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  • Experimental Plane Crash Lands Into Florida Supermarket

    Three people were seriously injured when a small experimental plane crashed into a busy Florida supermarket Monday evening, bursting into flames and sending shoppers and employees fleeing for their lives.

    The single engine plane had been in the air for just moments when it lost power and crashed into the roof of a Publix supermarket in DeLand, a city about 20 miles southwest of Daytona Beach, during the store's busy, after-work hours, authorities said.

    There were 35 shoppers and 33 employees inside the Publix when the plane hit just after 7 p.m., authorities said.  Customers who dialed 9-1-1 reported smoke and burning amid a chaotic scene.

    "It was pure pandemonium in there.  People were just trying to get out," Randy Felix, a customer in the store's deli section at the time of the crash, told ABC News.

    "This kid started running towards us and he was just laid on the floor and his legs flailing," said Felix, who ran to help.  "He just kept on screaming over and over."


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  • Kentucky Students Riot After NCAA Championship Win

    At least one person was shot and dozens arrested in Lexington, Ky., early this morning as University of Kentucky students celebrated the school's NCAA basketball championship win.

    What began as a chaotic celebration quickly turned into mayhem overnight as a crowd of 15,000 people rioted in the streets after the Wildcats defeated Kansas for their eighth championship win.  Fire officials in Lexington said they put out more than 40 fires, including a car, several mattresses, couches and piles of garbage that were ignited.

    The lone gunman, who left one man injured, remains on the loose.

    Battalion Chief Ed Davis of the Lexington Division of Fire and Emergency Services witnessed the shooting firsthand as he was filling out paperwork on a wreck involving a fire engine around 2 a.m. Davis told the Associated Press he heard yelling and then one man firing a gun, "quite a few times."

    The gunman then disappeared into the crowd and behind buildings, eluding arrest, authorities said.  The

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  • California Woman Rescued After Plunging Off Highway

    A missing California woman who tumbled 300 feet down an embankment and spent a night trapped in her car in freezing temperatures was pulled to safety Monday by rescue workers who tracked her location through her cell phone.

    Tracy Granger, 56, from Juniper Hills, Calif., was reported missing over the weekend after she was last seen leaving Pasadena around 6:30 p.m. Saturday in her 1994 Ford Ranger pickup truck.  Granger had set off to drive through the mountainous roads of Angeles National Forest to the town of Littlerock, according to local affiliate KABC.

    When Granger was still not home more than 24 hours later on Sunday, her husband reported her missing around midnight.

    With Granger not answering her cell phone, authorities used location data provided by her carrier, AT&T, to track her.  The data indicated she had taken an alternative route through the mountains.

    Once authorities focused their search on the new location, KABC reports, they spotted tracks left by her

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  • Georgia Man Buried Alive in Mud

    A man walking near a construction site in Atlanta experienced a near-death experience when he fell into the site and became buried alive in mud.

    The man, whom police did not identify, was walking across a muddy area near a bridge’s construction zone around 8 a.m. Saturday when he began to sink in the mud, authorities said.

    Dramatic video captured at the scene shows the man so immersed in the mud that his figure is virtually indistinguishable.

    Atlanta Fire Rescue crews who responded to the scene had to first move the mud away from his face so he could continue to breathe and then worked for nearly one hour before they were able to pull him from the mud, using a ladder and their own strength.

    The man was taken to nearby Grady Hospital where he was treated for hypothermia, according to local affiliate WSBTV.  He is expected to make a full recovery.

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  • Ducklings Reunited by White House Security Guards

    It turns out there is a way to make it past the high-security gates and onto the White House's front lawn.  You just have to waddle and quack your way through.

    That was the lesson learned from a mother duck and her ducklings who made a surprise visit to the White House Wednesday.

    Video from outside the White House shows the duck and her eight little ones mulling outside a White House entrance when the mother duck hops up and squeezes in between the gates and onto the White House grounds.  Her ducklings, not yet strong enough to jump over the gate's concrete barrier, befell the same fate as so many human guests to the White House and were left stranded on the outside.

    These tiny creatures, however, were able to do something most visitors cannot, melt the hearts of the usually stoned-faced Secret Service agents.

    Uniformed guards watching the entrance brought  a ramp over for the ducklings to walk up and even picked up by hand the ones who still could not make it.  As each duckling

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  • Philadelphia Robbers' $30K Heist Caught on Tape

    Police in Philadelphia are searching today for a group of males who ambushed a couple at gunpoint in the driveway of their home and forced them to turn over $30,000 in money and jewelry.

    The robbery took place Sunday night as the husband and wife, whom police did not identify, returned to their home in the city’s Oxford Circle neighborhood, the local ABC-owned station WPVI reported.

    Surveillance video captured the home invasion in progress, and showed the men forcing the husband, said to be in his 40s, inside while his wife was pushed to the ground between cars and then forced at gunpoint to crawl on her hands and knees.

    Once inside the home, police said the suspects pistol-whipped the husband and demanded money.  They eventually fled the scene on foot with around $30,000 in cash and jewelry, according to police.

    “I heard a lot of noise inside the house. I rang the bell. With that, they come down the stairs, knocked me over, ran between my girlfriend and the car and

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  • Jessica Simpson's Extreme Baby Shower Latest in Celebrity Trend

    A-list starlets enjoy the glitziest of parties, the most luxurious of clothes and all the riches of fame, so why should their offspring be welcomed into the world with anything less?

    Extreme baby showers, from extravagant gifts to party sponsors, are popping up all across Hollywood as the town's baby boom continues.

    Ready-to-pop star Jessica Simpson is the latest celebrity to benefit from the trend, celebrating her pending motherhood with a star-studded shower last weekend organized by a celebrity wedding planner.

    Simpson's "Charlotte's Web"-themed shower, held Sunday in California, reportedly featured the singer's favorite foods - fried chicken, macaroni and cheese and fried Oreo cookies - and gifts that even she said were over-the-top.

    "I mean my baby has garment bags of designer clothes," Simpson said Monday on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"  "It's pretty amazing."

    People magazine reports Simpson herself showed up to the afternoon affair, attended by famous moms including

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  • California Teacher Rescues Toddler From Burning Car

    The California teacher who rescued a toddler from a burning car in the pickup lane of her elementary school says the experience was "like a movie," one whose ending she feared could have been far worse.

    Second grade teacher Elaine Johnson was directing students after dismissal on an otherwise routine Monday afternoon at Cameron Ranch Elementary School in Carmichael, Calif., near Sacramento, when an unusual sight caught her eyes.

    A Toyota 4Runner SUV was on fire in the school's pickup lane.  The SUV, driven by a father of  students at the school, had ignited in flames after hitting a speed bump around 3 p.m., according to local affiliate KXTV.

    Johnson, witnesses say, was the first to respond.

    "[Elaine Johnson] just went over there and ripped the door open," fellow teacher Judy Dronberger told KXTV.  "There was fire everywhere, leaping at the sides of the car, all around, flames coming from underneath."

    Inside the car were the parent and two children, both said to be

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  • Queen Elizabeth Delivers Diamond Jubilee Speech to Parliament

    Britain’s second-longest serving monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, praised the British virtues of “resilience, ingenuity and tolerance” and vowed to rededicate herself to the service of her country in a speech today before Parliament to mark her 60 years on the throne.

    In the landmark address to both Houses of Parliament, the 85-year-old queen also made an uncharacteristically personal statement in praise of her husband, Prince Philip, for standing by her side.

    “Prince Philip is, I believe, well known for declining compliments of any kind. But throughout he has been a constant strength and guide,” she said.  “During these years as your queen, the support of my family has, across the generations, been beyond measure.”

    PHOTOS: Queen Elizabeth’s 60 Years On the Throne

    The 90-year-old prince, whom the queen wed in 1947, underwent a health scare late last year when he was hospitalized for emergency heart surgery that caused him to miss the traditional Christmas festivities with

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  • Belgian Hikers Pulled by Helicopter From Icelandic Glacier

    Two Belgian tourists attempting to climb the largest glacier in Europe were saved from possible freezing deaths in a dramatic helicopter rescue Saturday night  after conditions atop Iceleand's Vatnajökull glacier  became unbearable.

    One of the men was barely conscious when the Icelandic Coast Guard reached the two on the snow cap's highest peak. The men, said to be experienced hikers, had sent up an emergency signal around 10 p.m. when wind gusts picked up and temperatures dropped to around -35 Celsius with the wind factor, according to the Iceland Review.

    The men had gotten into trouble when their tent ripped, exposing them to the blizzard conditions.  The elements were so severe that even the rescuers suffered  minor frostbite to their faces, Iceland Review reports.

    The dramatic rescue, which the lead rescuer described as like a "clip from a movie," was captured by a night vision camera.  Rescuers used night vision goggles to locate the two men, and then one rescuer

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