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  • New Dating Websites Cater to ‘Star Trek’ Fans Looking for Love

    Are you looking for love, but you're not sure where to find people who are into the same things as you? Maybe you've tried online dating or the bar scene or gone on blind dates set up by well-meaning friends, yet you still find yourself single and wanting. If you're a fan of the "Star Trek" franchise and consider yourself a Trekkie, then you may be in luck.

    There is an entire community of online dating sites that cater to those who speak Klingon and know more than the average person about Vulcans.

    The website claims to be "a dating community that is light years ahead of others." There's also, designed exclusively for "Star Trek" lovers. Both sites have sprung up in an effort to connect "Trek" fans who want to live long and prosper with someone just like them.

    The owner of, Oliver Gough, said regarding the popularity of these sites, "'Star Trek' fans are nerds. They know what they're looking for. Nine times out of 10 [they] post

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  • Shocked Family Films Wild Moose Swimming in Their Pool

    Part of the thrill of going on vacation in the summertime is lying out by the pool and enjoying the warm weather with a good book. Sure, a few harmless squirrels may wander nearby or maybe some pesky birds may drop in looking for food, but imagine how shocking it would be if something much larger stumbled onto your property. What would you do then?

    People relaxing at their vacation home in Redmond, Washington, got quite a surprise when they found a moose swimming in their pool. So they did what most of us would do to prove to our friends and family that it really happened—they turned on the video camera and pressed record.

    The moose appears to be swimming nonchalantly and enjoying himself for several minutes as the startled onlookers watch from a safe distance. It casually makes its way toward the shallow end of the pool, and then eventually gets out and slowly walks past the lounge chairs, climbs over the fence, and heads back into the woods.

    A woman in the background can be heard

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  • Canstruction Competitions Create New Way to Feed the Hungry

    Who needs common building materials like steel, wood and drywall when you could just use tin cans? Think I'm crazy? I'm not, and neither is the nonprofit group known as Canstruction. In fact, they're philanthropic and have taken the idea of edible art to a whole new level.

    Canstruction holds design and build competitions all over the country in which participants are required to make structures using only canned goods. Contestants have created things like a toucan, a Keurig coffee maker, the Titanic, and even the video game character Yoshi from Super Mario Bros.

    The group's website reads, "Wherever a Canstruction competition is held, thousands of hungry people are fed, a greater awareness of the issues surrounding hunger is brought home to the public, and a spotlight is placed on the design and construction industry giving back to the communities it helps build."

    In 2010, Canstruction's design competitions brought in over 2 million pounds of food to local food banks, enough to provide

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  • Photo of Dog in Warm Embrace with Woman Who Saved Him Goes Viral

    Almost weekly we talk about animals being able to experience and express humanlike emotions. Today's story falls under that category.

    Eva Armstrong is one of the directors of Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue. It is a completely volunteer-run rescue group that has saved more than 800 dogs from the kill list of high-volume pounds in the rural South.

    During the group's last trip to Alabama, volunteers rescued a dachshund they named Captain Morgan because he had only one eye -- like a pirate. The night he was rescued, Captain Morgan slept at the foot of Armstrong's hotel bed. She took care of him until he was adopted by a family several months ago.

    Well on May 5, Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue had a block party reunion where Captain Morgan and Armstrong were reunited. The picture of the two of them in a warm embrace, taken by photographer Hilary Benas, went viral after it was displayed on Buzzfeed. It shows Captain Morgan, who is now called Cappy by his adopted family, resting his head on

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  • Two Men Experience the Pain of Childbirth in Hourlong Simulation

    So who has it worse, men or women? In the ongoing battle of the sexes, there has always been a debate on who feels more pain. That is the question that the Kensington Church set out to solve with a new video that discusses one very specific type of pain: childbirth.

    At the beginning of the video, two men walk side by side and one says, "Did you know that according to women, childbirth is the worst kind of pain there is?" The other man says, "And did you know according to women, that us men can't handle any of it?" The men also mention that they think women are exaggerating the pain associated with giving birth.

    So the two men visit Dr. Julie Masters, who places electrodes on their abdomens to simulate the contractions experienced in labor. Before the simulation begins, as Dr. Masters explains what's about to take place, one of the guys even says, "That sounds fun!"

    Then the simulation starts. Each man groans, hisses and moans as the constant pain continues. The two men's wives are in

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  • Graduation season in America means that caps and gowns are the mandated wardrobe for hundreds of thousands of people participating in commencements all around the country. But it's not just beings of the two-legged variety who get to don the popular graduation garments—a certain canine wore his own cap and gown at graduation and has become an Internet celebrity.

    A woman known only by her Reddit name, f3b14, responded to a thread on the site about the happy commotion that she and her service dog, Hero, caused at a commencement at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign over the weekend. She and Hero wore matching caps and gowns to the ceremony, and even crossed the stage together when she went to accept her degree.

    A picture of the woman in her wheelchair with her dog standing next to her was uploaded to Reddit on Sunday, and it quickly went viral.

    In her response, f3b14 wrote, "Hero knows over forty commands to assist me! He loves to retrieve objects for me like envelopes, pens,

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  • In 2010, during his tour in Afghanistan, Marine Cpl. Juan Dominguez stepped on an improvised explosive device. The IED caused him to lose both of his legs and his right arm.

    When Dominguez returned home, the residents of his hometown of Temecula, California, and his fiancé, Alexis, stood by him during his recovery. As a way to honor Dominguez's service to his country, the town of Temecula donated $30,000 in services to give Juan and Alexis a dream wedding. Local businesses donated everything from the rehearsal dinner and the photography to the entertainment and the cake at their reception. Dominguez was even able to walk his new bride down the aisle.

    They were married on April 27.

    Even though Dominguez is a triple amputee, he still can do the things he loves like driving, swimming, playing drums in a band, and snowboarding with his wife.

    "Nothing's changed, you know. I'm a little bit shorter, you know. Lost a couple of legs and an arm, but my brain's still here, and my heart's still

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  • Kindergartner Uses His ABCs to Save Dad’s Life

    Most of us are able to recite the alphabet because it's one of the first lessons we learn in kindergarten. It's the ABC song, and because of it and one kid's quick thinking, his father is alive today.

    Nathaniel Dancy Jr., a 5-year-old Newark, N.J. kindergartner, was picked up from school by his dad and as they made their way home, his father became violently ill. Thankfully, his father was able to pull the car over before getting into an accident. Nathaniel said his father, "got out of the car and started throwing up." He then had a seizure and became paralyzed.

    Here's where Nathaniel's bravery turned into action. He used his father's cell phone to call his grandmother, Susan Hardy-Blackman, and ask for help. Because Nathaniel cannot read yet, he did the best he could to describe where he and his dad were. He spelled out, "F-U-R-N-I-T-U-R-E." Hardy-Blackman was still confused and not sure where they were located. Nathaniel then told her, "Grandma, use your active listening skills."

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  • Free Diver and Champion Spear Fisher Calmly Swims with Great White Shark

    Free-diving in the open ocean would be up there with bold adventures to try, yet I have only snorkeled. One of my greatest fears is that I would encounter a predator much larger than me that would eat me.

    Fortunately for people like me who share a fear of the deep blue water, people like free diver and spear fisher Kimi Werner exist. Werner lives in Hawaii; she hunts for and eats only what she is able to catch; and most important, she is not afraid of what she may find in the open water because she respects the ecosystem and everything that is a part of it. She finds it to be beautiful.

    In Werner's new short film, "Variables," we witness Werner encountering a great white shark while she is out in the ocean. Werner says in the beginning of the film, "I definitely don't think that I'm at the top of the food chain." She and her team said that the film was shot last fall, and their intention is not to glorify the event that happened by chance. They wanted to raise concern for the ecosystem

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  • Astronaut Creates First Music Video Recorded in Space

    Anytime someone is the first to do something spectacular, it's not just bragging rights that the person earns. If it's a first of epic proportions, it could very well earn someone a place in history.

    International Space Station Commander Chris Hadfield, a Canadian astronaut currently en route back to Earth, recorded what is believed to be the first music video from space. The commander does his very own acoustic version of David Bowie's "Space Oddity." Fitting, right? Hadfield can carry a tune even as he floats around the space station at zero gravity.

    The video was uploaded to YouTube on Sunday, and it already has more than a million views. People are impressed with the astronaut's performance, with one person writing, "David Bowie must be very proud." Another person wrote, "BRAVO Commander! Welcome home :-)."

    It appears that David Bowie is indeed impressed. When Hadfield tweeted the video, Bowie tweeted back, "Hallo Spaceboy..."

    Hadfield may be the star of the video, but he had help

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