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  • This iPhone case uses your phone's electromagnetic radiation to shine and glow

    Yahoo News9 mths ago

    You may not know it, but your iPhone is constantly emitting trace amounts of radiation. Why not put that radiation to good use?

    That’s the concept behind the Lunecase, an iPhone case that harnesses your iPhone’s normal radiation and uses it to power a ring of lights that illuminate when you have a new notification. The Lunecase was built by Concepter, a team of young entrepreneurs from the Ukraine, and is currently in prototype phase, with a planned Kickstarter debut for February.

    How does it work? Well, right now, a small ring of LEDs on the case surrounds the Apple logo and lights up whenever you receive a phone call. Because the case uses the radiation from your iPhone, it does not require any battery from the phone itself; rather, it’s using energy that is otherwise lifting off into the ether.

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  • Study: On Twitter, you are more likely to be retweeted by someone you don't know than by someone you do

    Yahoo News10 mths ago

    When it comes to retweets on Twitter, it’s not what you don’t know, but who you don’t know.

    That is the wisdom of a new study of interactions on Twitter, which found that users are more likely to retweet people who don’t follow them than people who do. The report, which comes out of Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business, followed 140 days worth of tweets in late 2010, using a complex system of 20 computers to track the social network.

    At the end of the 140 days, the team of researchers — Zhan Shi of ASU, Huaxia Rui of the University of Rochester and Andrew Whinston of the University of Texas at Austin — concluded that you’re about 50 percent more likely to be retweeted by a random than a mutual admirer.

    The researchers inspected tweets that were singled out by the now-defunct @toptweets account, an official Twitter handle that spotlighted noteworthy or popular tweets. The researchers then identified tweets sent out by users with fewer than 1,500 followers, due to limits on the data the researchers would be able to collect from Twitter.

    From there, a program fetched retweet data: Who was retweeting the tweet, and via whom.

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  • The most played songs of 2013 on Spotify: Listen to the playlist here

    Yahoo News10 mths ago

    What were the best songs of 2013?

    Well, if you go by Spotify streams, it appears that the year belonged to Macklemore, Imagine Dragons and the French robot DJ dudes Daft Punk. At the end of each year, the msuic streaming service Spotify releases data on its most popular songs of the year; and as it does every year, 2013's list also comes in playlist form! So, if you're looking to take a stroll down memory lane (in music form) of the year that was, listen below:

    The Most Listened Songs of 2013, Worldwide

     The Most Listened Songs of 2013, America

     You can listen to last year's playlists here.

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  • An Xbox One review, from the worst video game player on the Internet

    Yahoo News11 mths ago

    Of all the writers reviewing the Xbox One, I am undoubtedly the worst at video games. In high school, my friends invited me over to play only when they needed a round number of participants; most of my recent gaming experiences have ended with me getting punted off a floating island after inflicting zero damage on my competitors, or else getting karate chopped to death by Oddjob, despite possessing the so-called Golden Gun. In single-player mode, my relationship with any video game is the same as my relationship with "Gravity's Rainbow": I have never "finished" either, only gotten far enough in that I consider my experience complete and satisfactory.

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  • Dirtymouth!

    Yahoo News11 mths ago

    You might not "Like" what you're about to see. A new website called Your Dirty Mouth scans through your Facebook history and finds the most profane, controversial Facebook statuses you ever dared to publish. In our tests, the site appears to search for curse words, inappropriate content, and talk about the government, as it crawls through your Facebook history; when it displays those statuses, the site gives you the option to either delete the status (hiding it from potential future employers) or else re-sharing it, making it, um, easier for potential future employers to happen upon and judge you for.

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  • Looking for a new sound system?

    Yahoo News11 mths ago

    Attention rich people who demand high-quality audio performance! Italian designer Andrea Pivetta has created the Pivetta Opera Only, a $2.2 million marvel that is almost certainly the most expensive amp in the world.

    Pivetta advertises his Opera Only as a "unique crossing between sophisticated technology and art"; the amplifier resembles an enormous, 12-sided Mac Pro (and or black trashcan), and opens up when in use, like so:

     The amp weighs 1500 kilograms, or a shade over 3,300 pounds, and is a little over 8 feet tall.

     You can read more about the Pivetta Opera Only at Andrea Pivetta's website (which features some truly soaring prose, at one point comparing the opening of the Opera Only to witnessing the rise of the Phoenix.)

    (Via Luxurylaunches)

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