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  • Walmart's Layaway Program Offers Christmas in September

    Lyneka Little at ABC News Blogs2 yrs ago

    Following success last year, Walmart is set to begin its layaway program a month early.

    The Bentonville, Ark.-based retail giant will run its Christmas layaway program from Sept. 16 through Dec. 14 in an effort to give parents more time to shop and pay for items this year.

    "Last year, millions of Americans relied on layaway at Walmart to provide a great Christmas for their families," said Duncan Mac Naughton, chief merchandising and marketing officer, Walmart U.S., in a written statement. "Because of their feedback, we're offering the service again this year and making it better than ever."

    For fans who "like" the company's Facebook page, Walmart will allow users to begin layaway on Sept. 14, two days early.

    This year the company will allow customers to lay away small home appliances and sporting goods in addition to toys and electronics. (Shoppers can only lay away items valued at $15 or more.)

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  • Denise Barton of California Files $1.7 Billion Claim Alleging 'Smart' Meters Making Her Sick

    Lyneka Little at ABC News Blogs2 yrs ago

    A California woman claims "smart" parking meters are making her sick. And now, she wants nearly $2 billion because of it.

    Denise Barton filed a claim against the city of Santa Monica, Calif., for $1.7 billion alleging the radiation from "smart" parking meters around the city are causing health complications, according to the Santa Monica Daily Press.

    "In April, they started turning on the new smart meters downtown and I started getting sick," Barton told ABC News.

    On Aug. 6, Barton filed the $1.7 billion claim that gives the city 45 days to respond.

    "I figured that's the value of my life and health considering how much I had to go through as a child," Barton told ABC News.

    Barton, who experienced neurological damage following a car accident as a young child, added, "It's also the value of taking away my choice of the best way to protect my health without my consent."

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  • Billionaires Soros, Paulson Bet Big on Gold

    Lyneka Little at ABC News Blogs2 yrs ago

    According to Bloomberg News, Paulson & Co. and Soros Fund Management bumped up exposure to SPDR Gold Trust to 21.8 million shares and 884,000 shares, respectively. Paulson & Co. now has 44 percent of its $24 billion fund exposed to bullion.

    On Wednesday, according to Reuters, gold began to rebound after two straight losing days with spot gold climbing to $1,604.35 an ounce, up 0.4 percent. According to CNBC, in the previous four months gold has had a difficult time moving beyond a $1,525 and $1,680 range.

    Known for making big bets, between 2007 and early 2009, Paulson invested heavily in the housing market garnering $20 billion in profits, according to the Wall Street Journal.

    A spokesperson for Paulson & Co. did not return our request for comment. Soros Fund Management did not return our request for comment.

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  • 9 Early Online Back to School Deals

    Lyneka Little at ABC News Blogs2 yrs ago

    "Backpacks rip, pencils break, and children grow, there's no way around it, but as they begin tackling their shopping lists, parents will make sure to spend smarter than they ever have before," said National Retail Federation President Mathew Shay. "We fully expect retailers to be aggressive with their promotions both in-store and online, keeping an eye on inventory levels as families look to spread out their shopping throughout the entire summer."

    With talk about slapping sales tax on all online purchases soon heating up on the Hill, we scoured the Web to create a list of back-to-school deals. Here's what we found:

    A box of 96 Dixon Ticoderoga #2 pencils is on sale for $14,99 on Amazonat a savings of more than 50 percent.

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  • More Americans See College As Bad Investment

    Lyneka Little at ABC News Blogs2 yrs ago

    The college degree continues to lose its value in the face of costs that overwhelm the finances of many America families.

    That's the findings of a national survey of 3,000 Americans commissioned by Country Financial. According to the poll, the number of adults who think college is a good investment plummeted from 81 percent in 2008 to just 57 percent in 2012.

    While recognition of the value of a college education was on the upswing from 2007 to 2008, rising from 78 percent to 81 percent, since the Great Recession began the figures have dropped like a stone. The steepest decline came in 2008 and 2009, when the number of people that saw college as a good investment dropped from 79 percent to 64 percent.

    Despite the pessimism surrounding college education as an investment, the survey found that Americans were willing to spend more for college education. In 2012, four in 10 Americans viewed student loan debt of $20,000 or more as acceptable, up from three in ten Americans in 2011.

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