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  • Credit REUTERS/Mark Thiessen/National Geographic/HandoutJames Cameron, the Oscar-winning filmmaker of the two highest-grossing films of all time, can now add another major accomplishment to his list as he has now returned from an expedition to the "Challenger Deep," the deepest part of the ocean.

    "Titanic" and "Avatar" director Cameron, who is also the National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence, reached the Challenger Deep in a solo dive on Monday at 7:52 a.m. local time. The depth at in Mariana Trench in the western Pacific Ocean was recorded at 35,756 feet.

    Cameron planned to spent a total of six hours on the sea floor, where he collected samples for scientific research, according to the National Geographic Society. Cameron made the voyage to the bottom of the ocean in his specially designed submersible called DEEPSEA CHALLENGER.

    Cameron's first words on reaching the bottom were "all systems okay," NGS reported. He returned safely to the surface in a faster-than-expected 70-minute ascent, compared to the 2 hours and 36 minute

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  • 'American Idol' Recap: 13 Finalists Announced; Is Jimmy Iovine the New Simon Cowell? (ABC News)

    After a nationwide vote, we learned on Thursday night's installment of  "American Idol" that your next Idol will be … one of the following top 13 people:

    Your Top 10: Phil Phillips Hollie Cavanaugh Jessica Sanchez Heejun Han Joshua Ledet Skyler Laine Shannon Magrane Elise Testone Colton Dixon Jermaine Jones

    The Judge's Wild Cards: Erika Van Pelt DeAndre Brackensick Jeremy Rosado

    The show began with host Ryan Seacrest announcing that 33 million votes had been cast in choosing the top 10.  Then, he called the contestants forward in groups of three or four, alternating boys and girls, reviewed their performances and revealed their fates.

    Interscope Records chairman Jimmy Iovine appeared via videotape to play the Simon Cowell role, brutally critiquing most of the performances.  Those who'd received enough votes to make it into the top ten were sent to the silver stools, while those who didn't were sent back to the couches to see if the judges would choose

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  • A BASE jumper who leapt from an area of Arizona's Superstition Mountains that reaches 600 feet has been rescued from a crevasse after becoming stuck when his parachute became caught in the side of a cliff.

    According to The Pinal County Sheriff's office the 30-year-old man from Casa Grande, Arizona had hiked to the top of the mountain with a group of friends, who planned to leap from the top and parachute to the ground, according to ABC News 15. After two of the man's friends successfully executed the jump, the man decided to take the leap.

    He had problems with his parachute pack because he had it packed on backwards according to News 15.

    The man, who had his cell phone on him when he made the leap, reportedly told rescuers that his chute should have deployed and pushed him away from the mountain, but instead dragged him into it.

    The man was reportedly lodged in a crevasse nearly 150 feet from the ground when he was rescued.

    According to mountain rescuers the man, who is now

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