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  • Another hidden Leonardo da Vinci work surfaces, this time in Italy

    Maya Salam at Yahoo News 2 yrs ago

    That's what happened in Italy's Sforzesco Castle. Now the work by one of history's most revered and ingenious artists is being uncovered in the Sala delle Asse (Room of Planks), as restorers peel away the paint using classic methods like scraping, and high-tech techniques and products such as ultrasound scaling, chemicals and lasers, according to the Italian wire service ANSA (Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata).

    The discovered portion, which is said to depict a massive tree root in a rock, is likely at least 500 years old and part of the grand tree-filled decoration da Vinci created in the room in 1498, when he was the court artist for the Duke of Milan, Ludovico il Moro.

    It's possible that the mural was left incomplete because the French conquered Milan during that time, and the castle was repurposed to house soldiers.

  • Are e-cigarettes the perfect disguise for smoking pot in public?

    Maya Salam at Yahoo News 2 yrs ago

    Twenty states and Washington, D.C., have legalized the medicinal use of marijuana, and two states (Colorado and Washington) have legalized the substance for recreational use.  So what's the next logical step? Smoking pot in public? Perhaps that's pushing the envelope too far too fast, but some marijuana smokers have found a clever way to sidestep that "inconvenience": the electronic cigarette. 

    Battery-operated e-cigarettes — which are not federally regulated — have picked up steam (no pun intended) in recent years as a less harmful option for cigarette smokers. The devices are expected to gross up to$1.7 billion in sales in 2013, and it's possible that the sale of e-cigs will surpass the sale of traditional cigarettes by 2047. 

    In fact, Eileen is confident that the overall trend of pot smokers using these convenient gizmos will not burn out any time soon. "It's growing very rapidly, and there are so many other pens that are coming out, too. I kind of think that it's going to be the future of smoking," she said.

  • USPS may destroy 'unsafe' stamps

    Maya Salam at Yahoo News 2 yrs ago

    Run! Jump! Leap! It all seems pretty innocent, but the U.S. Postal Service is faced with a decision to destroy its series of "Just Move" stamps because of safety concerns, according to Linns Stamp News, and we're not talking about a paper cut on your tongue. 

    The colorful cartoon stamps, based on Michelle Obama's Let's Move initiative, were intended to encourage an active lifestyle and raise awareness about physical activity. But the images on some of the stamps are not kosher with the President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition, according to the stamps designer, Eli Noyes, who told Linns, "Apparently the President’s Council [on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition] and the Let’s Move people saw them and had issues with them."

    The stamps in question: a skateboarder sans kneepads, a swimmer doing a cannonball, and a kid doing a headstand without a helmet. Because of these issues, it's likely you won't ever get to send your mail with these particular adhesives.

    A spokesman at the USPS told Yahoo the stamps are sitting at a printer in upstate New York, awaiting a decision on their fate.