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  • Your Life Span in Vivid Jellybean Illustration

    Melissa Knowles at Trending Now9 mths ago

    A lot of us waste at least some of our days being lazy or not doing anything particularly productive. Then there are those people who try to squeeze as much joy and happiness as they can out of every hour of every day.

    Performance artist Ze Frank, who is also the executive vice president of video for Buzzfeed, wanted to illustrate the ways we use the number of days in our lives. With the help of the American Time Use Survey, featuring information collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Frank used jellybeans to symbolize the number of days in the average human life span and what we typically do with them.

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  • Is This Evidence of a Dog Mourning the Loss of a Friend?

    Melissa Knowles at Trending Now10 mths ago

    There's been a lot of evidence lately of animals in mourning. It could be due to the loss of a fellow pet or owner, but whatever the case more and more people are realizing that dogs can possess human emotions. There's the pit bull who refused to leave the side of his fallen comrade on the streets of Phoenix. The female pit bull appeared to have been struck by a car. Her male companion stayed by her side for more than 14 hours.

    There was also Bella the dog who seemed to mourn the loss of Beavis the beaver. The two were adopted by the same family. They ate together, slept together and played together. When Beavis passed away, Bella stayed by Beavis's side for hours, as she mourned the loss.

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