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  • Man Makes Frantic 911 Call While Clinging to Moving Truck

    Newly released 911 tape shows the frantic moments when a New York man called begging authorities for help as he clung to a moving pickup truck.

    Robert Kowalik, 45, of Troy, N.Y., called 911 around 5:30 p.m. Sunday to report he had been hit by a truck and was being dragged through city streets.

    "I got hit by a truck. I'm hanging on the back of a white truck. Hurry, hurry," Kowalik is heard saying on the 911 call, tape of which was released by police on Tuesday.

    Kowalik told authorities that he had been hit by a truck being driven by his acquaintance Seth Scudds, also 45, with whom he had been arguing outside of a store in Troy, according to local ABC affiliate WTEN.

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    "He just hit me, I'm hanging on his truck, hurry, hurry, oh please hurry, I can't hang on too much," he says on the call. "He ran over my leg. He ran over my leg. I can't hold on much longer. He's killing me."

    Video shows Kowalik clinging to the side of the pickup truck

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  • Scoreboard Marriage Proposal 'Didn't Work Out'

    Greg Altringer spent the past two months planning an elaborate proposal to his girlfriend of three years , Erica Kresge, with military-like precision.

    The devoted Chicago Cubs fan reserved a spot for his proposal on the giant screen at Wrigley Field during the team's Monday night game against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Altringer, 25, arranged for himself and Kresge, 23, to fly to Chicago from their Great Falls, Mont., home and be in the stands for the game.

    He knew the scoreboard would read "ERICA, WILL YOU MARRY ME?" in the middle of the fifth inning so as the inning approached on Monday night he sent Kresge to the concession stand for some drinks while he let their seatmates in on his plan.

    "Greg had sent me to go get a couple beverages," Kresge told " Good Morning America" today in a live interview via Skype from the couple's Montana home. "Apparently his plan was to let everyone around us know what was going on while I was away. He was giving the people up behind him his

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  • 'Superman' Roller Coaster Grounded After Riders Stranded

    The newest ride at a Six Flags amusement park in California remains closed today, less than 24 hours after it stranded a dozen riders for two hours during its weekend debut.

    The Superman of movies may be able to rescue strangers from the heights of skyscrapers, but riders on his namesake ride at the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, Calif., saw no man-in-tights when the ride suddenly stopped on Sunday around 2:30 p.m.

    The 12 people on board the Superman Ultimate Flight roller coaster, which had just opened June 30, were left sitting 150 feet up in the air for two hours while crews on the ground tried to figure out how to rescue them, local ABC affiliate KGO reported.

    The crews reportedly told the stranded passengers to shake back and forth in their seats to restart the ride, which is designed to hold 12 riders and can travel at speeds up to 62 mph, according to park officials. When that didn't work, mechanics manually shook a car on the ride loosein order to restart it.

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  • Jordyn Wieber's Coach Calls Her Elimination an 'Injustice'

    The elimination of U.S. gymnast superstar Jordyn Wieber from the individual all-around final at the London Olympics continues to reverberate, with her coach saying that the format of the Olympics competition is an "injustice."

    Wieber, the 17-year-old gymnast from DeWitt, Mich., who entered the Games as the leader and star of Team USA's "Fabulous Five" and the current world champion, failed to qualify for the individual all-around title Sunday after uncharacteristic slip-ups cost her one-tenth of a point and put her in third place behind teammates Aly Raisman and Gabby Douglas, respectively. Countries can enter just two gymnasts in the all-around final, so by the rules Wieber was out.

    "We have always known the 2 per country rule, we are not crying of spilt milk, yet it makes it difficult to explain how the 4th best AA finisher, the former world champion, does not get a shot at fulfilling her dream, just because her country happens to be incredibly strong," her coach John 

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  • Orangutan Sent to Island to Kick Smoking Habit

    (AP)Hollywood stars always make headlines when their handlers send them to a far-off location to kick an unhealthy habit, but it turns out they're not the only ones.

    Grabbing headlines now is Tori, a 13-year-old orangutan who has been sent by her keepers at Indonesia's Taru Jurug Zoo to a deserted island in the middle of a lake within the zoo in order to kick her smoking habit.

    Tori, one of four orangutans at the zoo in the Central Java town of Solo, picked up her love of cigarettes from humans who would throw their discarded cigarette butts into her cage.

    "A common problem for zoos in Indonesia are naughty visitors," zoo director Lilik Kristianto told the Jakarta Globe newspaper. "Although there are sign prohibiting them from giving food or cigarettes to the animals, they keep on doing it. It is not rare that visitors even hurt the animals."

    Tori would hold the still-lit cigarettes between her fingers and puff, just as she watched the humans do, zookeepers said.

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  • Calif. Student Sues Teacher, District Over C+ Grade

    A C+ is considered average on the grading scale but for one California high school student it was well below average, enough so that he filed a lawsuit against both his teacher and school district.

    (Photo Courtesy: The Bethards)Bowen Bethards, 17, was a sophomore in Peggy Carlock's chemistry class at Albany High School in Albany, Calif., outside of San Francisco, in the 2010-11 school year when she gave him the C+ grade at the center of the suit, according to court records first reported by the Albany Patch.

    Bethards, in a lawsuit filed with his mother, Laureen, in Contra Costa County Superior Court last month, claims that he has suffered severe physical and emotional suffering, damage to his academic reputation, and diminished chances of getting into his college of choice because of the grade.

    The Bethards claim that Carlock, who no longer teaches at the school, punished Bowen for missing class on a day that his fellow students performed a lab.  Bethards, according to the suit, had to miss class

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  • California Woman's 26-Hour Ferris Wheel Ride Breaks World Record

    (Randy Pench/

    A California woman inspired to set a world record after reading the book "101 Things To Do Before You Die" accomplished her goal on Tuesday, riding a Ferris wheel for 26 hours, 43 minutes and 46 seconds.

    Christina Lochmiller, a 32-year-old from Roseville, Calif., near Sacramento, broke the Guinness World Record with that total, easily eclipsing the previous record of 25 hours and 30 seconds set by a man in California just last month.

    "I'm pretty tired," Lochmiller told the Modesto Bee after exiting the ride at the California State Fair in Sacramento at around 8:58 a.m Tuesday. "I had a couple of breakdowns where I felt like a 2- year-old who needed a nap."

    Lochmiller stayed awake the entire 26 hours and only had a break from the repetitive circular ride every hour for five minutes during which she used the restroom, had her vitals checked or stretched out to relieve pains in her back that came from sitting on the ride's hard seat, the Bee reports.

    "I needed to stay

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  • A New England pilot whose first attempt at flying a marriage proposal over the shores of Rhode Island literally crash-landed took flight again Tuesday to give the bride-to-be a chance to say yes.

    Mark Simmons first took off from the Westerly Airport in Washington County, R.I., around 3 p.m., Monday to fly a "Michelle will you marry me? Mike," banner proposal for a client over the waters near Block Island.

    Nearly 10 minutes into the flight, however, the engine of his Piper Pawnee plane died, according to local ABC affiliate WLNE-TV.

    "I got about six miles into the trip and the engine ran rough for a brief second and then completely stopped," Simmons, the owner of Conn.-based Simmons Aviation, which has a division called Banner Tow-USA, said.

    "I just did whatever I had to do to make sure I got on the water safely," he said. "I put a Mayday call out and the only person that heard me was Ethan."

    Ethan is Simmons' 8-year-old son. He heard his dad's Mayday call over the

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  • Rich Kid in 'Rich Kids Of Instagram' Tumblr Takes on Critics

    Don't hate them because they're beautiful. And rich. And, it appears, all younger than 30.

    (Courtesy: Annabel Schwartz)They're the "rich kids" in the new " The Rich Kids of Instagram" Tumblr that shows what life is like on the other side, when you're young, carefree and can enjoy the luxuries of a seemingly endless bank account, and the ability to Instagram photos of it all to your family and friends.

    The only bump in that gilded life is when someone comes up with the idea to put those photos together in one place, in gold frames nonetheless, and it becomes a viral sensation that people love to hate.

    " The Rich Kids of Instagram is one of those things you will hate very much, but you will continue to look at anyway," read one review.

    "….These wealthy kid pix are particularly funny (and also sad) because they showcase a gross variant of entitlement. Preteens posing with helicopters they did nothing to earn and posting the pictures online for others to ogle provides an easy in for commentary on

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  • Bruce Springsteen Jabs at London Curfew Fiasco

    Bruce Springsteen reclaimed his nickname "The Boss" during a concert in Dublin yesterday by slamming the organizers who left him powerless, literally and figuratively, at his London concert last weekend.

    (Photo Credit: WENN)Springsteen started the nearly four-hour concert by flipping on a large, fake power generator and saying, "Before we were so rudely interrupted . . . " He and his E Street Band bandmates then launched into the last minute of "Twist and Shout," the same song he was playing with Paul McCartney in London when their microphones were cut off when the show ran past its allotted time.

    The Boss wasn't done there. After "Twist and Shout," Springsteen sang a cover of "I Fought the Law," and later in the show he held up a sign that read, "Only the Boss says when to pull the plug." During the band's iconic hit "Dancing in the Dark," the video screens showed only a generator battery switched "on," according to the BBC.

    Near the end of the concert a man dressed as a

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