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  • Rejoice! Bouncing baby lamb returns to Vine!


    Not since the sock puppet Lamb Chop has a tiny lamb stolen our hearts the way Winter the lamb does. His owner, Shannen Hussein, introduced Winter to us on her social media outlet of choice — Vine, the 6-second-video sharing app.
    When we first met Winter on Vine four months ago, he was happily bouncing down a tiled hallway — you know, like so many little lambs do. That original post was looped more than 33.7 million times on Vine:
    One of the more than 16,000 comments on that original video wrote, "Want a goat for Valentine's Day!"  As the months passed since Winter’s bouncy viral Vine, we have gotten to see updates on his life and some of his shenanigans via the #winterthelamb hashtag.
    Little Winter is not so little anymore. He’s now 6 months old and still loves to bounce along — only now he has discovered jumping on a bed:

    In three new Vine videos, a much larger Winter is seen happily bouncing and playing on a made bed in someone’s home. In one of the videos, Winter is

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  • Dog becomes Instagram star in travel photos

    John Stortz is an illustrator from Los Angeles with a passion for travel. And he doesn’t go it alone. Stortz brings along his closest pal, a rescue husky named Wolfgang who stars in gorgeous photos taken on the road. Stortz shares the pictures of Wolfgang’s travels with his more than 45,000 fans on Instagram. Some of the places he has visited with his loyal pup are the Mojave Desert, “Prada Marfa” in Texas, and the mountains of Arizona.

    Followers on Instagram are stunned. "That dog is the world's greatest!" writes one commenter, while another calls the photos an "amazing idea and way to show the beauty of the world."
    While Stortz and Wolfgang’s travels have been stateside so far, he hopes to take the pup international very soon — traveling to the Canadian Rockies and Newfoundland. We will be patiently awaiting the snaps from those trips!
    Do you take your feline or canine friends along on vacations? If so, we would love to see your photos! Share them with us on our Facebook page.

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  • He’d do it again: Police chief behind controversial photo tells his story

    In an exclusive interview with Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric, Pittsburgh Police Chief Cameron McLay says he may have been “naive” in thinking a photo he took on New Year’s Eve wouldn’t attract much attention.
    “I didn’t see anything in the message that I quite frankly even thought would be all that controversial.” McLay told Couric.
    The police chief had been in a coffee shop talking to members of the community about race and law enforcement issues when members of an activist group called “What’s Up?! Pittsburgh” asked him to hold a sign that read, “I resolve to challenge racism @ work #EndWhiteSilence.” They snapped a photo.
    Moments after the image was tweeted by the group, McLay realized it could catapult him to the national stage as messages of both criticism and support flooded in. It also caused a rift between the chief and some members of his police force.
    The president of Pittsburgh’s Fraternal Order of Police, Howard McQuillan, wrote in an email to McLay: “Our current

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  • Here's how a group of boys in Italy responded when asked to hit a girl

    When an Italian video journalist set out to see how young boys would react to being asked to hit a girl, he discovered something awe-inspiring. Luca Lavarone, who works for “Fanpage,” conducted the social experiment with boys ranging from 6 to 11 years old in Italy. After having the boys introduce themselves, Lavarone brings in a young girl named Martina. He asked the boys to say what they like about her, and they  respond with a list of lovely compliments.  
    Then Lavarone asked the boys to caress Martina. That task was completed without incident, if with a certain amount of shyness. He then asked them to make a funny face at her. They did so, with gusto.
    But when the boys were asked to slap Martina, their reactions took a different turn. A flat-out refusal. When pressed for the reason that they wouldn’t slap her, the impressive youngsters responded with explanations that would make any parent or human being proud.  “Because you’re not supposed to hit girls,” “I don’t want to hurt

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  • This Jenga trick will blow your mind

    Jenga, the superdifficult block game, might be making a comeback via online viral videos. The latest is this one from a couple of dudes who appear to be playing the game with some liquid courage. One of the guys attempts to remove that dreaded bottom block using a knife — and succeeds. The video is shot vertically, which seems fitting.

    Maybe he got the idea from watching the last popular Jenga video to hit the Web back in December. In it, a woman uses her hand to quickly swipe the bottom row of blocks out with one swoop.  That video raked in more than 2.3 million views but had people on Reddit crying foul, with some critics saying the woman could have glued the blocks together to achieve success. Maybe we should just go back to being fascinated by the cat that plays a mean Jenga game:

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  • Hero monkey revives electrocuted friend

    The world has been in need of a superhero monkey, and we may have just found him. A simian in India is being hailed a hero following a harrowing incident at a train station in Kanpur on Dec. 21. When his fellow primate was electrocuted and fell unconscious after walking on high-voltage wires, the rescue monkey went into action. First he tried rubbing and patting the other monkey, and then moved on to a more drastic measure — dipping him in nearby water. Train passengers looked on while snapping photos and shooting video of the incredible rescue. After about 20 minutes, the injured monkey started to show signs of life. From the looks of it, it seems like he will be all right.  

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  • Kangaroo takes out drone with one punch

    Are you looking for a last-minute Christmas gift for your kangaroo? Probably not, but if you were, you should definitely cross a drone off your list. It goes without saying that kangaroos are not animals you want to mess with. One unfortunate drone operator learned that the hard way while on a mission to film a group of the marsupials in the wine region of Hunter Valley in Australia. When the drone came in for a close-up shot, one member of the pack who wanted its privacy respected, used a very kangaroo-like method of dealing with the device — by punching it to the ground.

    The protective Joey damaged the drone, but luckily for us the footage was recovered. We should mention that it could have ended much worse for the drone — remember the viral video of the kangaroo street brawl?

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  • This boulder in the Swiss Alps is actually a tiny, hidden home

    There’s a tiny home located way up in the Swiss Alps that you have to see to believe.  

    The studio house, dubbed Antoine, was designed by Bureau A, an architectural design firm. The concept came from the work of renowned Swiss writer Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz, who died in 1947. In his novel “Derborence,” the main character, Antoine, lives through a landslide and survives seven weeks under the rocks of the Alpine valley. According to the designers, the home is meant to mimic the "strong tradition of observing the Alps, living with them, hiding inside them."

    Bureau ABureau A

    The residence, meant for one person, was built in just six weeks offsite and was transported to a sculpture park up high on the mountain. It comes equipped with a small bed, a foldup table, a window, and yes, even a fireplace. Underneath the airbrushed, fake rock material sits a normal, small cabin.

    No word yet if anyone will actually get to live in the tiny rock home. But if someone does get the opportunity, he or she should just be

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  • Man plans incredible surprise second wedding for wife on anniversary

    Let’s face it. Some husbands are just better at making plans for their wives on special occasions. And there’s no better way to illustrate that point than to introduce you to Steven. The Atlanta native wanted to surprise his wife, Kelli, with something really big and different on their 10th wedding anniversary — boy did he deliver.

    The big event was captured by the wedding videography team at Iris Films.  As Kelli approached her house, a friend who was with her told her that she would need to be blindfolded for the rest of the journey home, to which Kelli replied, “This is not going viral, is it?” Sorry Kelli, it might. After arriving home, the friend brought Kelli upstairs so she could changing into something a little more formal. Then, as she was led outside, the blindfold came off, and there was Steven, who told her, “I want to show you with my actions how much I love you.” The next thing Kelli sees is a 75-piece marching band and an a cappella group singing, “Can’t Help Falling in

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  • Improv Everywhere shocks family with surprise Christmas carolers

    Improv Everywhere, a group based in New York City, always seems to have something fun up its sleeves. For the past 13 years, the crew has been recruiting people from the Web and organizing them to participate in stunts of epic proportions. You probably know them from their in-your-face antics, such as “Frozen Grand Central Terminal” in New York City, the food court musical, and the famous yearly No Pants Subway Day! Well this time, Improv Everywhere decided to spread some holiday cheer by surprising a family with an over-the-top Christmas carol display.

    The 20-person brass orchestra and 13-member choir rehearsed at a studio in Manhattan the day before. Then, the group invited the Schreiber family to a rented home in Englewood Cliffs, N.J., under the guise that they were having their Christmas photos taken. Mom was the only one in on the act. What you see from dad and the kids is as genuine as a Christmas morning surprise. The surprise was carried out with five different families, but

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