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  • Incredible Sony Ad Blankets Valley with 8 Million Flower Petals

    Most television advertisements don't bear mentioning outside of the 30 seconds that they appear on the tube. But that doesn't mean the medium can't be inventive and even downright beautiful. Sony's "4K — Behind the Scenes — Four Times the Detail" video ad features the movement of 8 million flower petals through the air, to highlight the 8 million pixels in one of Sony's next-generation 4K TVs. The petals seem to explode out of a volcano and cover the hills and valleys of a town nearby. What is most surprising about the ad, though, is you might expect it to involve special effects, but it's all real. To achieve the effect, the company brought 2.5 to 3 tons of air-moving equipment to the valley. A cool " making-of" short shows how much work went into the visuals in the ad. And if you're worried about the mess, Sony points out that all the petals are real, and of course, biodegradable.

    This ad actually reminded us of some other beautiful uses of advertising- ones that are worth watching

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  • 'Robert De Niro Just Wants to be Understood,' a Supercut

    There are few actors in show business with a career as storied and lauded as Robert De Niro. For decades, he has shown wide-ranging ability to play characters with a variety of problems and abilities. But surprisingly, many of these characters have something in common, and the Slate video team was able to put together an awesome supercut showing a through-line that is shared by many De Niro performances. In 'Robert De Niro Just Wants to be Understood,' a notable similarity in 13 different films is recounted in just over a minute and a half. Check it out. And tell us, what's your favorite De Niro performance? Tell us on Facebook, or on Twitter @YahooTrending.

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  • Woman Has Taken 10,000 Selfies with Celebrities

    Admit it, you've taken a selfie or two. But if you haven't, congratulations. In any case, no matter how hard you try, you could never match the collection of self-taken photos amassed by Vanessa Sky Ellis. Over the years, the 26-year-old New York native has taken what she estimates to be about 10,000 photos with celebrities running the gamut of entertainment. Among the stars featured in some of her favorites are Matt Damon, Tom Cruise, and Mariah Carey. But she says her favorite is Johnny Depp. "He might be 50, but he's beautiful," she says. Ellis says she has sometimes spent 12 hours in a single day searching for celebrities on the streets of New York City. Her mother, who died of a heart attack in 2007, passed the hobby on to Ellis, and it's obvious that her daughter has perfected the technique. In her spare time, Ellis works as a bartender, which keeps her father from worrying that she spends too much time taking photos. But maybe he should be concerned about her

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  • This Creepy Spinning Clown Doll Head Should Set You Up Nicely for Halloween

    Around this time of year, even the most mundane scene can be something used to inspire fear. Or maybe it's just that clowns and dolls, and especially clown dolls, are creepy on their own. YouTube user Nick Packauskas posted this video, titled, scarily, 'CLOWNFUN,' where it's been scaring people for a couple of days. He simply put this bizarre clown doll next to some child dolls, played a music box, and let peoples' natural fear take course. Hopefully that'll get you in the spirit for further creepiness come Halloween itself. Do you know of any creepy videos you can share? Tell us on Facebook, or @YahooTrending.

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  • Car Salesman Becomes Web Star with Dance Video on YouTube

    Sales manager Joe Barzelay of Eastern Shore Hyundai in Daphne, Alabama, probably hasn't used his moves on the dance floor to seal the deal with any clients. However, those moves made him a Web star and they will soon give him plenty of foot traffic at the dealership. Barzelay was at work one day, talking to some dancers who were at the dealership to appear in one of its commercials. Their work reminded him of his own talents, and he offered to give them a demonstration. Charles Kelley, a co-worker of Barzelay's, sensed that this moment was something he had to capture on camera, so he pulled out his phone. And, boy, did Barzelay move! The video become an instant hit, with more than 150,000 views and counting. Adoring fans wrote in, with one saying in jest, "300 cars were sold that day." That might not be true, but we are sure anyone in the area in need of a car at least has to pop in to meet the Web's newest star.

    Barzelay's exploits reminded us of some other standout, unexpected

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  • New York CVS Overrun with Duck Invasion

    The YouTube video, 'There was an incident last night at CVS,' doesn't quite capture the hilarious and puzzling nature of what is contained within, but it's at least a start. According to uploader Aplue, around 50 ducks entered the pharmacy in Saratoga Springs, NY, last week. There is a park down the street where the ducks live most of the time, but somehow they managed to sneak past the front door and hold an impromptu shopping spree. In addition to the ones inside, there were dozens more outside the store as well. After using a swiffer to try to shoo them out, one enterprising employee was able to lure them out with a bag of popcorn. And really, who doesn't love popcorn?

    A pretty cute invasion.

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  • 'Sesame Street' Parodies 'Homeland' in 'Homelamb'

    Even though it appears on subscriber cable, "Homeland" is a cultural sensation among critics and viewers. And "Sesame Street," which is known for tapping into the Zeitgeist, has just proved how big a mark "Homeland" has made. In "Homelamb," a group of sheep is looking to catch the Big Bad Wolf, much like Carrie Mathison's tireless effort to catch Abu Nazir and, earlier, Nicholas Brody. Or, in the case of "Sesame Street," Nicholas Baaa-rody. Actually, throughout "Homelamb," there are a lot of baaas all around. The spoof begins with a spot-on interpretation of the Showtime series' intro, complete with black-and-white archival footage and jazz music. And all the characters are there — Saaa-ul, Caaa-rrie, and of course, Baaa-rody.

    The spoof reminded us of some of "Sesame Street's" other great parody videos, which number in the dozens. Here are a few of our favorites.

    The Old Spice Commercials                        

    '30 Rock,' or, in Muppet-land, '30 Rocks'

    And of course, 'Mad Men'

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  • Redditor Posts Video of Grandpa's Model Town Seen from Train's Point of View

    "Grandpa Bill" has spent the last 15 years building an incredibly ornate and humongous model train town in his house. His grandson, Ryan Crets, a.k.a. Redditor Im_Not_Batman, wanted to see what the place would look like from the POV of one of the town's trains. So Crets strapped a GoPro camera to the front of a locomotive and sent it around the track. The resulting footage is entrancing, and oddly convincing in a way that makes you think you might be traveling around a real town. The post became a hit on Reddit, and the views of the YouTube video of the trip soon surpassed 200,000. Commenters had high praise, such as, "That's crazy dedicated, nice job." People even remixed it with audio from things like the "Thomas the Tank Engine" theme song to put a different spin on it. Crets also posted another video featuring his family surrounding the village, which really highlights the difference in size between the town and actual humans. It's heartwarming to know that for Grandpa Bill, the

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  • Cockatoo Rocks Out on Tambourine

    There are plenty of humans who can jam out pretty well on a variety of musical instruments, but a recent video proves that the talent might be open to more species than we originally thought. Gary Jackson's cockatoo is featured in the video, gamely shaking a tambourine along with a cover of The Hives' "Walk Idiot Walk." Jackson told Storyful, "I was mixing and he was having all kinds of fun making noise on my tambourine and dancing." Put some more birds together, and you got a band my friend.

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  • Dog Eats, Returns $54 in Cash

    Dogs cost money to own, but Cindy Molzer-Aranguren never knew how literal that would become. She left the house to go to the grocery store one day, puttingher two dogs in her bedroom and planning to feed them after she got home. Unable to wait, however, was her dog Misty, who found a tin filled with cash and then began an impromptu and unappetizing feast. Upon discovering the cash was gone, Molzer-Aranguren took Misty to the vet, who took an X-ray showing the mass of cash in the dog's belly. The vet administered medicine that would induce vomiting, and they wound up with $18. Some time later, all the cash would be returned to Molzer-Aranguren — and in pretty good condition. As for why Misty ate the cash, the veterinarian believes it must have had something appetizing on it to entice the dog into eating it. Misty, for her part, is recovering well, but she's $54 poorer.

    What weird thing has your pet eaten? Tell us on Facebook or on Twitter @YahooTrending.

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