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  • Couple Flies Into Wedding Ceremony on Jet Packs

    Most brides choose to have their dad walk them down the aisle on their wedding day.

    Amanda Volf chose a jet pack instead, zooming down an ocean aisle to wed her groom-to-be, Grant Engler, in what appears to be a first-of-its-kind wedding Thursday.

    Instead of waiting for his bride at the end of the aisle, Engler donned one of the $90,000 contraptions himself, meaning both bride and groom flew in together to meet their shocked guests on the shores of Newport Beach, Calif.

    It was there that Volf, 25, from Grand Rapids, Mich., and Engler, also 25, said, "I Do," in what is being billed as the first jet-pack wedding in history.

    (Stewart Cook/Barcroft Media /Landov)Volf is a former wedding planner herself, so perhaps she thought a jet pack, connected to a boat through a hose, would be easier than planning a wedding.

    Instead of a dress, she only had to pick out the pair of white board shorts and a white rash-guard shirt she wore for the short flight and ceremony, while Engler wore a wetsuit.

    In a bid to wedding

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  • Wayward Peacock Takes Nest in NYC Neighborhood

    (ABC)Even New Yorkers famous for claiming they have seen it all say they have never seen this before, a peacock in their midst.

    "I didn't know what it was," 7-year-old Jason Abraham told the New York Times, explaining why he slammed the door of his family's car shut in fright when he spotted the bird in his Queens neighborhood.

    The wayward bird has been spotted in the Kew Gardens Hills neighborhood of Queens for more than one week, strutting his exotic self around the streets, rooftops and front yards.

    The peacock was first spotted by residents 10 days ago and is proving quite a sight for city dwellers more accustomed to seeing pigeons on their stoops.

    The bird has proved elusive from captors and sparked something of a hunt among Queens residents in search of sightings. It has also raised concerns that a bustling city is not exactly the ideal location for an exotic animal to thrive.

    "I was afraid it was going to get killed," resident Jackie Herman told local

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  • Prince Harry and Ryan Lochte Face Off in Las Vegas

    (Getty Images;Twitter/@jasminejae)One parties like an Olympic gold medalist and one is an actual Olympic gold medalist, so when Prince Harry and Ryan Lochte partied together in Las Vegas it was definitely not going to stay in Las Vegas.

    In a 50-second video obtained by the New York Daily News, Harry, 27, and Lochte, 28, can be seen facing off Monday night in a swimming battle at a booze-filled pool party while both bachelors were living it up in Sin City.

    The XS Nightclub pool at Vegas' Wynn Hotel is not quite the same venue as the Aquatics Center in London where L ochte won his five Olympic medals, but the Olympian still managed to defeat the royal in a race across the crowded pool. Lochte can be seen in the video raising his hands in victory, just as if he'd defeated former rival Michael Phelps for gold.

    READ MORE: Prince Harry Beats Olympian Usain Bolt in Race in Jamaica

    Lochte, who just applied to trademark his catchphrase 'Jeah,' has been testing out his

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  • Australians Drop Their Pants to Protest Lack of Toilets

    Australian beachgoers fed up with a lack of public toilet facilities on their local beaches came up with a very literal way to show their displeasure: by bringing their own toilets to the beach.

    On Sunday morning the dozen protesters, each dressed in top hats and suits, carried their toilets down to the shore at Henley Beach in Adelaide, dropped their pants and sat down for a spell, reading newspapers and shivering in the cold of Australia's winter as onlookers stared.

    The protest was not just a protest but a work of art. The organizer, local artist Andrew Baines, took photographs of the protesters and plans to paint the scene for an exhibition that will debut in January 2013.

    "I think that's the goal of an artist, is to take these issues to the world community and let people talk about it," Baines told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

    The protesters, who included everyone from a local radio personality to a former immigration minister, dropped their pants to

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  • Race Car Crashes Into Crowd at Missouri State Fair

    A race car that flew over a guardrail, through a safety fence and into a crowd of spectators at the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia left five people injured, two of them seriously.

    Missouri Highway Patrol authorities said the wreck happened around 9 p.m. Sunday during the Battle of the Badges charity race at the Pepsi Grandstand.

    The driver, an off-duty police officer identified as 25-year-old Tyson Russell of Crocker, Mo., reportedly lost control of his car and sent it flying into the infield of the track where spectators were watching.

    The car struck five spectators, three men and two women, all from Missouri and ranging in age from 27 to 67, according to local ABC affiliate KMIZ. Highway Patrol officials told the station that the two women, ages 27 and 34, would be released from the hospital today.

    Two men remain in serious but stable condition at a nearby hospital. One of them men suffered a broken leg that may require amputation, a Highway Patrol spokesperson

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  • Photographer Captures Out-of-This-World Wedding Photo

    (Lakshal Perera)No bride likes to be upstaged on her wedding day, but one Australian bride had to share her timeless wedding photo with the galaxy.

    Melbourne-based wedding photographer Lakshal Perera captured a once-in-a lifetime shot of the bride and her groom with the Milky Way in the sky above.

    The photo was captured on Aug. 11 in Deniliquin, New South Wales, Australia, according to Perera's blog.

    "As a young child, all I dreamed about was being an astronaut," he wrote. "As an adult, all I dream about is being a wedding photographer. "Yesterday, both things came together for one brief moment."

    Perera, who travels the world as a photographer, captured the moment using a Canon 5D Mark III camera and a 71-second exposure, according to photography blog PetaPixel.

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  • WATCH: NASCAR Driver Mark Martin Survives Scary Crash

    Watching NASCAR driver Mark Martin's race car careen into the pit wall at the Michigan Motor Speedway Sunday, you would never think the longtime driver from Batesville, Ark., would make it out alive, much less with no injuries.

    But that's exactly what happened to the driver during Sunday's NASCAR Sprint Cup Pure Michigan 400. Martin, driving No. 55 Toyota, was leading the race until lap 66 when fellow driver Bobby Labonte spun in front of the car driven by Juan Pablo Montoya and caused Martin to slow down, according to

    That collision forced Martin, 53, to slow down and caused a chain reaction when driver Kasey Kahne slammed into the back of Martin's car and sent him flying down pit-road and straight into a pit-road wall.

    Martin survived only because the direct impact missed his driver's side door.

    "That was a pretty freak angle," he said, according to "I'm not sure what you could do. It could have been really bad if I would have got in

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  • Prince William Helps Rescue Teen Girl at Sea

    His title is Duke of Cambridge, but Prince William was a real-life knight in shining armor for a pair of teenage sisters in England.

    William, 30, was working his day job as a search-and-rescue pilot in the Royal Air Force (RAF) Thursday afternoon when a call came in that a 16-year-old girl had been swept out to sea off the coast of Silver Bay in Anglesey.

    From Crib to Captain: Prince William Through the Years

    The girl, who has not been identified, and her 13-year-old sister had been body-boarding in the water when they were caught on a riptide, according to the BBC. As the girl tried to help her younger sister, she also became distressed.

    While the younger sister was able to be pulled safely to shore by onlookers, the 16-year-old remained stranded in the water.

    Less than 38 seconds after receiving a distress call, an RAF rescue helicopter captained by Prince William came to her rescue.

    PHOTOS: William and Kate Celebrate the London Olympics

    With the

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  • Sydney Spies, Racy Yearbook Photo Teen, Arrested With Mom

    (ABC News)The Colorado teenager who made national headlines when her racy senior picture was rejected by the editors of her high school yearbook was arrested along with her mother Monday after police broke up an alleged underage drinking party at the family's home.

    Sydney Spies, 18, was charged with obstructing a police officer while her mother, Denise "Miki" Spies, 45, was arrested on suspicion of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, a felony, and obstructing a police officer and resisting arrest, according to Durango County police.

    The two made a run for it after police discovered a crowd of "numerous" teens drinking and partying at Spies' Durango, Colo., home late Sunday night, authorities allege.

    Sydney Spies first attempted to block police from entering the front door and, when placed under arrest, tried to jump out of the backseat of a police car, according to an incident report filed by police and confirmed to by Durango Police Sgt. Geary

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  • MMA Fighter 'Mayhem' Miller Found Nude in Trashed Calif. Church

    Mixed-martial arts fighter Jason "Mayhem" Miller allegedly set off fire extinguishers and destroyed property inside a San Diego, Calif.-area church before police found him sitting naked on a couch and arrested him.

    Miller, the former host of the MTV reality show "Bully Beatdown," was taken into custody by Orange County Sheriff's officials Monday after they received a call around 9 a.m. from a pastor at the Mission Hills Church in Mission Viejo reporting a burglary in progress. first reported that Miller, a well-known personality in the mixed-martial arts world, had been taken into custody by police and placed under medical evaluation. He was reportedly awake and coherent when officials found him naked on a couch on the church's second floor.

    Both the church's first and second floors were covered in retardant from a fire extinguisher and trashed with broken pictures, CDs and books, authorities told TMZ.

    Miller is a former fighter for both UFC and Strikeforce. His

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