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  • Cheryl Burke the Next Bachelorette?

    Katie Kindelan at ABC News Blogs1 yr ago

    Look out Emily Maynard.

    If the most recent "Bachelorette," already split from Jef Holm,the man who stole her heart on the show, wants another stab at reality-TV love, she might have to learn the tango to ward off her competition, "Dancing With the Stars" pro Cheryl Burke.

    Maynard, 26, who has called herself a "hopeless romantic," has not said specifically whether she wants back on the show, but the single Burke, 28, certainly has.

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  • Tower of London's Locks Changed After Security Breach

    Katie Kindelan at ABC News Blogs1 yr ago

    Police are now investigating how, exactly, a burglar broke into the well-guarded castle last Tuesday and managed to steal several keys from the site's sentry box before being apprehended.

    The burglar was reportedly spotted by the Tower's famous guards, known as Beefeaters, but the guards did not immediately stop the suspect, instead staying at their designated posts and radioing for help.

    Without a chase, the burglar made off with keys to the Tower's drawbridges and conference rooms and a restaurant, according to Historic Royal Palaces, the non-profit organization that operates it. The Tower is one of the world's major tourist attractions, with more than two million visitors each year.

    The burglar, who struck in the early morning hours, managed to make it all the way to the gate at the main entrance before being apprehended, a Historic Royal Palaces spokeswoman told the AFP.

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  • Jennifer Lawrence 'Considered a Fat Actress'

    Katie Kindelan at ABC News Blogs1 yr ago

    "In Hollywood, I'm obese," Lawrence, now 22, told Elle magazine in its December issue where she graces the cover in a skin-tight white dress under the headline, "From Indie Star to Hunger Games Bombshell."

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    "I'm considered a fat actress," she says. "I'm Val Kilmer in that one picture on the beach."

    To prepare for her career-making role as Katniss Everdeen, the movie's 16-year-old heroine who is forced to fight for her life, Lawrence underwent intense training, including learning how to run properly.

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  • Lost Elmo Returned After 'Vacation' at the Ritz

    Katie Kindelan at ABC News Blogs1 yr ago

    When the Elmo doll belonging to 5-year-old Ainsley Giorgio was lost and left behind at the Ritz-Carlton Resort in Amelia Island, Fla., during a family trip earlier this month, it likely thought its vacation was over.

    Thanks to the work of canny and humorous resort employees, though, Elmo's vacation was just starting, and Ainsley would not go long without her beloved toy.

    Just a few days, and one frantic phone call, after the family realized the Elmo doll that had been with Ainsley since she was a baby went missing, Elmo showed up at the family's Orlando home.

    Elmo didn't arrive alone, but with a leaflet book titled "Elmo at the Ritz" to show Ainsley all he had done at the resort after getting left behind "somewhere between the restaurant and the pool" last week, hotel spokesman Joe Murphy told today.

    "Hi Ainsley, just want to let you know that we found this little guy by the pool and thought you might recognize him," the resort's staff wrote to its former guest. "He decided he was going to stay at the hotel for a few days and have some more fun."

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  • Window Washers Give Children's Hospital Patients a Superhero's Surprise

    Katie Kindelan at ABC News Blogs1 yr ago

    So imagine being in bed and dreaming of your favorite superheroes who fly up to your hospital room's window to keep you safe.

    Now imagine waking up from the dream only to find a real-life Spiderman and Captain America at your real-life window outside your real-life hospital room.

    That's exactly what happened to the young patients at the Le Bonheur Children's Hospital in Memphis, Tenn., this month, thanks to the ingenious, and generous, idea of the men who have been washing the 255-bed hospital's windows for years.

    "The kids always come up to the window and ask us, 'Are you Spiderman?'" Steve Oszaniec, a 23-year employee of the Chicago-based American National Skyline window cleaning company, told today. "So I came up with the idea of, 'Why don't we just show up as Spiderman?'"

    With the plan hatched, Oszaniec, son Danny Oszaniec and their colleague, Jordan Emerson, pitched the idea to their boss, Sean Conley, in the company's Memphis office and to hospital administrators, who all quickly said yes.

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  • Polish Pup Could be World's Smallest Dog

    Katie Kindelan at ABC News Blogs1 yr ago

    In a world where everything seems to keep getting supersized, man's best friend keeps getting smaller.

    First there was Beyonce, the tiny pup who fit in a tablespoon at her birth in March and at two weeks old was just the size of an iPhone.

    Then there was Milly, the pint-sized Chihuahua from Puerto Rico who had to be fed with an eyedropper when she was born in January and stood just 3 inches tall at three months.

    PHOTOS: Beyonce vs. Milly: Which Pup is the Tiniest of Them All?

    Now meet Meysi, a tiny Terrier from Poland who weighed just 1.58 ounces at her birth three months ago.

    Meysi's owner, Anna Pohl of Jarocin, Poland, told her local newspaper she didn't think her dog would make it and that it took all of Pohl's strength to keep Meysi going.

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  • LG Electronics Terror Elevator Ad Goes Viral

    Katie Kindelan at ABC News Blogs1 yr ago

    It's a prank that seems destined for YouTube greatness and one that seems appropriate for April Fool's Day.

    A grid of IPS monitors are installed on the floor of an elevator to create an optical illusion that the elevator is plummeting to its demise as a hidden camera captures the reactions of riders who believe their end is near.

    The prank is not the work of Internet amateurs, however, but a new ad campaign from the Netherlands branch of Seoul, Korea-based LG electronics to promote their new IPS monitors.

    And the ad was launched just in time for the scariest of holidays, Halloween.

    With the tagline, "So Real, It's Scary, the nearly two-minute YouTube video shows riders' reactions as the IPS monitors display what appears to be the bottom of the elevator floor dropping out beneath them.

    A spokeswoman for LG Electronics in the Netherlands, where the ad was launched, told the video has been viewed more than 3 million times.

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  • Britney Spears' Ex-Manager Says Drugs Led to Her Meltdown

    Katie Kindelan at ABC News Blogs1 yr ago

    "She liked to use amphetamines, speed or uppers ... and most of the things that went wrong were related to that drug," attorney Joseph Schleimer said in a Los Angeles courtroom Thursday where his client, Sam Lufti, is suing Spears, 30, and her family, according to the Associated Press.

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    Lufti, 38, was once the pop superstar's manager and closest confidante, coming to her side in 2007 as her world began to unravel and, later, spurring one of Spears' most public meltdowns after an argument left her sitting barefoot on a curb outside her home, sobbing as surrounding paparazzi caught it all on tape.

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  • Hot Halloween 2012 Costumes Revealed

    Katie Kindelan at ABC News Blogs1 yr ago

    Halloween is less than two weeks away. Do you know what you'll be dressed as come that ghoulish night?

    If you want to blend in with trick-or-treaters, dress as a superhero, the hottest trend this year, according to Halloween experts.

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    If you want to stand out, you could try on a "Botched Jesus Fresco"costume for size, a cheeky reference to the headline-making attempt by one elderly Spanish woman to restore an 18th century piece of art.

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  • Bodybuilder Finishes First in Fake Tan Blunders

    Katie Kindelan at ABC News Blogs1 yr ago

    The only thing a competitor at the Arnold Schwarzenegger-backed Arnold Classic Europe fitness event in Madrid last weekend was missing was a fake tan on his head.

    PHOTOS: Too-Tan Celebrities

    Instead the bodybuilder, Aleksander Mandahl of Norway, stood proudly on the competition's stage, flexing his chiseled, nearly black body while his blindingly white head stood out on top.

    The whole episode appeared as if the bodybuilder had muttered Schwarzenegger's famous "I'll be back" movie line in the midst of his self-tanning, only to never return.

    The fake tan fail took place during the Arnold Sports Festival that the former governor of California, and a former Mr. Universe too, brought to Europe along with co-promoter Jim Loirmer and the president of the International Federation of Bodybuilding, Dr Rafael Santonja.

    While the tan blunder has made headlines, a spokesperson for the festival says in the world of bodybuilding, the look is not at all strange.

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