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  • Georgia Little League Brawl Caught on Tape, Two Men Arrested

    A fun day at a Little League baseball diamond in Georgia turned into anything but this weekend after a dispute about music resulted in a Major League brawl between two men who are now headed to court.

    The fight started when Iram King, 36, asked Charles Davidson, 38, to lower the music he was playing after a Friday night game between the Northern Little League and Harris County All-Stars had just ended at an all-star tournament outside Columbus, Ga., according to the Ledger-Enquirer newspaper.

    Davidson, the father of a child on the winning Northern Little League team, reportedly regularly plays music between innings of the team’s games and was playing “All I Do Is Win,” the Auburn University rally song, at the players’ request.

    He turned the music down at King's request but the two men then began to talk about some of the players in the game, Columbus police said.

    "I'm here to f*** you up," one witness told the paper that King, the brother of the Harris County All-Stars'

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  • Chris Martin Plants Surprise Kiss on Gwyneth Paltrow Mid-Concert

    There were thousands of screaming fans at Miami's American Airlines Arena for a Coldplay concert last Friday, but lead singer Chris Martin only had eyes for one.

    And the British rocker went to extraordinary lengths to let the fan know it - a smart move, considering the fan was none other than his Oscar-winning wife, Gwyneth Paltrow.

    5 Things You May Not Know About Coldplay

    In a public display of affection rare for the publicity-averse couple, Martin leapt from the stage between songs and ran through the excited audience in search of his wife.

    Once he found Paltrow he planted her with a smooch and then, just as quickly, transformed back into rocker mode and ran back to the stage to join his bandmates for their hit song "Clocks."

    Video of the encounter between Martin, 35, and Paltrow, 39, who've been a couple since 2003, was posted to YouTube by a concertgoer. Paltrow appears just as surprised as the rest of the audience by her husband's affection, covering her face with her

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  • Chuck E. Cheese Ditches Retro Rodent for Rockstar

    CEC Entertainment Inc/AP PhotoIt's advertised as the place where a kid, no matter what their age, can be a kid, but nobody told the bosses at Chuck E. Cheese that age is just a number.

    The parent company of the kid-friendly pizza chain has just given the pink slip to its long-time rodent mascot, trading in the baseball hat and glove-wearing older version for a younger, hipper electric-guitar-playing mouse.

    Texas-based CEC Entertainment plans to formally introduce the new mascot in a national ad campaign set to launch Thursday, but teased what's to come on the chain's Facebook page with a shadowed mouse holding a guitar next to the text, "You've Never Seen Chuck Rock Like This Before."

    The change has already generated controversy because the voice behind the mascot also got a younger, hipper makeover, to the alleged surprise of the man who had provided the voice for more than 20 years.

    Duncan Brannan claims he only learned of his replacement when he ran across "Chuck's Hot New Single"

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  • Firefighters Pull Dog to Safety from 200-Foot Deep Quarry

    A 2-year-old pit bull mix who disappeared from its home one week ago was found and rescued Tuesday by firefighters who repelled down a steep quarry to save her.

    Workers at the Knife River Quarry in Gresham, Ore., first spotted the dog, Daisy, on Monday, six days after her owner, Tammie Johnson, said she'd gone missing, local ABC affiliate KATU reports.

    On Tuesday afternoon emergency officials received a call that a dog had fallen 50 feet down the quarry and was stuck on a ledge.

    Both firefighters and a rescue team from the Oregon Humane Society were dispatched to the scene but first had to get permission from the quarry's owner and the federal agency that oversees the quarry, the Mine Safety Health Administration, to enter the mine and start the rescue.

    With permission granted, the team from the Humane Society made the first rescue attempt, trying to lure Daisy into a trap with food so that she could then be pulled up from the ledge.

    When that proved unsuccessful,

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  • Russell Brand Talk Show Billboard Vandalized by Katy Perry Fan


    Even after his highly-publicized divorce from Katy Perry was finalized in February, Russell Brand told talk show host Ellen DeGeneres that he still loves the pop star.

    Katy Perry's fans, however, do not seem to love Brand back, and one of them figured out a clever way to steal the comedian's thunder.

    Brand, 36, is in the headlines this week for his new show, "Late Night ReBranded," a comedy show set to premier tonight on FX.  When a billboard for the show popped up on Los Angeles' Sunset Boulevard a "wide awake" Perry fan took the chance to redesign the sign.

    "I would rather watch the Katy Perry movie," the as-yet-unnamed vandal wrote with spray-paint on the sign.  The story was first reported by TMZ.

    Perry's movie, "Katy Perry: Part of Me," is a first for the 27-year-old singer, a 3-D movie spectacle set to open July 5 in which she doesn't leave anything hidden from the cameras, including her divorce from Brand.

    "I thought it would have been strange if I had completely

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  • Cher Tweets Hint of Broadway Musical About Her Life

    She's won an Oscar. She's won a Grammy, an Emmy and multiple Golden Globe awards, too. And now Cher seems to have her eyes set on yet another award for her trophy case, a Tony.

    The actress, singer and provocateur took to what appears to be her preferred choice of communication these days, Twitter, to hint that she's hard at work on a Broadway musical about her life.

    PHOTOS: Cher Through the Years

    "Broadway! Its VERY SLOW PROCESS! been working on it quite a while now," Cher tweeted Sunday.

    The "I Got You Babe" songstress has appeared on Broadway before, in 1982, in the short-lived production of "Come Back to the 5 & Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean." This time, however, her time on the Great White Way will be personal.

    "Prod r trying 2 write musical now about my life with my music," she tweeted, also adding that she will help write the script because, "I was there and know the stories that no one knows but me!"

    The star described the show to her many Twitter followers who

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  • Denise Richards Describes 'Awkward' Moment Acting with Ex Charlie Sheen

    Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen's four-year marriage had its awkward moments, including separations, short-lived reunions and, finally, a very bitter and very public divorce and custody battle over the couple's two daughters, Lola, 7, and Sam, 8.

    Six years after their divorce, however, the pair are friendly again and even going back where they first met, working together on the small screen in Sheen's new sitcom, "Anger Management," which debuts Thursday on FX.

    WATCH: Charlie Sheen Discusses His Return to TV

    That's not to say the awkwardness of a reunion of the once-feuding couple has disappeared, at least not for everyone else.

    "It was more awkward for everyone on set watching," Richards, 41, said today on "Good Morning America" of the guest appearance she recently shot with Sheen, 46.  "We looked around and were like, 'Everyone is staring at us.'"

    It's the first time the two have appeared together onscreen since their 2006 divorce.  The show also marks the TV debut for

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  • Charlie Sheen Still Drinks, Doesn't Believe in Rehab

    Charlie Sheen has been to the edge and back, literally, in the past year after his public meltdown featuring over-the-top parties, his goddesses and weird catchphrases led to his being fired from his hit sitcom "Two and a Half Men."

    Now a calmer version of Sheen-once the highest-paid actor in television-is back with a new sitcom, "Anger Management," debuting Thursday night on FX, in which he plays, not without irony, an anger management therapist.

    "What do you think?" Sheen said today on " Good Morning America," when asked if his new role is much of a stretch. "It's nice to be in the chair and not the couch."

    The couch is where Sheen, 46, spent much of the past year in rehab after his career imploded in a string of headline-making incidents including a series of bizarre interviews in which he claimed to be a "warlock," said he possessed "tiger blood and Adonis DNA," and characterized his erratic behavior as "winning!"

    When allegations arose that drugs were

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  • NY Daily News Photog 'Embarrassed' Over Alec Baldwin Scuffle

    The New York Daily News photographer who found himself in the headlines after a scuffle with actor Alec Baldwin says the "30 Rock" star "threw a punch" and he wants the actor prosecuted.

    "I never hit him with the camera," Marcus Santos said today on " Good Morning America." "He threw a punch right on my chin. I have a mark."

    Read More: Alec Baldwin's 5 Most Memorable Outbursts

    Santos, an award-winning photojournalist who has covered major news events from Haiti to the Middle East, said he was sent Tuesday to the Manhattan city clerk's office, where Baldwin and his fiance, yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas, were filing for a marriage license, only because he was on assignment in the neighborhood.

    "I'm a news photographer. I don't usually do celebrities," he said.

    Instead of a happy shot of the couple leaving the clerk's office, what has made headlines is a photograph of Baldwin lunging at Santos. Baldwin, 54, has said he was the

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  • Hockey Mom Reveals Why She Stormed the Ice Mid-Fight

    As Gina O'Toole sat in the stands watching a fight break out among players in her teenage son's hockey game and seeing the referees do nothing, the Boston-area mom says she knew she had to do something.

    She also knew she had to take her pocketbook with her.

    "What was I supposed to do with it, throw it into the stands and say, 'Hey, could you hold this? I have to break up a hockey fight?'" O'Toole said today on " Good Morning America" of the white purse she never let go of while storming the ice and yelling at the refs to break up the fight.

    That purse and O'Toole's dramatic step to break up the fight between players of the Boston Raptors and the Connecticut Tribe - two teams representing Boston youth summer programs - made her a hero among moms when video of the incident was posted on YouTube.

    O'Toole's identity had remained a mystery until today when she appeared on "GMA" to explain why she took action.

    "I've seen fights usually between one or two children and

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