hit and people who loved his style began recommending it to others.

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    In a new Reddit album posting, Thompson described what happened, saying, "I wanted to pursue photography, but I always figured it was too difficult to survive as an artist... I thought maybe 50 people would check out my album, but it was viewed over 4 million times!" Through Thompson's Facebook, Flickr, and Tumblr accounts, he not only gained newfound fame, but financial stability by selling prints and photos to magazines.

    [Related:  Artist Claims to Have Drawn

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  • The first dance at a wedding is traditionally reserved for the bride and groom to cut a rug as a married couple for the first time. At one Indianapolis wedding, however, it became a personal -- and political -- act of kindness.

    Joe Ball and Meg Liffick, the couple being wed, decided that in lieu of taking the first dance themselves, they would invite their friends who were in same-sex relationships -- and as of yet not able to marry legally in the state of Indiana -- to take the floor first. John Green, a best-selling youth fiction author and friend who was also at the wedding, took a picture of the couples dancing and posted them to his popular Tumblr account. He wrote along with it, "This was a large and very diverse wedding in a state that doesn't even recognize same-sex civil unions, let alone marriage. And yet the ovation these people received while dancing was like nothing I've ever heard at any wedding... If there were dry eyes, I didn't see any." The Tumblr post received 19,000

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  • The Top Twitter Hashtags of the Last 12 Months

    Back in 2007, designer Chris Messina asked his Twitter followers what they thought of using the pound sign to group conversations on Twitter. Today, whether you're participating in "#followfriday" or a question-and-answer session with your favorite comedian, hashtags are important to the Twitter experience -- becoming so important that they are used offline in marketing for everything from movies to college football games.

    To celebrate its one-year anniversary, the Daily Dot website, in collaboration with Topsy, looked into the most popular English-language hashtags of the past year. They used a metric called Momentum, which is described as "a measure of the combined popularity of a link and the speed at which that popularity is increasing."

    The top hashtag was "moscow," which became a city of protest after contentious election results saw more and more people call for fair elections and an end to Vladimir Putin's control of Russia. London soccer club Arsenal claimed the No. 2 spot on

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  • Artist’s Photorealistic Drawing Video Becomes a Big Hit

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    Last week we told you about Samuel Silva, whose purportedly hand-drawn ballpoint pen sketches have wowed a lot of people on the Internet. His portrait of a Russian model was so photorealistic that many people doubted he could have done it by hand, and further, that he'd used only ballpoint pens. The real story behind his drawings has yet to be revealed.

    This week, artist Mark Crilley is becoming a sensation for doing a similar kind of realistic art, but in this case, anyone can watch him do it every step of the way. In his recent YouTube video, "Realism Challenge #3: Playing Card," Crilley tapes himself, start to finish, as he draws a lifelike version of a torn playing card. As one top comment on YouTube put it, "The truth is the drawing looks even more realistic than the real [one]."

    Mark Crilley's YouTube videos have been popular before, but this one has really taken off. Today,

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