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  • Kid Makes Working Excavator from Found Scraps

    Some people can go beyond chucking bottles and cans into a blue bin, and really take recycling to the next level. Either because of lack of materials, money, a desire to create something new, or stubborn ingenuity, the creative forge on creating things we would have never imagined. Model hobbyist Wesley Pereira de Souza is one of them. In a recent video, de Souza is seen operating a scale model excavator, which seems totally normal, until you realize how it is operated. Using old syringes (don't try this at home!), tubes, and wood scraps, the excavator's movements mimic almost perfectly the hydraulic movements of a large-scale, diesel-powered backhoe.

    The video is partly titled, "Lack of resources is no problem..." and this kid really proves it. Now, we just need to find him some kind Smurfs-size village to use it on. If you'd like to see more innovative videos like this one, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

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  • Xena, the "Warrior Dog," is a Staffordshire terrier mix who was rescued from the brink of death by veterinarians and a loving family. Jonny Hickey, part of that family, is an autistic 8-year-old boy who had problems coming out of his shell.Xena was 4 lbs when she entered the shelter. The way the two have helped each other is nothing short of remarkable. Xena was taken to the Dekalb Animal Services Shelter in March of this year at just four pounds, deeply malnourished. Veterinarians were able to bring her slowly back to health, and she was shortly thereafter adopted by the Hickey family.Xena and Jonny became fast friends

    Jonny's mother, Linda Hickey, says that immediately, Jonny and Xena were pals. She says that Jonny went from being "painfully shy" to being an "outgoing chatterbox." She added, "These two were destined to be together, to save each other at a level that humans just can't understand."

    The pair's relationship got some attention from the ASPCA, which at its annual awards show on Thursday crowned (literally, with a tiara) Xena "Dog of the Year." Of Read More »from "Dog of the Year," After Massive Recovery and Adoption, Helped Autistic Boy Overcome Fears
  • Dog Rescued from 700 Foot Deep Hole in South Africa

    We love a good animal rescue story, but this one today is dog gone amazing. Tourists visiting the world’s largest man made hole in Kimberley South Africa spotted a dog swimming at the bottom, 700 feet below the ground!

    The Big Hole in Kimberley, South Africa

    The pooch, nicknamed ‘Underdog’ survived 8 days at the bottom of ‘The Big Hole’ which was used as a diamond mine up until 1914. During days of rescue attempts, she was kept alive by Good Samaritans who dropped food down into the hole.

    'Underdog' seen here at the botton of The Big Hole

    On day eight and after five hours of work, she was brought to the top by the fire department and search and rescue teams. It took so long to rescue underdog because ropes were not long enough to reach her, and at first attempt, she got scared and jumped into the water. After reaching the top of the mine, underdog was taken to an animal shelter. And we are happy to report, hundreds of applicants have requested to adopt the adventurous canine. The shelter said they will go through all applicants in order to find Underdog the best home possible.

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  • News Anchor Rants About Viewers' Photos of Snow-Covered Patios

    We all know that the high-altitude peaks and valleys of Colorado become a winter wonderland this time of year. But along with that snowcapped majesty comes a lot of complaints. However, news anchor Kyle Clark of Denver's KUSA has a gripe unrelated to icy roads and frigid toes, and he devoted a special segment on a recent broadcast to airing it. In the segment, Clark implores viewers to stop sending in photos of their snowy patios. The station receives a multitude of pictures taken of people's patio furniture, and Clark spends more than two minutes proving it, with image after image of snow-laden tables, chairs and outdoor grills.Snowy patio, just like everyone else's But Clark's speech is not merely a message about frigid photography taken from the comfort of a living room or kitchen — it is a call to arms, an inspiring plea for KUSA's viewers to do better. He asks them to at least put props, like dogs or family members, into the photos, and it's all the better if the pictures are action shots.This action shot of a dog is at least acceptable, according to Clark He builds to a grand

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  • This App Swaps Every Face on Your Instagram Feed with Nicolas Cage

    Reddit has been obsessed with actor Nicolas Cage for a while now. Really obsessed. Unhealthily so. And so perhaps it's understandable that user Toucantwist created the app, Feeling Cagey?

    The app is simple, but also intricately designed. It's a web app that basically takes your Instagram photos, and replaces faces seen within with Nicolas Cage's face.
    That's it. Of course, if you are tired of someone's constant selfies, you might see the advantage to having a chuckle when you see a cliche duckface photo plastered over with Cage's self-serious mug. According to the Daily Dot, the Reddit user, real name Josh, said, "I put the thing together in a weekend after having a discussion in the pub about face detection and then thinking what a great idea it would be to apply the world's best movie star to Instagram selfies through it." We can argue with that logic. Luckily, Josh works for a graphics company that uses face recognition, so he was able to put it together very quickly. So far, the

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  • Filmmaker Combines 852 Instagram Photos Into Stop-Motion World Tour

    Instagram released, to much fanfare, the ability to share videos on the service earlier this year. People have used the new tool to share some amazing clips, inventing and innovating social media along the way. But we've never quite seen anything as cool as the work of French filmmaker Thomas Jullien. Jullien collected 852 Instagram photos, many of them from famous landmarks. He arranged them, with all their various angles, to create a stop-motion walking tour of everywhere from the Arc de Triomphe in Paris to the Statue of Liberty in New York City. The result, especially with all the filters Instagram has to offer, is both trippy and stunning. It really does seem like walking by the Brandenburg Gate or on a multicolored path that a train would travel.

    And Jullien's reasoning? He wrote in the video's description, "Instagram is an incredible resource for all kinds of images. I wanted to create structure out of this chaos." Users on Vimeo, where the video was uploaded, are enthusiastic

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  • "Real Life Facebook" Asks What Facebook Friendships Are Worth in Real Life

    You know how sometimes you look through your Facebook feed and think, "wait, how did I become friends with this person? Where do I even know them from? Have we even met?" It happens to a lot of us, and it is a problem that YouTube filmmaker Greg Benson thought of a novel solution for: He would find these people in real life, and after meeting them, ask them if they would like to remain Facebook friends. It's a decidedly brave adventure to talk in person with people one has never met, but they are "friends" after all, right? Benson's experiment comes to some interesting conclusions, and he definitely has some fun along the way. The people he meets are fascinating, with interesting lives that he might have otherwise missed. What is surprising is just how friendly some of these otherwise strangers are in real life. Of course, if you want to duplicate this experiment yourself, you definitely have to have a high threshold for how much awkwardness you can take. But hey, meeting new friends,

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  • Aaron Fotheringham was born with spina bifida, and started using a wheelchair full time at age 8. He would visit a skate park with his older brother, who one day suggested that he use his chair on some of the park's ramps. Thus began Fotheringham, a.k.a "Wheelz'" lifelong passion for what he calls WCMX (think BMX, but in a chair.) In a recent video, directed by Devin Graham, we see how not only is Wheelz' chair not a hindrance, but is actually an incredibly awesome vehicle for some gravity-defying stunts. The chair is actually a custom-made, 4-wheel suspension version made by Box Designs, which Fotheringham describes as "pretty much indestructible."

    It seems like it should be, because most of the stunts this guy performs are insane. As for practicing for these death-defying acts? Wheelz uses a pit full of rubber before transitioning to the actual skate ramp, but has said of practice, " I don't think of it as practice, I think of it as a fun way to live my life."
    flip wheelz

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  • "Ram Screaming Like a Human" Video Delivers on Promises

     Over the past few months, or maybe even years, web users have uncovered a shocking amount of footage pointing to a previously overlooked phenomena, if it can be called one: goats, rams, and other mammals, that sound like humans. Either they are all getting smarter, more human-like, or they just want to be part of a new viral meme. Today, we get the latest entry in the pantheon, thanks to Digg Videos. The video features a ram, or barbary sheep, as it notes, screaming like a human. And boy howdy does it. The video is now skyrocketing in popularity, with commenters writing horrific suggestions like, "I want to hear a chorus of yelling rams." A more understandable reaction, or perhaps tribute to the video, was commenter Linkzor24, who wrote, "AAARRRGGHHHHHHHHH." As with many YouTube videos, the rest of the comments don't bear repetition. What is it that causes this? Ram nature, or ram nurture? And since we are all suckers for a good "Animal X sounds like Thing Y" video, check out the

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  • Ukrainian Honor Guardsman Turns Embarrassing Mistake Into Impressive Move

    We all have those public moments of embarrassment when, rather than just admitting, "Yeah, I nearly cracked my head open slipping on the pavement," we try to play it off like "Yeah, I meant to do that, and I hope no one noticed." It's hard to imagine a bigger stage for an embarrassing mistake, though, than a Ukrainian guardsman had in a recent video. As he walks up to the president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovich, and the president of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, the latter of whom was on an official visit, the guard knocks his own hat off with his saber. In a split second, however, he is able to catch the hat on his sheath, playing it off like it was all in the plan. Though the move is performed expertly, what is really a treat is seeing how much the two presidents enjoy it — nearly busting a gut trying to keep a straight face. We think maybe the rest of the Ukrainian guards should adopt the move, or maybe it is too specialized for all of them. The video is a hit on YouTube, with over

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