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  • Controversial Student, Teacher Reportedly Back Together


    The 18-year-old California student whose controversial relationship with her high school teacher prompted a bill to ban such trysts, is reportedly moving back in with her 41-year-old boyfriend.

    Jordan Powers, 18, told a Sacramento TV reporter who knocked on the door at James Hooker's apartment Tuesday that the couple was back together. Neighbors were "shocked" to see Powers back at the Modesto, Calif., apartment as early as last weekend, the Modesto Bee reported.

    Powers ended the relationship earlier this month and moved home to Ohio when Hooker was arrested on charges of sexually assaulting another girl 14 years ago.

    "He called me from jail and yes, I told him that we're done," Powers told ABC News in an interview the day after the arrest, explaining how she felt "betrayed." "I lost everything for this guy. I lost my senior year. I gave up all my friends at high school because they didn't agree with me."

    Police discovered that Hooker had an alleged sexual relationship

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  • 9-Year-Old Caine Monroy's Cardboard Arcade Web Hit

    Meet Caine Monroy, a 9-year-old boy from Los Angeles, Calif., who built an elaborate arcade out of cardboard in the back of his dad's used auto parts store over the summer.

    Caine had big dreams that his arcade would be an attraction in the industrial neighborhood, so he devoted his entire summer vacation to building and assembling the games and displays, collecting the toys. He waited for customers to come, and waited, even refusing to close up shop early in case a customer arrived.

    Credit: cardboard arcade would have been only the stuff of photo albums until filmmaker Nirvan Mullick stopped by the East Los Angeles shop for a car part and became Caine's first customer. A very loyal one at that.

    Mullick was impressed with Caine's arcade and his spirit, and took him up on the offer for a $2 "Fun Pass," which scored him 500 turns. With Caine's father's permission, Mullick decided to make Caine's story into a short film. Determined to make this boy's

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  • Colorado High School Yearbook Censored Lesbian Photo

    Members of a Colorado high school yearbook staff are protesting after a faculty adviser allegedly forced them to remove a photo of a lesbian couple from the yearbook.

    Rudolpho Tribulio and Anna Carmicheal, students at Palmer High School in Colorado Springs, Colo., told local station KRDO-TV that their adviser took issue with a photo of a same-sex couple holding hands that was slated to appear as part of a collage on a page in the yearbook devoted to relationships.

    "She told me to in these exact words, you either cut the gay couple or I cut the page," Tribulio told KRDO-TV. The two students were reportedly kicked off the staff after the incident and two others quit in protest.

    District 11 public information officer Devra Ashby said that the photo was one of at least three, including another of a heterosexual couple kissing, in a collage that was pulled from the yearbook because they violated the school's policy on excessive physical displays of affection -- not because of the

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  • Credit: @MissSeattle2012

    The new Miss Seattle has had her crown for less than a week and is already apologizing for a Twitter rant about Seattle's incessant rain and says she didn't mean it when she carped about the city's "annoying people."

    Jean-Sun Hannah Ahn was crowned Miss Seattle 2012 on Saturday night and since then tweets that the 22-year-old posted criticizing the city's rain and its residents were unearthed by a local reporter, sparking outcry online.

    In December Ahn tweeted: "Ew, I'm seriously hating Seattle right now." She went on: "Take me back to az! Ugh can't stand cold rainy Seattle and the annoying people."

    Ahn apologized for the tweets and explained to the local radio station that she had just moved from Phoenix back to Seattle and was still acclimating to the weather.

    "I think I was just kind of in that down mode and it was a period…it was a culture shock to be back in Seattle," Ahn, a Seattle native, told KIRO-FM.

    "I apologize for the negative connotations

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  • Actress Kristin Davis is smitten with her biggest role yet: motherhood. The "Sex and the City" star became a mother to daughter Gemma Rose last August and said the seven months have flown by.

    "She's a big girl. She just last week started pulling herself up to standing," Davis said today on "Good Morning America." "It really goes by fast. Everyone says that, but until you're there you really can't quite believe it. It's a lot of responsibility being a single mom, but in some ways I wish I had come to it sooner."

    Davis, 47 adopted Gemma through a domestic agency, a process she admits she was wary about at first.

    "I had seen too many nighttime television shows about the drama [of domestic adoptions]. I was very nervous," she said. "I had planned to do it internationally, but I realized the wait was three to five years and I just couldn't wait that long. Here in our country we have kids in need and the foster system is not really a great option. Once I made the decision, it moved

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  • Former College Quarterback Sets Paper Airplane Record

    Former college quarterback Joe Ayoob's athletic arm may have earned him a spot in the Guinness World Records, but not for an accomplishment on the field.

    Ayoob threw a paper airplane that soared a remarkable 226 feet, 10 inches, inside the McClellan Air Force Base in California on Sunday. If verified by Guinness World Records, the toss will break the previous indoor record, set in 2003, of 207 feet, 4 inches.


    Video of the record-breaking toss, which has caught fire on YouTube, shows the paper plane flying like a football through the hangar, plunging down steeply around the halfway mark and then continuing on to break the  past record to much fanfare. Ayoob's toss exceeded the previous record by about 9 feet.

    The 27-year-old, a two-season quarterback for the California Golden Bears, told ESPN that he broke the record on his fourth throw, out of 10 official throws that day.

    The paper airplane was crafted with care by John Collins, a paper-airplane expert who has studied

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  • Lillian Hartley and Allan Marks are officially the oldest newlyweds ever.

    With more than 193 combined years under their belts, 95-year-old Hartley and 98-year-old Marks broke a Guinness World Record for the oldest aggregate age of a couple on when the two  tied the knot Wednesday.

    The  couple said, "I do," in a civil ceremony in Indio, Calif., on Wednesday after 18 years together, according to the Desert Sun. They unknowingly surpassed the previous record of 191 aggregate years, which a French couple set in 2002.

    “We talked about it for years, but our lives were so busy that I just never got around to it,” the bride told ABC News, citing their busy lifestyle filled with travel, trips to temple on Saturdays and watching their favorite basketball team, the Los Angeles Lakers. “We just decided to go to Indio and have the marriage ceremony in one day.

    “We don’t know for sure what’s going to happen, so I’m not taking any chances. I want to be with Allan for the rest of my

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  • Whitney Houston Greeting Card Pulled From Target Stores

    Credit: Reddit.comIn light of Whitney Houston's death, a greeting card that poked fun at the late singer is not so funny anymore - at least according to Target.

    The greeting card, which mocked Houston's tumultuous relationship with ex-husband Bobby Brown, was recently pulled from Target stores, according to a report by TMZ.

    The card reads: "Next time you think of dating the bad boy, consider Whitney Houston. That's all I'm going to say."

    A Target rep told ABC News that the card was available in stores before Houston's Feb. 11 death and has since been pulled from store shelves.

    "It is never our intent to offend guests with the products we offer, and we take feedback from guests very seriously," Target said in a statement. "The card was in our stores prior to Ms. Houston’s death. As soon as this was brought to our attention, we began the process of removing the card from all applicable stores."

    A photo of the card, which was posted to the social news site 10 days ago, infuriated Houston's

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  • Frosting Fraud: Did Food Network Pastry Chef Copy Recipes?

    Credit: Marc Stamas/Getty Images

    Food Network dessert star Anne Thornton is embroiled in a culinary controversy. The pastry chef and " Dessert First" host got the axe from her TV show after her recipes were deemed too similar to versions dished out by culinary queen Martha Stewart and the Barefoot Contessa, according to the New York Post.

    "The network discovered the similarities during the second season of the show," an unnamed source told the Post. "They went back and reviewed her first season, and discovered what looked like copying then, too."

    The Post reported that Thornton's frosting for her German Chocolate Cupcakes mirrored Martha Stewart's coconut-pecan frosting recipe from the 2009 book, "175 Cupcakes."

    The plagiarism allegations relate to recipe ingredients, but also copycat cooking instructions. Thornton's Mascarpone-Stuffed French Toast recipe follows nearly identical directions as one in "The Essence of Chocolate" cookbook, and only adds orange zest and a strawberry topping in lieu of maple

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  • Trapped Puppy Rescued From Drain Pipe (VIDEO)

    A one-month-old puppy that was trapped in a Detroit drain pipe was saved by rescuers, who carefully listened for the puppy's squeals through a stethoscope,  in an elaborate rescue effort that has since gone viral online.

    The Michigan Humane Society, a non-profit group that responds to about 3,000 animal rescue calls a year in the city of Detroit, posted video of the incredible rescue on YouTube Thursday.

    [How to help: Donate to the Michigan Humane Society]

    The 4-week-old puggle-doxen mix wandered away from its mother, through a basement grate of his owner's home in west Detroit and into the underground drain pipe, the humane society said. The emergency rescue department received a call on the morning of Feb. 9 that the dog had been stuck in the pipe overnight.

    "I couldn't see the puppy. I could hear it," Chris Ouwerkerk, the emergency rescue driver who was first at the scene, said in the video. "I called the shelter, you know, let them know what was going on. They called other

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