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  • 'Fogmageddon' grips Seattle, spurs amazing photos

    Kevin Chupka at The Sideshow 2 yrs ago

    Seattle is known for it’s gray skies and rainy weather, but experts say the dense fog and temperatures in the 40s or 50s that have blanketed the city over the past several days is out of the ordinary.

    Cliff Mass, a University of Washington Meteorologist writes on his blog, “I have forecast here for many decades and I can not remember a situation that is even close.”

    The cause, according to Mass, is an odd combination of long-lasting high pressure, drought, and dense low clouds. In short, the high pressure on either side of the city is trapping colder air in the middle, close to the ground. The result? Fog, and lots of it.

    The current foggy streak is standing at seven days. According to Seattle’s that puts the current stretch in a seven-way tie for the fifth longest run in the city. The No. 1 spot goes to a 13-day streak from December of 1985. But according to local reports the current weather pattern could make a run at the record with the sun not in the forecast at least for the next several days.

  • Children's Hospital Patients and Staff Lip Sync Katy Perry's "Roar" in Adorable Video

    Kevin Chupka at The Sideshow 2 yrs ago

    Spending time in a hospital is never fun. Being a kid in the hospital can be even worse. The Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock (CHaD) in Lebanon, NH found a pretty good way to bring some smiles to their patients faces: lip syncing. Check out the video below where everyone from patients to staff get in on the action, offering their rendition of Katy Perry’s current hit, “Roar.”

    In addition to providing a fun outlet for all involved, the video also served as a sort of thank you to a group of donors who recently raised $650,000 for the hospital via the CHaD HERO Half Marathon & Ripcord 5K.

    Katy Perry's pop ballad is currently number three on Billaboard's Hot 100 and inspired a contest on ABC's Good Morning America. High schools from around the country submitted videos similar to the one made by CHaD for the chance to have Perry perform live at their school. Perry announced the winner, Lakewood High School in Colorado, last week and will perform there Friday. CHaD tells Yahoo the similarities between their video and the GMA contest are strictly coincidental.

  • The odd myth behind California's beached oarfish

    Kevin Chupka at The Sideshow 2 yrs ago

    Two large oarfish, slender snakelike sea creatures, have washed ashore in California in the last two weeks. While their appearance may conjure thoughts of mythical sea serpents, another legend suggests their death could actually spell disaster.

    According to Japanese lore and fishermen, the animals have close ties to earthquakes.

    If Japanese stories are to be believed, the aquatic giants, which usually live more than 3,000 feet below the surface and away from human eyes, come up to the surface and beach themselves as a prequake warning bell.

    Case in point: According to several reports, in the months after an 8.8 magnitude quake in Chile in 2010 and a year before the giant March 2011 tremor that rocked Japan, several oarfish, called “Messenger from the Sea God's Palace” in Japanese, were either beached or caught near the quake’s epicenter off the coast of Honshu.

    As for the oarfish, do you believe they could be a warning bell or is it just a harmless myth from across the Pacific?

  • Ted Cruz painted as government 'Wrecking Ball' in new parody video

    Kevin Chupka at Yahoo News 2 yrs ago

    If you enjoyed Miley Cyrus' government shutdown music video on "Saturday Night Live" earlier this month, you might be interested in the latest marriage of Miley and politics. Liberal group American Family Voices has taken the pop star’s "Wrecking Ball" video and crudely replaced the former Disney starlet’s head with that of Ted Cruz, the tea party senator whom many see as a key player in the Republicans' fight to repeal Obamacare — a fight that led to the shutdown.

    American Family Voices Chairman Mike Lux wrote about the video his group created for the Huffington Post:

    Despite an upcoming vote in the Senate to end the shutdown and avoid a debt default, many on Capitol Hill are still pointing fingers at Cruz after his filibuster-like speech on the Senate floor made him the poster child for the political battle in Washington.

    Lux ends his piece saying, “Let's hope that whichever sane Republicans are left standing in that party have the wisdom to stand up to Cruz and his wrecking ball.”