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  • Live updates from Egypt: Experts join Yahoo News editors to cover Egyptian protests

    Max Zimbert at Yahoo News 2 yrs ago

    The Muslim Brotherhood, which was been devastated by arrests and a government crackdown, have dubbed today, "Friday of Martyrs." It remains to be seen if they can create the large, city-wide protests of previous weeks. The army deployed security early throughout the city and although there are several rallies and marches, so far they have remained peaceful.

    Join Egyptian writers and experts as they take questions and report on the latest clashes in Egypt.

    <a href="">Egyptian writers and experts join Yahoo News for a live blog of Egyptian protests</a>

  • Expert: U.S. can advise, not dictate, events in Egypt

    Max Zimbert at Yahoo News 2 yrs ago

    Questions about Egypt and the Middle East? Join Yahoo News on Thursday to chat about the crisis in Egypt with Stephen Zunes, a professor of politics and international studies and chairs Middle Eastern Studies program at the University of San Francisco.

    We'll be discussing the violent crackdown this week that left hundreds dead, and the response from the White House. Egypt is the second largest recipient of U.S. foreign aid and a strategic American ally.

    <a href="">Chat about the crisis in Egypt with Yahoo News and regional expert Stephen Zunes</a>

  • Bill Clinton: Feelings about Weiner, NYC election are 'personal'

    Max Zimbert at Yahoo News 2 yrs ago

    The big dog isn’t biting on the New York City mayoral race. Former President Bill Clinton told CNN he has five friends running for New York City mayor and isn’t taking sides, despite having officiated the wedding of serial sexter Anthony Weiner to Huma Abedin, a top Hillary Clinton aide. “The feelings I have are all personal, and since they are, I shouldn’t talk about them,” Bill Clinton told CNN in a taped interview about the city's mayoral field. Clinton was speaking in Rwanda to promote the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation. Several mayoral candidates, including one Republican, were former Clinton supporters — for either Bill's presidential run or his wife’s campaign for Senate. One candidate, city Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, was Hillary's campaign manager for her 2000 Senate run. "Neither Hillary or I was ever involved in the political campaign, and they [all] understood that from the beginning,” Clinton said of the race to succeed three-term Mayor Michael Bloomberg. After revelations that Weiner continued exchanging sexual text messages with women after his 2011 resignation from Congress, the Clintons have been repeatedly invoked because of...

  • Twitter updates app with security and search features

    Max Zimbert at Yahoo News 2 yrs ago

    Twitter has updated its Android and iOS apps Tuesday with new features to enhance both security and the photo-viewing experience. The update, now available in the Google Play Store and iTunes Store, respectively, introduces an in-app approval system to better control logins on mobile phones. Now, users with one phone number and multiple accounts can opt all their handles into Twitter's verification system directly in the app, according to a post on the Twitter blog. (Previously, users had to send a text message to verify their account.)

    Twitter’s two-step verification is similar to others offered by Google and LinkedIn. Verification codes are stored online and available if a phone is lost or broken; the code is the "second step" in making sure someone unwanted can't log in to your account, with the first step being your password.

    To activate the feature, download the update, access your settings and then turn on login verification.

  • Google to bring 'find my device' feature to Android

    Max Zimbert at Yahoo News 2 yrs ago

    OK, Google: Where the heck did I leave my phone? On Friday Google announced that it will offer a new service to help users keep track of their Android devices from afar. The service, called Android Device Manager, is similar to the "Find My iPhone" service outed by Apple in 2011, and enables Android phone and tablet owners to remotely find and manage their lost devices. Users will be able to view the current location of their devices on a map; lock their devices remotely; or, if they think a device has been stolen, activate a noisy alarm in order to ward off thieves, or erase all memory on their device. All of this can be done by logging into the Android Device Manager website on any laptop, desktop or other mobile device.

    Google’s Benjamin Poiesz, an Android product manager, explained the purpose of Android Device Manager in a post at the official Android blog:

  • Chat with the crew of the solar plane as it completes its journey across America

    Max Zimbert at Yahoo! News 2 yrs ago

    The solar plane is scheduled to land in New York City this weekend and complete a historic first as the only solar plane to fly across America without fuel day and night.

    On Saturday at 12:30 p.m. ET, join the Switzerland-based staff of the Solar Impulse as they take your questions and explain the flight instruments, tactics and technology. The plane is scheduled to land at Kennedy airport in New York City after midnight Sunday.

    The Solar Impulse weighs as much as a sedan and flies about 40 mph on average. The plane's journey began in San Jose in March with stops in Arizona, Texas, Missouri, Ohio and Washington, D.C. The plane has been open to public viewing at each stop, and more than 75,000 visitors have viewed the plane's roughly 70-yard wingspan.

  • Barack Obama and Xi Jinping: Dreams from their fathers

    Max Zimbert at The Ticket 2 yrs ago

    RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif.—This weekend's meeting between President Barack Obama and his Chinese counterpart, President Xi Jinping, at the Sunnylands estate outside Palm Springs, Calif., stems from what White House and Chinese officials have described as the presidents' mutual desire to develop a personal relationship.

    But it is the absence of one important relationship that defines both leaders: each is a son of an absent father.

    As boys, both spent their childhoods without a father present. Obama’s parents separated almost immediately after he was born, and he met his father just once, when he was 10. In 1963, When Xi was 10, his father, then an opposition government figure, was "purged" and sent to a factory far from their home in Beijing, according to "China's Management Revolution" by Charles-Edouard Bouée, though Xi saw him occasionally after that.

  • Facebook releases new Android platform: Messages and notifications redefined

    Max Zimbert at The Lookout 2 yrs ago

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is expected to announce its first foray into the cellphone market during a 10 a.m. PT press event Thursday at his Menlo Park, Calif. headquarters.

    ABC News technology editor Joanna Stern will anchor our live chat from Facebook headquarters and will be joined by Yahoo News columnist Rob Walker and editor Max Zimbert for a live chat about the social network's latest, and potentially most pivotal, mobile move.

  • Live-blogging Samsung’s next Galaxy smartphone

    Max Zimbert at The Lookout 2 yrs ago

    Join reporters and editors from Yahoo! and ABC News as we cover Samsung's Unpacked event live from Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

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  • Ballot issues 2012: the five most intriguing propositions on Election Day

    Max Zimbert at The Ticket 3 yrs ago

    From the wacky to the serious, there are more than 170 measures on ballots in 38 states on Election Day 2012, according to the Initiative and Referendum Institute at the University of Southern California.

    Here are five intriguing ballot measures that will be put to voters on Election Day.

    California: Genetically modified ingredients

    California's Proposition 37 just might be the biggest roll of the dice ever for public policy foodies. If it passes, California would be the first state in the nation to label genetically modified ingredients in all food and drinks, from breakfast cereals, packaged vegetables and sodas to canned and frozen goods.

    Los Angeles County: Adult-film condoms

    The porn industry disputes the need for the proposition.

    Massachusetts: The 'death with dignity' act

    Montana: Corporate contributions to elections

    Ohio: Redistricting