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  • Turn Yourself Into Your Very Own Gif with The Bosco

    The Trending Now team got to step outside our gorgeous studio near Bryant Park in New York City and travel all the way to the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. We spent the day with team members of the new-age photo-booth company the Bosco.

    This place is hands-down the most fun place to work that I have ever visited, and I did not want to leave. They even have an office dog named Loretta who was rescued from a kill-shelter. She has to be the most well-mannered pooch I've ever met. Not that she tried to convince me, but I am now confident that every office with its very own Loretta is a better place to work.

    A couple of years ago, Aaron Fisher-Cohen and Nick Fehr had an idea to expand the idea of the common photo booth and add movement and the ability to turn a photo booth into a video confessional. They began by doing their research. The first photo booth ever known was created in 1889, and Fisher-Cohen and Fehr were bent on creating one for the social media obsessed generation.


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  • I've seen a lot of men with mustaches, but until today, I had never seen a man who could make his mustache dance. In several videos released by the prank group Whatever, a man named Clydesdale shows off his creative trick of making his mustache boogie.

    The pranksters said they were on their way back from filming one of their pranks when they met Clydesdale for the first time.

    After the initial video went viral, with more than 1.8 million views to date, the guys of Whatever wanted to show their appreciation for the man who got them to over 100,000 subscribers for their YouTube channel. So they started a crowdsourcing campaign on Indiegogo to raise $3,000 to give to Clydesdale. For one month, the group posted follow-up videos featuring the rising star and even threw in $300 of their own money. There was only one thing left to do: Give the money to Clydesdale in person. In addition to the cash, the group gave him a gift certificate and some clothing -- including a T-shirt that reads, "My

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  • Inventor Reveals New Life-Saving Parachute for People in High-Rise Buildings

    A new invention may help ease the fears of people who live in or work in high-rise buildings. It's called the SOS Parachute, and its inventor, Morris Shahbazi of Panama, describes the product as a high-evacuation system that can be used in the event of a fire or a disaster.

    Shahbazi says he has tested his SOS Parachute 13 times himself, and each of those 13 times, he was successful. So what makes his parachute different from a conventional chute? Shahbazi said, "My chute opens faster than a conventional parachute, and as a result it needs only 100 feet of drop to be fully operational." In case you're wondering, that's about 10 stories high in most buildings.

    Shahbazi said that he got the idea for the life-saving apparatus after the World Trade Center attacks on September 11, 2001. So far, people have been writing positive comments about the concept of the parachute, with many saying they're anxious to get their hands on one and test it out. (Um – our advice? Don’t try this at home,

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  • Cat Lost During Superstorm Sandy Reunited with Family Six Months Later

    Countless heartbreaking stories related to Superstorm Sandy have made the news. So a story with a happy ending is met with such enthusiasm and excitement that everyone wants to share it. Today's topic is just that, a story with a happy ending.

    When Sandy devastated the East Coast in late October, the Roberts family, from Chadwick Island, New Jersey, was evacuated to a relative's home just eight miles away in Point Pleasant. They brought along their beloved pet, a cat named Porsche. Unfortunately, while they were staying safe from the storm, Porsche somehow went missing. The Roberts family thought he was gone forever.

    But just this past week, six months after the storm, Porsche showed up on the deck of his original house. Uranie Roberts's daughter, Carol Baumann, recalled the distinctive feature that confirmed her cherished Porsche had really returned -- his signature green eyes. Baumann said, "I saw the green eyes, and I said my God in heaven, it's Porsche."

    The family is calling

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  • A new ad campaign in Spain aimed at combating child abuse is raising awareness in the most public way it knows how: posters of abused children displayed to the masses. There is a catch, though -- only children can see the abused faces. Reaching a kid who is a victim of abuse can be difficult. Often, a child is accompanied by his or her abuser, which can make verbalizing the presence of abuse that much scarier.

    The Spanish children's advocacy group, Aid to Children and Adolescents at Risk (ANAR), created the ads using lenticular printing, which allows different images to be shown on the same display, depending on the angle it is viewed from. So an adult who is taller than 4-foot-5, standing directly in front of the ad, sees a picture of a child with the message, "Sometimes, child abuse is only visible to the child suffering it." ANAR posted a video to YouTube explaining how the ad works, and the technology behind it.

    However, a child 4-foot-5 or shorter sees the same child but with

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  • Video of Dog Rejecting Owner’s Affection Goes Viral

    Earlier this week, we told you a story about how animals show affection. Most of the time, it's not that hard to get pets to express some sort of love and appreciation for all of the attention, food, water, and exercise you have given them. Sometimes, however, the animals just don't share the same feelings we possess for them, and they'd rather keep the relationship totally platonic.

    So what should you do if your cat, dog, or salamander just is not that into you? If you're one YouTube member, you make a creative video about all the ways your dog has shut you down. In a video of a shiba inu affectionately known as Mari-Kun, we watch as the owner tries to kiss the dog and is rebuffed as Mari-Kun places its paw on the mouth of the owner. In another attempt to show affection to Mari-Kun, the owner leans in for a kiss, and the dog rings a bell every time he gets too close for comfort.

    After being published last month on YouTube, the video of Mari-Kun and his owner have gotten well over 1.3

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  • World’s Smallest Film Takes ‘Guinness World Records’ Honor

    My favorite movie of all time is "Coming to America." Even though I own it on DVD, I watch it whenever it comes on TV, even if it's in the middle of the movie. I don't care. I can anticipate every scene. I know the characters well, and I say the words in the script along with the dialogue onscreen. Yet I still laugh at all the jokes and am just as happy at the end of the movie as I was the first time I saw it.

    Now, "Coming to America" may not be the highest-grossing film of all time, but it is a gem to me. It may not be the biggest, but it's certainly not the smallest. Taking that honor is "A Boy and His Atom" by IBM, which is the smallest film ever made, according to "Guinness World Records."

    IBM made the film while scientists were researching ways to move individual atoms in order to shrink the space needed to store computer data. The filming required a scanning tunneling microscope, which magnifies objects 100 million times their original size.

    So far, on YouTube, the video has

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  • Michael Yo Joins Trending Now to Chat About Hiccupping Meteorologist

    This has been the week of interviews and co-hosts for Trending Now. On Monday, we had Brian Stelter, author of the much-talked-about "Top of the Morning: Inside the Cutthroat World of Morning TV," as our in-studio guest. Wednesday, we were pleased to be joined by Brian Baumgartner, who plays Kevin Malone on NBC's "The Office." So what better way to help bring this week to a close than having one of Yahoo!'s very own, Michael Yo, host of "The Yo! Show" and a correspondent for omg! Insider to co-host the show.

    Yo and I both happen to be from Houston, Texas, and while we did not know each other growing up on the humid streets of "H-town," we were able to connect on a lot of things, including watching local TV in Houston. Therefore, it's fitting that today, the viral video we discussed comes to us courtesy of KHOU in Houston.

    Meteorologist David Paul had an unfortunate case of the hiccups that started as he was beginning the live broadcast. After the anchors at the news desk toss to Paul,

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  • Brian Baumgartner from ‘The Office’ Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Secrets

    NBC's "The Office" has become a cultural phenomenon. For the past nine seasons, many of us have enjoyed the awkward, hilarious, and heartfelt adventures of the fictional staff at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company in Scranton, Pennsylvania. But on May 16, "The Office" is clocking out for good with the show's final episode, appropriately titled "Finale."

    One of the show's stars, Brian Baumgartner, who plays Kevin Malone, the accountant and frontman of the bands Scrantonicity and Scrantonicity 2 on the series, stopped by Trending Now to talk to us about wrapping a show that has been a major part of this life for the last decade. Baumgartner also told us about the cast's off-camera antics.

    The wrap party for the series is being held this weekend in Scranton, and Baumgartner described how emotional it would be for the cast to say goodbye. He said that during the first couple of seasons of the show, each week, the cast would try to get together to watch the newest episode at someone's home. As

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  • Viral Video of Dog Mourning Loss of Her Best Friend

    Animals have been known to express emotion in a very human way. So it's no surprise that when Bella the dog lost her best friend, Beavis the beaver, she mourned the loss in a way that wasn't much different from how a human would mourn in a similar situation.

    Before Beavis passed away, he and Bella were inseparable. They ate together, played together, and even shared living quarters. Beavis passed away in 2012, but the pair's story resurfaced after a video that the owner shot of the two appeared on Reddit.

    In the heartbreaking video, Bella lies by the side of her deceased companion and appears to cling to the idea that Beavis might just sleeping. As Bella seems to realize that her friend is not coming to life, she whimpers, nuzzles, and licks her friend as if trying to say goodbye.

    As Bella continues to lie beside Beavis, other dogs play in the background, but she isn't distracted. According to her owner, Bella stayed by Beavis's side for several hours.

    The video has been viewed more

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