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  • The Tea Party’s Batman and Robin: Mike Lee on his political partnership with Ted Cruz

    Jeff Zeleny, Richard Coolidge and Jordyn Phelps at Power Players5 mths ago

    The Fine Print

    If Ted Cruz were Batman, Mike Lee would be his Robin.

    That’s the description some have used to characterize the political partnership between Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah. Asked about the comparison during a recent visit to Iowa, Lee told “The Fine Print” that Cruz is a political “kindred spirit.”

    “I told him, ‘If you do decide to run, I'll of course have to endorse you, because I think you and I are, politically speaking, kindred spirits, and I'd love to have you as a colleague,’” Lee recalled from his first meeting with Cruz in 2010, when the Texan was considering a run for the Senate.

    The Tea Party duo stood side-by-side this fall in pushing a hard-line stance against the president’s health care law that resulted in the government shutdown, and infuriated many of their Republican colleagues along the way.

    Lee confirmed that he and Cruz have come under attack from the Republican establishment in recent months but said there were “legitimate differences of opinion” within the party that “need to be expressed.”

    “The differences themselves are needed,” Lee said. “You don't get to be $17 trillion in debt without a lot of people agreeing.”

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