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  • Will Priscilla Chan be the Next Kate Middleton of Wedding Trends?

    Priscilla Chan knew the man she was marrying would soon be worth billions of dollars but when it came to planning her dream day the now Mrs. Mark Zuckerberg took a decidedly low-key approach.

    For one, Chan, a 27-year-old Massachusetts native who has dated the Facebook founder since their undergraduate days at Harvard, chose a wedding gown that costs less than what her new husband likely makes in one hour.

    (ABC News)The bride walked down the aisle Saturday, just one day after her husband's company went public and his wealth soared to $19 billion, in a $4,700 dress by designer Claire Pettibone.

    The designer discovered that Facebook's first lady wore her dress, featuring a floral sequin-covered overlay, sheer back, and chapel-length train, only after her husband saw a photo of the couple online.

    "My husband started reviewing what happened during the day on his tablet and he looked at the picture…and he's like, 'Honey, the bride…she's wearing your dress," Pettibone told " Good

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  • Moses the Cat's Recovery an Internet Sensation

    A car crash, a stray kitten and two sets of loving neighbors.

    That's how the improbable story of " Moses the Cat" began, a story that has turned Moses, an orphaned and stray kitten, into an Internet sensation.

    Bobbi and Mark and Meg and Clay are the two sets of neighbors who, one day in early April, heard squeals from inside the carport of Meg and Clay's Knoxville, Tenn., home.   What the couples discovered was a kitten so small they hardly knew what it was.

    "He looked like a little mouse," Mark told  of their 4-in., 4 oz. discovery.  "None of us had ever seen a kitten that small."

    The foursome quickly realized that this kitten, whom they named Moses, was the now-orphaned kitten of a stray cat that had recently been hit by a car near their respective homes.

    Mark and his fiancé, Bobbi, decided to take the kitten home and nurse him back to health, using syringes and a bottle to try to feed him.  The vet told the couple he was only "cautiously

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  • Halle Berry Snaps at Paparazzi

    Halle Berry became the latest Hollywood star to tangle with paparazzi when the Oscar-winning actress lost her cool after photographers came too close to her daughter, Nahla.

    Berry, 45, was followed by photographers as she picked up her 4-year-old daughter from school in Beverly Hills on Thursday

    As the photographers closed in, the "Monster's Ball" star released a mouthful of insults against them, pointing her fingers and holding her hand in front of her face to block their shot.

    The episode was captured on camera by the same photographers Berry was trying to stop, and released across the Internet.

    "I'm doing something honorable.  I'm not harassing people," Berry reportedly yelled to the photographers.

    (ABC News Videos)The incident is not the first time Berry has taken on the paparazzi.  In 2008 she filed a criminal complaint against a photo agency that, she claimed, was circulating pictures of her and her daughter in their backyard.

    This February, a man who had previously served a

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  • Video: Bobcat and House Cat Go Paw-to-Paw

    A cat used to living the comfortable life of a home indoors cared for by loving owners could be expected to scurry away at the sight of a wild cat.

    Not so in the case of a house cat in Arizona named Pima who did quite the opposite last month when a wild bobcat showed up, literally, at her home's door, local ABC affiliate KNXV reports.

    As the bobcat prowled outside the glass door of the Cave Creek, Ariz., home, Pima, who spotted the cat with her sister, Mogey, began to paw at the door to get the attention of her wild counterpart.

    After a few minutes, the bobcat reached up on its own from the door's other side and tried to touch Pima's paws through the glass with its own.

    The moment was caught on camera by Pima's surprised owner, Bucky Marshall.

    "I thought they'd be scared, I thought they'd run away," Marshall told KNXV.

    "Pima would get up here and was pawing at the window, pawing at the window. 'Pay attention to me, pay attention to me, I want to be your friend,'"

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  • Okla. Blind Dog Gets New Life with Canine Pal

    Putting two dogs of different breeds and from different backgrounds together in a confined space will usually end up in a lot of bark and likely some bite.  Rarely does that pairing end up in the two pooches becoming an inseparable pair.

    That latter, more unlikely scenario was just the case, however, with two young dogs in Oklahoma who not only built a friendship but also cured each other's ills.

    Blair is a 1-year-old black Labrador mix brought to the Woodland West Animal Hospital in Tulsa, Okla., after she was shot while living on the streets.  After he recovered from his wounds, Blair remained at the clinic, a timid and nervous pup whose difficult history made her hard to place with an adopted family, the hospital's director, Dr. Mike Jones, told

    Then there was Tanner, a two-year-old Golden Retriever puppy who was born blind and with a seizure disorder so severe he was sent to Woodland Hospital as a last resort after his first owner died and the Oklahoma

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  • Texas Rangers' Crying Boy Flap Has Happy Ending

    Sports fans and TV analysts were outraged when a pair of Texas Rangers fans grabbed a foul ball even as a little boy's father was trying to snatch it for his son. But the couple has told ABC News they had no idea someone else was going for the ball.

    And today on "Good Morning America," the child's parents, Crystal and Kyle Shores, said they too think the outrage was misplaced.

    "It all looked worse than it was," Crystal Shores said.  " We don’t think at all that they did it on purpose or that it was intentional or anything like that."

    The drama began innocently enough on Wednesday night, when Rangers first baseman Mitch Moreland gamely tossed the ball into the stands for fans during the eighth inning of the team's home game against the New York Yankees.

    Video captured by the YES Network showed a couple scooping up the ball, much to their own delight, right in front of the Shores' son, Cameron, who had watched his dad reach out to try to grab the souvenir too.


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  • Prince William and Kate Middleton Step Out at Movie Premiere

    Credit: Mark Large/Getty ImagesPrince William and Kate Middleton are just days away from celebrating their first wedding anniversary, but the couple put their celebrations aside to take a spin on the red carpet.

    The high-wattage royal couple stepped out today at the London premiere of the Disney Nature film "African Cats," a movie about lions and cheetahs that was directed by the couple's friend, and Madonna ex, Guy Ritchie.

    The London skies were dark and drizzly for the premiere event, but Middleton, 30, still managed to shine in a gray dress hemmed with jeweled turquoise by British designer Matthew Williamson.  Her husband, 29-year-old Prince William, proved ever the gentleman by holding an umbrella above his bride while the couple made the short, but wet, walk from their chauffeured car to inside the BFI Southbank Theater, where the screening was held, according to the UK newspaper The Mirror.

    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, as they are formally known, were on hand to support the film

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  • American Daredevil Crosses Canyon With No Safety Net

    ChinaFotoPress/Getty ImagesAmerican daredevil Dean Potter took thrill-seeking to a whole new level Sunday, walking across a canyon almost 6,000 feet above sea level without a safety line.

    Potter, from New Hampshire, completed the feat by crossing the Enshi Grand Canyon in central China's Hubei province, according to the BBC.

    He tiptoed barefoot across the canyon on a one-inch thick rope in a technique known as slack-lining.  The rope was more than a mile above sea level and Potter, 40, used  no safety harness or safety net to complete his walk.

    In video of the stunt circulated online, Potter, also a world-renowned base jumper and rock climber, can be seen wearing headphones and listening to music while making the trek.

    Potter took about two minutes to walk the approximately 131 feet across the canyon.

    Potter is in his element is the air: he free climbs, without ropes or a safety harness, walks highlines and BASE jumps.

    "In some way, I wonder if it's healthy what I do," he said in a Feb. 2012

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  • New York City's Hottest Doorman to be Crowned

    Credit: RentennaNew York City doormen, long the anonymous workers toiling away at the city's poshest residences, are finally getting a shot at fame and glory thanks to a new contest sponsored by an apartment rental site.

    The first annual NYC Hot Doorman Search is now accepting applications for that doorman who makes you swoon every time he delivers a package or opens the elevator door.

    The contest is sponsored by Rentenna, a start-up website that helps apartment dwellers navigate the messy world of Manhattan real estate by rating rental buildings for them, an appropriate fit for a contest to let people rate their doorman, too.

    The contest, first reported by the Wall Street Journal, launched April 12 in a post on the site's Facebook page.  Nominators have to like the company on Facebook and then post their nominee's name and the address of the building where he, or she - the company says doorwomen qualify too - works.

    Since beauty, even in New York City, can only get you so far, in

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  • Hunting for Tangled Whale That Needs to Be Rescued

    The Coast Guard is searching for a whale with fishing line and buoys attached to it this morning so rescuers can finish the job of distentangling the animal.

    Dean Gomersall, animal care supervisor at Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach, Calif., told ABC News today that rescuers removed about 100 feet of line from the tangled whale on Tuesday before halting because of darkness. More line is still in the whale's mouth and left pectoral fin, he said.

    Before leaving the whale Tuesday night, rescuers attached three large, brightly colored buoys so rescuers would be able to locate it this morning.

    "The seas are relatively calm so we're hoping somebody spots the whale," Gomersall said. "We're basically waiting right now and hoping that a helicopter or a boat doing usual activities like fishermen and whale watching boats will discover the whale."

    "We just ask that if anyone in the general public sees the whale we ask that they not try to help it because it's a very

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