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  • Kate Middleton Portrait Painter Hits Back at Critics

    Katie Kindelan at ABC News Blogs 1 yr ago

    "Ordinary," "dull" and "old" were some of the kinder words used to describe the first official portrait of Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton when it was unveiled to the public earlier this month.

    "Lifeless," "ghastly" and "disappointing" were also adjectives thrown out to describe the work by Paul Emsley, an award-winning artist who painted Middleton, 31, against his trademark black background with a slight smile, or smirk, and lines visible around her face.

    Now Emsley, who said at the time he wanted to capture Middleton's natural beauty, is fighting back against the harsh critiques that caused the portrait to become an online sensation, for all the wrong reasons.

  • Alleged Bucket-Wearing Burglar Caught by Police

    Katie Kindelan at ABC News Blogs 1 yr ago

    When Richard Boudreaux arrived at his former employer, Kenney's Seafood, in Slidell, La., last week, he brought tools to break in and dressed in camouflage and gloves to leave no trace, police say.

    Boudreaux, 23, brought everything for the alleged burglary except a mask. When he realized his mistake, police say, Boudreaux grabbed a bucket from the seafood market and threw it over his face.

    With the bucket on his head, Boudreaux managed to steal $350 cash from his former employer, according to Capt. Kevin Foltz of the Slidell Police Department. The bucket disguise failed, however, when surveillance video allegedly captured a glimpse of Boudreaux's face and he was identified by authorities.

    Police arrested Boudreaux at his home Monday and charged him with one count of simple burglary and one count of attempted burglary for the break-in he allegedly attempted at a nearby pawn shop, Jerry's Buy and Sell, before giving up and going home.

    Boudreaux faces up to 12 years in prison and a $2,000 fine for the burglary charges, Capt. Foltz said.

  • 'IKEA Monkey' Owner Vows to Fight for Primate's Return

    Katie Kindelan at ABC News Blogs 2 yrs ago

    The Canadian woman whose shearling coat and diaper-wearing monkey made international headlines after it sprung loose in an Ikea parking lot says she will fight to get the monkey back from the primate sanctuary it is now calling home.

    "The plan is to try to get him and move out of Toronto where I can own him," Yasmin Nakhuda, a Toronto-based lawyer, told today.

    Nakhuda's monkey, a seven-and-a-half month old Japanese snow macaque named Darwin, was sent to the Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary in Sunderland, Ont., by Toronto Animal Services yesterday after it escaped from Nakhuda's car while she was shopping at a local IKEA Sunday afternoon.

    "I had gone to Ikea before and they had me escorted out and didn't want the monkey in…because they said they had a no pet provision, even though I said he was not a pet, he was my child," said Nakhuda, who obtained Darwin around five months ago from a close friend who is an exotic pet breeder.