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  • The reporter who brought down the Secret Service's director

    Liz Goodwin at Yahoo News23 days ago

    Behind the shocking revelations of incompetence and unprofessionalism that rocked the Secret Service this week is a longtime reporter who has been diligently uncovering the agency's secrets for years.

    Carol Leonnig, a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist who has worked at The Washington Post for nearly 15 years, has broken almost every single story on the agency, a series of shocking reports that on Wednesday resulted in the abrupt resignation of Secret Service Director Julia Pierson. (Pierson called the resignation “painful.”)

    In less than a week, Leonnig uncovered three scandals that pushed the agency’s first female leader out the door. First, she reported that Secret Service agents failed to respond for days when a gunman shot the White House residence seven times with a semi-automatic rifle in 2011, smashing a window while Sasha Obama was home. (At first the agency thought the noise was from a car backfiring; then they believed the bullets were from a gang fight they theorized must have occurred on the White House lawn.)  

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  • Oklahoma police say McCaskill wrong on extreme militarization example

    Liz Goodwin, Yahoo News at Yahoo News1 mth ago

    Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, a Democrat, singled out a small sheriff’s department in Oklahoma as an extreme example of the over-militarization of local police forces in a Senate hearing on Tuesday.

    “I want to make sure we are clear about how out of control some of this is,” an outraged McCaskill said at the Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing on the Pentagon’s 1033 program, which has given billions of dollars of excess military equipment to local police over the past two decades. “In Dr. Coburn’s state, the sheriff’s office has one full-time sworn officer. One. They have gotten two MRAPs since 2011.”

    The jarring image of one small-town police officer lording over two enormous Pentagon-provided armored vehicles ended up in news reports on the hearing, perfectly illustrating concerns about the 1033 program that have been raised since police in Ferguson, Missouri, quelled protests with the help of an armored vehicle armed with a machine gun last month. President Barack Obama announced he’d be reviewing the federal programs that arm local police to address concerns that they are turning local cops into soldiers.

    But it turns out the data the senator was relying on was wrong.

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