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  • Pancake Art is Real and It's Amazing!

    Did your mother ever tell you not to play with your food? Well, she probably never saw ‘Dr. Dan the Pancake Man’ who turns batter into art. Daniel Drake has been creating pancake art at the Courtesy Diner in St. Louis, MO for four years, but recently got national recognition thanks to a Reddit post. It linked to Imgur photos uploaded by one of Dan’s friends showing his cool creations, affectionately called Dan-cakes. So far, he has whipped up pancakes that look like a dog, Aladdin, a jellyfish, and Pac-man to name a few.

    Dr. Dan the Pancake Man's creation

    Dr. Dan the Pancake Man's creation

    Dan says he started creating the pancake doodles after he saw someone make a Mickey Mouse pancake. His first creation was a huge smiley face for a male customer who laughed at the pancake, and then left a $15 tip. Dan knew he was on to something.


    Dr. Dan the Pancake Man's creation


    He even has his own Facebook fan page with over 1500 admirers flipping over his creations! When he isn’t fulfilling diners specially requested Dan-cakes, Dan is playing in the band ‘The Psychedelic Psychonauts.’

    Until his music

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  • Twelve-Year-Old Covers Lorde's "Royals" Like a Star

    Singer Lorde’s new hit song ‘Royals’ has prompted a ton of covers, but we found one to rival all others, and in the process get hooked on an up and coming star.

    Meet Cam Anthony. The insanely talented 12 year old from Florida who rocks out in this video:


    We also found some of cam’s other great performances like this one covering Bruno Mars’ ‘When I Was Your Man’


    Ok ladies and gents that's some real talent, i bet that's not the last we will be seeing or hearing from Cam Anthony.

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  • Chilling Video Shows Tornado Destroying Family's Illinois Home

    The EF-4 tornado that ripped through Illinois on November 17th left behind a path of destruction that can be seen in images and videos of the area. In cases like these you rarely see videos of the tornado actually hitting, especially shot by residents inside of their home. Marc Wells had his camera rolling from the confines of his Washington, IL home and his footage is absolutely terrifying. As you see the tornado approaching the Wells’ home through a window Marc calls for his daughter Josie to make sure she is okay. Then, there is a moment of darkness mixed with Josie’s screams as the tornado passes near their home. And just like that, it is gone. The family was lucky to only have structural damage and no serious injuries or loss of a life. An eerie moment of the video is when Marc sees what is left of his block for the first time.

    The view of a neighborhood in Washington, IL as seen from the Wells' home

    All the homes in the immediate area appear to be gone. Marc posted the video to YouTube where he wrote in the description, “Here is what my oldest daughterRead More »from Chilling Video Shows Tornado Destroying Family's Illinois Home
  • Cat Adopts and Nurses Lost Baby Ducklings

    There’s really nothing quite as cute as unexpected pairings of animals who become friends. We’ve seen friendships between a horse and a dog, a Labrador and dolphin, and an elephant and a dog, but nothing can compare to a cat who is mothering baby ducklings. Yes, you read that correctly. In a preview clip for BBC’s new show “Animal Odd Couples,” we get to see a mother cat who had adopted a group of 3 lost ducklings. A couple in Ireland discovered their cat with one of the ducklings in her mouth and of course thought she was going to make a snack out of them. They were shocked to discover the cat was, instead, mothering the three ducklings. The adoptive mama feline was even able to nurse the baby ducks! The reason she was able to nurse them was because she had just given birth to kittens a few hours before finding the ducklings.

    We decided to search for more cat and duckling pairings, and surprisingly it’s not that uncommon!


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  • Dolphin Shows Gratitude to the Fishermen Who Rescued It

    A group of fisherman off the coast of São Paulo, Brazil, had their Nov. 15 fishing trip transformed into a rescue mission for one adorable creature of the sea. In a dramatic video uploaded to YouTube, the fishermen spot a young dolphin caught in a plastic bag. The anglers use a net to pull the calf onto their boat to help it out. After a few tries, they are finally able to free the dolphin from the plastic bag:

    Once the dolphin is released back into the ocean, it appears to jump out of the water for joy, which many people on the Web think was its way of thanking the fishermen. In another video that has people thinking that dolphins try to communicate with humans, a dolphin entangled in fishing wire approaches a diver in what some think is a sign that it is asking for help:

    Both cases remind us that we need to protect the ocean and the animals that call it home.

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  • Mike Tyson Returns Evander Holyfield's Ear in Funny New Commercial

    Any person who calls themselves a boxing fan remembers the epic bout known as ‘The Sound and the Fury.’ The heavyweight fight famous for Mike Tyson taking a bite out of Evander Holyfield's ear in the third round 16 years ago. And in a hilarious new ad from Foot Locker, it’s time that Tyson pay up. In the 60-second ad, imagining ‘all being right with the world,’ Tyson and Holyfield meet once again:

      Tyson Other funny moments in the commercial include a full Brett Favre telling a waitress "a man's gotta know when to walk away," and Dennis Rodman buying a one-way ticket to North Korea. It’s always nice when celebrities can laugh at themselves!

    We'll put this one on our list of sports stars appearing in hilarious commercials, like this Tiger Woods American Express commercial:

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  • It's hard to imagine any story out of the typhoon-ravaged Philippines having a happy ending, but boy do we have one for you. Houssam Hammoudi of Canada knew his fiancée, Grace Acojedo, was in the Philippine city of Ormoc when Typhoon Yolanda (known as Haiyan in the U.S.) hit, but he could not get in touch with her. So Houssam set out on a journey to find Grace. First he flew to a nearby island and then took a ferry to Ormoc.

    Crowded ferry Houssam Hammoudi took to get to his fiancée.

    When he got to the area near Grace's home, he saw that it was in ruins. Her family home, the green one in the photo below, was destroyed.
    Grace's family's ravaged home in Ormoc

    Houssam luckily found Grace in a nearby clinic — she was alive!

    Houssam tends to Grace's wounds

    The coast guard agreed to ferry the pair to a hospital in the neighboring Philippine province Cebu. Once at the hospital, they learned Grace's injuries were worse than they thought. She would need several surgeries, including one to save her leg from amputation.
    Houssam and Grace on a ferry to Cebu

    Grace arriving at airport in Cebu. 

    Houssam is still at the hospital as Grace receives treatment. Houssam has been keeping an update of Read More »from Man from Canada Goes on Journey to Find His Missing Fiancée in Philippines
  • Video for New Toy Company Has Girls Saying 'No' to Dolls and Princesses

    With the holidays just around the corner, you might have young girls to shop for on your list. If so, check out today's video. According to the mantra of a new toy company, GoldieBlox, you don't have to look for the perfect gift for a girl in the doll or princess aisle. Engineering- and building-focused toy company GoldieBlox released a music video featuring three girls smashing stereotypes of the kind of toys and activities young girls really like. An insanely intricate Rube Goldberg machine, aka the Princess Machine, helps tell the tale. The video, which has more than 3.5 million views so far, is accompanied by a special rendition of the Beastie Boys song "Girls."

    GoldieBlox is the brainchild of Stanford engineer Debbie Sterling, who just last year got funding for the company through a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign raking in more than $285,000. The company says, "We believe that femininity is strong and girls will build the future — literally." Sterling believes that building

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  • Video Captures Koi Fish in Malaysia Swimming in Unusual Pattern

    Koi fish are usually known for their beautiful colors, but not for their synchronized swimming skills. Well that's what a school of koi fish appear to be doing in this video shot by Teik Kooi Lee at the Kek Lok Si Buddhist Temple in Penang Malaysia. Lee watched the fish swim in this unusual pattern for about 20 minutes back in March. He says they are all following a leader who decides which direction to go in. That’s pretty mesmerizing. During the video you can hear a bystander say “Never happened before. I don’t know why. Its like a miracle.“

    Commenters on YouTube came up with their own assessment of the koi’s circling. One person thinks they are mating, another calls the pattern “schooling,” and one commenter even thought the fish might have known about a disaster coming their way.

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  • Newscasters in Illinois Halt Broadcast to Seek Shelter from Tornado

    The tornadoes that ripped through the Midwest on Sunday, leveling neighborhoods and killing at least six, were preceded by alerts from news stations trying to warn people of the danger and explain how to take precautions. But a pair of meteorologists from NBC affiliate WEEK in Peoria, Ill., found themselves in the middle of the story when, during a live broadcast, they were forced to take cover.

    Outgoing New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter posted a snippet of the video to his YouTube page, where it has been viewed more than 175,000 times. In the video's description, Stelter explains that seven minutes after the broadcast, weather anchors Sandy Gallant and Chuck Collins came back and said, "We just had a very scary situation to report. WEEK's TV studio was hit by what appears to be a tornado. We could hear the sound of a train right outside of our station." The anchors said there was damage to the northwest section of the station's property.

    This is not the first time a news team

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