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  • School Bus Driver Suspended for Taking Phone Call

    School bus drivers have to follow a strict set of rules in order to ensure the safety of the children on their vehicles. One of those rules for bus drivers in Broward County, Florida, is not to talk on the phone while driving the bus.

    Driver Rossana Lucas was suspended for five days by the school board when video surveillance footage of her taking a phone call while driving a school bus surfaced. But the circumstances surrounding whom she was talking to and why she took the call are now part of her appeal to get the school board's decision overturned.

    Lucas's son, Marine Michael Alfaro, called from Afghanistan, where he is currently deployed. Lucas had not heard from him in more than seven months and said that she knew in her heart that it was her son calling, and that is why she chose to answer the phone. Lucas said she also knew that if she did not answer, that Alfaro would have to wait another three to four months to call her again.

    In addition to the phone call being from her son,

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  • Video of 26-Year Old Woman Hearing Family’s Voices for the First Time

    Living a life without sound is something that many people do every day. However, as technology continues to advance, medical science is changing things for the hearing impaired.

    A video recently uploaded to the social news site Reddit shows a 26-year-old woman named Amy with her family as her surgically implanted cochlear hearing device is tested. Amy's aunt Catherine posted the video. Viewers can watch as the hearing aid is turned on. The nurse asks Amy if she can hear her voice, and Amy uses sign language to communicate that yes, she can.

    But that's not all. It gets better.

    Amy becomes visibly emotional as the implant allows her to hear her family member's voices. Her father and son are both in the room as the hearing test is done. Her father speaks first: "Amy, can you hear my voice? Can you hear it?" Amy nods and continues to shed tears. Then her young son, Blake, says, "Hi, mom." He says it quietly a couple of times, and then he speaks loudly so Amy can hear him, and the entire

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  • Guilt-Ridden Burglar Returns Stolen Money 30 Years Later

    When you do something wrong, sometimes the guilt associated with the deed can eat away at you enough to make you turn around and do the right thing. That's the case with a burglar in Hastings, Michigan. Apparently, the thief stole $800 from a store in the 1980s, and has felt so guilty about the theft that he felt the need to return it, plus interest, some 30 years later.

    Local news channel 24 Hours News 8 received an anonymous letter in the mail from a burglar asking for help returning money he stole from a store that was once called Middle Mart. The letter did not contain a return address, and it was not signed.

    The Barry County Sheriff's Department received the same letter as the news station, but their letter also contained $1,200 in cash --the extra $400 was interest that the thief gave the business. Part of the letter read, "I did a very bad thing that I am shamed of and have lived with this guilt."

    Barry County Undersheriff Bob Baker helped find the original owner of Middle Mart

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  • Try Not to Be Overwhelmed by Cuteness When Looking at These Bulldog Puppies

    Who doesn't need a Monday pick-me-up? Here's a little dose of cuteness to bring some sunshine to your Monday, wherever you are.

    Today's cuteness comes courtesy of Brazilian Instagram user jmarcoz. Jmarcoz, who owns a kennel in Brasilia, has used his Instagram account to post more than 600 photos of the most charming little bulldogs you may ever have seen.

    In the pictures, the bulldog puppies play, soak in the sunshine, scrap and wrestle, and play with their squeaky toys. They also are not afraid to don silly costumes, play in a kiddie pool, and ride seesaws.

    Jmarcoz says of his work with his kennel that the dogs are bred with "love, affection, and respect as members of our family." As you may imagine, jmarcoz has gained a large fan base from his posts of cute pups. He has more than 13,000 followers on Instagram so far.

    Fans of the pups can't help but comment on their cuteness, with one person writing about a baby French bulldog named Brooke, "I am so in love the next puppy I get will

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  • News Anchor Proposed to During Live Broadcast

    One of a news anchor's responsibilities is to read the news, understand it, and then report it to the audience articulately. The stories that the journalist reports usually have nothing to do with his or her personal life, but that was not the case with Jillian Pavlica, an anchor for Fox 54 in Huntsville, Alabama.

    During the Saturday 9 p.m. newscast, as Pavlica read from the prompter, she was instructed that there was breaking news. Pavlica read, "News 54 has just learned that a Huntsville news anchor is being proposed ... on live TV right now." Pavlica seems stunned by the situation. As she realizes what's happening, she can barely contain her emotion, especially when she sees her boyfriend.

    Apparently, Pavlica's boyfriend, Vince, had the confidence to propose to her live and had gotten the news producer to play along with his plan. As Pavlica's co-anchors realized what was happening, they abruptly left the set. That's when Vince moved in and began to get down on one knee and asked

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  • Community Unites to Help 7’5″ Teen with Rapid Growth Disease

    Broc Brown is not your average 15-year-old high school student. Brown, who is 7 feet 5 inches and weighs 330 pounds, has a rare rapid growth disease known as Sotos syndrome, or cerebral gigantism. He was more than 3 feet tall by the time he was only 2 months old. Brown likes his height, saying, "It's actually a good feeling to be tall." Unfortunately, his height interferes with everyday activities such as walking from room to room at his parents' house. Brown has to constantly duck under doorways to avoid hitting his head.

    "There's a lot of things that are hard, like finding shoes for him, finding clothes," said Brown's mother, Darci Elliot. Athletic apparel powerhouse Nike made Brown a pair of custom size 24 sneakers, but the price of his other clothing and medical expenses continue to be a burden on the family.

    His disease forces him to be hospitalized often, and he cannot participate in organized sports because his disease makes him too weak and out of breath.

    Brown just recently

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  • Technological Breakthrough Allows Scientists to Read Your Mind

    Most of us have heard the old adage, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." In other words, keep your negative thoughts to yourself. But what if someone could read your thoughts?

    A new technological breakthrough allows scientists to see what people are imagining; they can even decipher what number a person has just seen, what video the person has just watched, or what particular memory the person is recalling.

    Imaging has become so sophisticated that researchers at Cornell University were able to deduce the mental picture of imaginary people that brain scan subjects were inventing in their heads. Neuroscientist Nathan Spreng said of the study, "We are trying to understand the physical mechanisms that allow us to have an inner world, and a part of that is how we represent other people in our mind."

    Here's how the experiment went: Researchers gave 19 volunteers descriptions of four imaginary people, whose personalities had certain positive and negative

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  • High-Jumpin’ Cat May Be Best Feline Goalie Ever

    It seems as if almost weekly now, there's a new cat video that captures our attention. This time it's a cat known as Nyasuke. This Japanese cat is getting worldwide recognition for his amazing jumping talent, and he's been featured on a number of YouTube videos that show off his skills.

    In one video, Nyasuke is trying out his paws at a new sporting talent -- goaltending. This is one of his more popular videos, because he gets in the downward-facing dog (I guess it's actually cat in this instance) yoga position, and he eagerly waits to pounce on the miniature soccer ball that his owner launches into the air. Effortlessly, Nyasuke blocks the ball from getting beyond his reach.

    In yet another video, Nyasuke demonstrates his jumping prowess. This video, which has received more than 1.9 million views, shows just how high he can jump. Commenters on YouTube are impressed by the slow-motion effect of Nyasuke jumping up to 196 centimeters to knock down a fake mouse attached to a string that

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  • Many airlines have loyalty programs that give frequent fliers special perks like bonus miles and upgrades for traveling with them. So it's no secret that people get to collect miles, but what about inanimate objects? The controversy is actually a lot more complex than you might expect.

    Grammy-winning musician Lynn Harrell travels the world with his $5 million cello, which is nearly 300 years old. When he travels, Harrell purchases two tickets -- one for himself, one for the cello. For years "Cello Harrell," as his cello is known, has been accumulating frequent flier miles of its own (most cellos that travel with their owners do). That is, until a Delta Airlines internal audit revealed that Cello Harrell had been the recipient of the miles, a practice the airline discourages.

    According to Delta, Harrell's cello is not a person and therefore cannot enjoy a "loyalty experience," even if it has its own seat on each plane that its owner flies. Delta banned the cello's SkyMiles account, as

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