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  • Parents Stage Famous Movie Scenes Using Their Baby

    I've been told that new parents often get bored staying inside with their precious new bundle. Well, Lilly and Leon Mackie found a perfect and pretty awesome way to deal with it. Not only had the pair just welcomed their new baby, Orson, into their lives, but also they had accumulated a bunch of cardboard boxes from their recent move from New Zealand to Australia. So, instead of just throwing the boxes out, they turned them into something wonderful and started the blog Cardboard Box Office. Lilly and Leon have been setting up famous movie scenes starring their favorite male lead character, baby Orson.

    Here's "Jaws"...


    "The Dark Knight"...

    "Dark Knight"


    This supercreative rendition of "Jurassic Park"...

    "Jurassic Park"


    Lilly told Buzzfeed, "For 'Apollo 13,' Leon had to set the five-second timer, run around the cardboard space capsule, grab my legs, and pull me into a headstand position before quickly getting himself into position," she said. "We had to do this about six or seven times. … We're avoiding any more space

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  • If you saw the movie Gravity with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, the thought of being in space and looking down at Earth might give you the chills. But now a time-lapse video released by NASA might calm your fears. It’s called ‘The World Outside My Window”, and it was all shot from the International Space Station.

    According to the description of the video on YouTube, the goal of the sequence was to bring more attention to the ISS, including the humans aboard it. It also points out exactly what part of the world each section of the footage is showing. Even though the video makes me a little dizzy, it’s still out of this world!

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  • This past June, the story of Harrison Okene's rescue made international headlines. Okene served as a cook on a Chevron tugboat that had capsized on May 26 off the coast of Nigeria. Miraculously, he survived with no food or water for almost three days in a small air pocket before a rescue team found him and brought him back to land.

    The story sounds like a Hollywood script. The newly released video from the South African dive team that found Okene is the type of footage you would expect to see only on the silver screen.

    A group of six divers, along with a deck crew and technical staff, worked on the mission. Originally the team from DCN Global believed they would be recovering only dead bodies. Of the 12 crew members, Okene was the sole person found alive; 10 bodies were recovered and 1 is still missing.

    As soon as the diver discovered Okene, he was fitted with an oxygen mask and could talk with another crew member who had been directing the rescuer.

    "What is your rank?" the crew member

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  • Fans Share Personal Paul Walker Photos

    The death of actor Paul Walker over the weekend elicited an outpouring of memories and photos from his peers who had worked alongside him on set. And fans of Walker's, who knew him from movies like "Fast and Furious," "Varsity Blues," and "Joy Ride," took to social networks to share experiences of meeting the star in person. Judging by the comments, it seems that everyone who came in contact with Walker left with a smile on their face.

    Twitter picture uploaded by Michael Raisch

    Twitter user Hanna Ochoa posted a shot of Walker in a Starbucks, writing in the caption that he was "such a nice person" and "called me sweetheart." Another Twitter user, named Kristina, from New Orleans, uploaded a picture of her with the actor, saying that he was her favorite and was a down-to-earth guy. A mother named Brandy uploaded a photo of Walker with her son, calling the fallen star both "a great guy and a role model."

    Fan on Twitter recounts meeting with Walker

    Rapper RZA also paid tribute to the actor, with a new song called "Destiny Bends." The Wu-Tang Clan emcee met Walker on the set of

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  • Ad Agency Holds "Hanksgiving" Combining Thanksgiving and Tom Hanks Movies

    Are you a fan of Tom Hanks? Of course you are, who isn’t? Well one company in Philadelphia combined their love for the Oscar winner with their adoration of Thanksgiving. Ad agency Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners held their annual “Hanksgiving” potluck, where employees bring in dishes themed to Tom Hanks movies.

    "Hanksgiving" decorations


    They even roll a marathon of Tom Hanks movies all day for the occasion. As for decorations, there’s a rocket ship piñata called “Catch Me if You Candy” and lots of other “Hanksian” décor.

    "Hanksgiving" voting box

    Last year, “Turnovers and Hooch” won first place. Senior Account Manager Kristin Filipovits was crowned this year’s winner with her “You've Got Kale Salad,” beating out “A League of Calzone.”


    The company has reached out to Hanks’ people in the past to see if he might be able to do a “Google Hankout” to kick off the event. No answer from him yet, but there’s always next year Tom!  Tell us what your "Hanksgiving" dish would be in the comments section below or on Facebook.

    Employees at Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners enjoying "Hanksgiving"





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  • Web Responds to Gap's Defense of Sikh Model in Ad Campaign

    Every holiday season, the Gap rolls out a new campaign that typically creates a lot of buzz, and this year is no different. However, controversy around one photo shows that the Gap is willing to stand up to racism. The theme of the holiday campaign is "make love" and the Gap posted this image in store windows and in outdoor ads.


    The two people in the photo are model and filmmaker Quentin Jones and actor and jewelry designer Waris Ahluwalia, who happens to be a Sikh. New York photographer Robert Gerhardt noticed that one of the posters outside a New York City subway had been vandalized. The word "love" in "Make Love-"' was replaced with "Bombs," and "Please stop driving taxis" was also scribbled on the poster. Gerhardt snapped a photo of the defaced ad and forwarded it to Arsalan Iftikhar, senior editor at the "Islamic Monthly."

    Defaced Gap ad found in New York City

    Iftikhar shared the shameful image on Twitter, and his post quickly went viral. Hundreds retweeted the photo, and one well-known Twitter account-holder even took

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  • Pancake Art is Real and It's Amazing!

    Did your mother ever tell you not to play with your food? Well, she probably never saw ‘Dr. Dan the Pancake Man’ who turns batter into art. Daniel Drake has been creating pancake art at the Courtesy Diner in St. Louis, MO for four years, but recently got national recognition thanks to a Reddit post. It linked to Imgur photos uploaded by one of Dan’s friends showing his cool creations, affectionately called Dan-cakes. So far, he has whipped up pancakes that look like a dog, Aladdin, a jellyfish, and Pac-man to name a few.

    Dr. Dan the Pancake Man's creation

    Dr. Dan the Pancake Man's creation

    Dan says he started creating the pancake doodles after he saw someone make a Mickey Mouse pancake. His first creation was a huge smiley face for a male customer who laughed at the pancake, and then left a $15 tip. Dan knew he was on to something.


    Dr. Dan the Pancake Man's creation


    He even has his own Facebook fan page with over 1500 admirers flipping over his creations! When he isn’t fulfilling diners specially requested Dan-cakes, Dan is playing in the band ‘The Psychedelic Psychonauts.’

    Until his music

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  • Twelve-Year-Old Covers Lorde's "Royals" Like a Star

    Singer Lorde’s new hit song ‘Royals’ has prompted a ton of covers, but we found one to rival all others, and in the process get hooked on an up and coming star.

    Meet Cam Anthony. The insanely talented 12 year old from Florida who rocks out in this video:


    We also found some of cam’s other great performances like this one covering Bruno Mars’ ‘When I Was Your Man’


    Ok ladies and gents that's some real talent, i bet that's not the last we will be seeing or hearing from Cam Anthony.

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  • Chilling Video Shows Tornado Destroying Family's Illinois Home

    The EF-4 tornado that ripped through Illinois on November 17th left behind a path of destruction that can be seen in images and videos of the area. In cases like these you rarely see videos of the tornado actually hitting, especially shot by residents inside of their home. Marc Wells had his camera rolling from the confines of his Washington, IL home and his footage is absolutely terrifying. As you see the tornado approaching the Wells’ home through a window Marc calls for his daughter Josie to make sure she is okay. Then, there is a moment of darkness mixed with Josie’s screams as the tornado passes near their home. And just like that, it is gone. The family was lucky to only have structural damage and no serious injuries or loss of a life. An eerie moment of the video is when Marc sees what is left of his block for the first time.

    The view of a neighborhood in Washington, IL as seen from the Wells' home

    All the homes in the immediate area appear to be gone. Marc posted the video to YouTube where he wrote in the description, “Here is what my oldest daughterRead More »from Chilling Video Shows Tornado Destroying Family's Illinois Home
  • Cat Adopts and Nurses Lost Baby Ducklings

    There’s really nothing quite as cute as unexpected pairings of animals who become friends. We’ve seen friendships between a horse and a dog, a Labrador and dolphin, and an elephant and a dog, but nothing can compare to a cat who is mothering baby ducklings. Yes, you read that correctly. In a preview clip for BBC’s new show “Animal Odd Couples,” we get to see a mother cat who had adopted a group of 3 lost ducklings. A couple in Ireland discovered their cat with one of the ducklings in her mouth and of course thought she was going to make a snack out of them. They were shocked to discover the cat was, instead, mothering the three ducklings. The adoptive mama feline was even able to nurse the baby ducks! The reason she was able to nurse them was because she had just given birth to kittens a few hours before finding the ducklings.

    We decided to search for more cat and duckling pairings, and surprisingly it’s not that uncommon!


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