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  • Woman's Cancer Scam Prognosis: Five Years in Jail

    Temple UniversityA Philadelphia woman who told the court she had life-threatening cancer in order to avoid prison has a new prescription,  five years in a jail cell.

    Leann Moock was sentenced Thursday to almost five years in prison by a federal judge for an elaborate scam she concocted to delay reporting to prison in 2007 for her role in a separate scam involving stealing money from elderly bank customers.

    The 35-year-old's prison evasion scheme began in August 2007, the day before she was supposed to start a four-month prison sentence, prosecutors say.

    Moock, according to prosecutors, sent an email to her attorney saying that she had learned from a doctor's visit that same day that she had a mass in her stomach that needed to be treated.   She continued by telling her attorney and later the presiding judge in her case that the mass was cancerous and she was being treated with chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

    Moock obtained fake telephone and email accounts and fabricated letters from her

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  • Utah Avalanche Victim Rescued From 10 Feet of Snow

    A group of snowmobilers armed with only shovels and the will to find their friend are being hailed as heroes today after rescuing the man from beneath 10 feet of snow.

    Black’s friend, Bronson Butler, was recording the run on his smartphone and captured the moments as Black barreled down the mountain, one hand on his snowmobile and the other hand trying to create an air pocket around his face to protect him from what he knew would be his fate, a landing deep beneath the snow.

    “I just really couldn’t believe it was actually happening to us,” Butler said.  “I was just thinking we were invincible, nothing is going to happen to us and if it does slide, we’ll outrun it.”

    Instead, Black quickly fell out of the sight of Butler’s phone’s lens and disappeared in the snow.

    Butler and the rest of the snowmobilers out for the ride quickly jumped into action to find Black but their task was made more difficult by Black’s not wearing an avalanche beacon on the run, local affiliate KTVX

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  • Micky Dolenz on Davy Jones: 'We Just Kind of Hit It Off'

    At the height of his success, Davy Jones could set girls screaming but the Monkees frontman was just as excited by his own fame, his friend and bandmate Micky Dolenz recalled.

    “We shared a house together in the early days and we were driving up to and parking in front of our house and listening to the radio and it was Monkee Day and all of a sudden ‘Last Train to Clarksville’ came on,” Dolenz said, referring to the band’s debut single.  “He said, ‘Whoa, that’s us.’”

    Dolenz appeared on “Good Morning America” today to remember Jones, the lead singer of The Monkees who died Wednesday morning at the age of 66 after suffering a heart attack at his home in Florida.

    “None at all,” Dolenz said when asked if he had any hints that Jones might be sick.  “He’s a vegetarian.  He was always outdoors with horses.”

    “His mom, I remember, passed on when he was very young and then his father also passed on in the very early days of the Monkees and I believe it was a heart attack. So I believe

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