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  • This Man is Probably the Biggest Fan of Hamburgers in the World

    Ahh, the hamburger. A mainstay of Americana, whether it is a simple bun and patty or dressed up with foie gras and gold leaf, the hamburgerhas a lot of fans. But we all probably have nothing on Harry Sperl, a.k.a. Hamburger Harry. For the past 23 years, Sperl has been collecting burger memorabilia the world over, mostly from flea markets and garage sales. In addition to knickknacks such as hamburger lamps, display cases, rugs, and posters, he has crafted his own hamburger waterbed and a hamburger motor trike, with pickle handlebars and ketchup shock absorbers. He has admittedly devoted his life to hamburgers. His house in Daytona Beach, Florida, is known as the world's only hamburger museum. Though Sperl is from Germany, he has always loved the American way of life and fell in love with burgers because they are such a quintessentially American food. Unfortunately, because of cholesterol problems, Sperl has had to cut down on his favorite food, but he still fits a burger in here and

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  • Girl Adorably Makes Up Own Tap Dance to 'Broadway Baby'

    Look, there's no doubt about it: Tap dancing is hard. It's basically playing drums with different parts of your feet. So maybe that is why the almost unbearably cute preschooler in a recent viral video decided to just make up her own dance during a recital, in a video called "Dance Factory Preschool Tap." Not much is known about the girl besides her obvious talent, but commenters on the video were smitten. People wrote things like, "I need to be more like this girl." It now has had more than 400,000 views on YouTube, for good reason. That's what you get when you march to the beat of a different drummer. And for those wondering, she is belting out the tune to "Broadway Baby," from "Follies." Way to go.

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  • Ohio State Marching Band's Michael Jackson Medley Was 'Bad'

    The Ohio State University has a top-class Marching Band, and if you need any proof, just take a look at its performance during the halftime of the OSU-Iowa game from this past Saturday. The video is an 11-minute tribute to the music of Michael Jackson, but that's not all. It also pays tribute to some of the iconography, and most amazingly, some of Jackson's most famous dance moves. The band seamlessly transitions from depictions of the 'Bad' album cover, to the King of Pop himself doing his trademark lean, and even a moonwalk. This kind of thing just makes me wonder, "how do they do that?"

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  • Will Ferrell Leads USC Marching Band

    Will Ferrell has a habit of showing up in bizarre places. Aside from his film and television career, he's been on tape at such bizarre events as minor league baseball games and a string of beer commercials that only showed in one regional market. But we've never seen him lead a band. That's what he did though, for the USC Trojan Marching Band, playing the role of Tommy Trojan a few days ago. The event was to benefit the charity, 'Cancer for College,' which gives scholarships to students with cancer. So now we know he can lead a band, but can he really play jazz flute?

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  • Twelve days ago, family and friends of Carl Peyton Williams III worried that he would never be able to marry his love, Ruth Ann Terry. Williams had been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and was told he did not have long to live. But thanks to his family and the Marietta, Georgia, community at large, the two were wed — albeit in an unusual venue: the back of an ambulance.

    Hospice workers arranged for the Puckett ambulance to take Williams to just outside the Cobb County Courthouse so that those near and dear to the couple could witness the nuptials. Chaplin Ron Daniel had met the couple the day before and told WSB Radio, "Everything just went beautifully. We just made it as quick and easy as we could for them."

    Terry and Williams met seven years ago online and had been planning on getting married in the future, but the diagnosis inspired them to make it official sooner. Williams' family noted that in his previous career as a law enforcement officer, he had seen some of the worst of

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  • Furbys Take the Spotlight on Album Covers

    Furbys are cute, creepy alien beings with a desire to chitchat and a propensity for scaring people (maybe just me) when they suddenly start speaking even after being stored in a closet for years. But Swedish artist and Tumblr user William Kallback Winter found a different use for them-- standing in for famous musicians on album and song cover art. His Tumblr Furby Living chronicles Furby adventures as Lady Gaga, Adele, and David Bowie, among others, and the image altering that goes into them is impressive, if not just a little bit horrifying. The album covers even feature Furby-language versions of the actual titles.

    He says of his work, "I first set up simple lighting and take the photos I need — of the Furby's face, feet, ears, wigs, depending on what I need. The rest is just heavy Photoshopping." Each post on his blog is a huge hit, garnering thousands of repostings each. So if you were looking for that perfect picture of a Furby pretending to be on the cover of Miley

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  • Man Got Over Fear of Flying by Skydiving, and Got It All on Tape

    Using skydiving to get rid of a fear of flying seems like going completely overboard, but it seems to have helped Dan Clunn. As part of a personal project to overcome his fears, Clunn's wife bought him a skydive over British Columbia. And luckily for us, he caught the entire thing on video. Clunn captures everything from the climb to more than 10,000 feet, to the anticipation before the jump, to the death-defying fall itself. By the end of it, Clunn changes from being nervous, to blissful. It looks like a lot of fun, and also totally scary.

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  • Tiny Homes: Man Lives in Self-Built Hobbit Hole in Rural Oregon

    Living simply can be thought of as a virtue. Dan Price practices this virtue in a rather extreme way, living on $5,000 a year, mostly in a self-described "hobbit hole" near Joseph, Oregon. For more than 20 years, Price has been living in the small underground structure that he built from mostly found materials on the horse pasture where it lies.

    Once a photojournalist with a wife and two kids, he moved from Kentucky to his native Oregon to live a simple life after reading Harlan Hubbard's book "Payne Hollow," in which the author describes moving to a meager cottage in Ohio. In addition to the hobbit hole, Price made himself a bathhouse and sauna, a workshop, and a garage for his TerraTrike, a three-wheeled off-road bicycle that he uses to get around.

    During the warm months of the year, Price lives on the horse pasture where his shelter is, paying the landowners $100 a month. In the colder months, he surfs in Hawaii. In addition to odd jobs around town, Price sells a zine called

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  • ASL Interpreter Becomes Concert Favorite Signing Words to Kendrick Lamar

    In recent years, a lot of large-scale events, including concerts and speeches, have added American Sign Language interpreters to help those with hearing impairments have a better experience. The work that they do is intricate and heartfelt, and it also looks really cool. So it's perhaps no wonder that the work of ASL interpretation has birthed a few stars. Take Lydia Callis, Mayor Michael Bloomberg's interpreter at the time of Superstorm Sandy a year ago.She was heralded for her enthusiasm and ability. In that vibrant spirit comes Amber Galloway-Gallego, who can teach you a thing or two about rap lyrics, or at least how they look in ASL. She has over 300 concerts under her belt, and it's perhaps this experience that gives her authority to interpret phrases from the mildly racy to the outright smutty. And people love it. Vines and Instagram videos made their way around the Web these past two weekends, as Galloway-Gallego was interpreting for a Kendrick Lamar performance at the Austin

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  • Elk Chases Motorcycling Couple Down the Highway

    We wanted to share a good old-fashioned road chase on the blog before the week is out. In this video posted to YouTube, Heather Leigh and her boyfriend Leigh very nearly get in an unevenly matched fight with a bull elk. They were on a ride, and came upon a stopped truck with the elk standing nearby. The elk approaches them, getting within inches, then takes chase when they try to ride away. But the elk doesn't just give up. He follows them for a good while, in a chase that is being compared to the T-Rex in 'Jurassic Park.' Shortly after, Heather says, she told Glen to speed off, and they lost the elk. I gotta admit though, it's kinda sad seeing it fade into the distance.


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