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  • Man adopts dog, becomes viral sensation

    On Saturday, the Pet’s Haven Animal Shelter near Melbourne posted a Facebook photo of a cute pup named Raffa and his newly adoptive dad, Ben Henderson. It was meant to bring attention the shelter’s open-adoption day, but Facebookers just couldn’t help but fall in love with Ben. The photo quickly took on a new life. There were thousands of likes and hundreds of comments from people asking where they could adopt Ben. One person added, “I'll adopt him…and the dog too.”
    And then, of course, a meme was born:
    Pet's Haven FoundationPet's Haven Foundation

    The unexpected exposure might be behind the fact that 30 animals were adopted over the weekend from Pet’s Haven. And just to clear up any confusion on whether or not Ben is adoptable …  his fiancée, Alisha Howell, added a comment to the original post with a photo of her ring, along with the warning, “Sorry ladies he put a ring on it. Haha”
    What about Raffa? Well, Ben filled his fans in, writing, “The most important thing is the little guy is settling in nicely. Lucky I was working in

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  • When a young man came into a Raleigh, N.C., Target store to buy a clip-on tie for a Chick-fil-A job interview, he was told they were all out. Then, employee Dennis Roberts offered to show him how to tie a standard tie. Shopper Audrey Mark noticed the tie tutorial, snapped a picture and posted it to the store’s Facebook page. It’s been liked and shared thousands of times. The teen, whose name is still unknown, got more than just a lesson in fashion. Roberts offered some interview tips, too. He told ABC-11 that he instructed the teen to “make sure you look them in the eye” and “make sure you give them a stern handshake. … He tucked his shirt in and tied his shoes.”
    Audrey Mark said as the young man left the store, a few of the employees wished him luck and said “come back and tell us how it went.” The group from the store even went to Chick-fil-A to see if the teen landed the job, but the manager said he had not yet made a decision.

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  • Webcam features adorable, orphaned black bear cub

    When two black bear cubs named Mike and Ike lost their mother to a deer hunting accident, they were taken to the Woodlands Wildlife Refuge in Pittstown, N.J. After Ike sadly died over the weekend due to unknown causes, the center along with the website NJ Advance Media thought of a way to bring attention to Mike’s ongoing recovery… A live webcam!
    The refuge center’s executive director, Tracy Leaver, said, “We hope this inside look at the rehabilitation effort here at Woodlands will serve to educate the public,” adding, “We want to engage and educate the public about black bears.” Eventually, Mike will be introduced to his surrogate mother. Until then, you can watch the live camera 24 hours a day on the Woodlands Wildlife website. While you’re there, you can also donate and help rehabilitate animals back into the wild. Just a note of caution: The center says it’s not responsible for bodily functions that occur between feedings and warns that the little guy may sometimes crawl out of

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  • 84-year-old grandmother scores strike during very first try at bowling

    An Italian grandmother is gaining worldwide renown for more than just her nonstop love and delicious cooking. In a new video uploaded to YouTube by Alberto Ascoli, an 84-year-old grandmother tries her hand at bowling for the very first time.

    Dressed in what most of us go bowling in (a long black coat with a furry collar), grandma steps up to the lane, releases the ball, and then … STRIKE! On her first try she knocks down all 10 pins. Nearly everyone at the bowling alley takes notice and starts to cheer and applaud.  

    Just like the crowd at the bowling alley, we can’t help but cheer for her. And now she’s even got her own Facebook fan page — The Italian Grandma, subtitled “Athlete.”

    The lesson here is either “It’s never too late to try new things” or “Beware of hustling grandmas who pretend they have never bowled before.”

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  • Dad's rap for disabled son inspires the Web

    A dad in Connecticut is pulling at the heartstrings of the Web with a beautiful rap song dedicated to his son. Jayce Correia’s 8-year-old boy, Jared, was born with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and other serious medical conditions. He told Yahoo News, “Jared suffered a stroke in utero. He was born with hydrocephalus and had his first of seven brain surgeries at only three days old. Shortly after, the diagnoses just poured in — septo-optic dysplasia, cerebral palsy, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, schizencephaly, and more.”
    Jayce CorreiaJayce Correia

    Jayce used his passion for rapping and his love for his son to produce an original video. “I wrote this song for Jared because Jared is my hero,” he said. “I have been a firsthand witness of what he goes through and how strong he is. He is the inspiration.”

    On Monday, Jayce posted the video to Facebook, where it has been viewed more than 600,000 times. Jayce and Jared’s song has been inspiring other parents of  special-needs children across the country, who have been sharing

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  • Israeli company’s space selfie seen by satellite

    Ad companies sometimes spend millions of dollars coming up with ways to get a company’s brand out to the public, but one crafty company in Israel thought of a stellar way to gain some exposure. Three hundred employees from Israel Aerospace Industries, or IAI, arranged themselves to spell out the company’s initials, for what they call a space selfie. That’s because the selfie was taken by the company’s passing satellite — the EROS-B, which is positioned about 325 miles above Earth!

    The employees had to be in a specific area in order for the space selfie to work, but luckily they were quite familiar with the satellite, since they helped build it. The company uploaded a video to YouTube, showing just how it was able to pull off the out-of-this-world pic. The snap was the company’s way of celebrating Israel Space Week. Think you’ve got an even more impressive selfie? Share it with us on Facebook.

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  • Live weather-map malfunction keeps reporter on his toes

    A weather reporter in Phoenix kept his cool when a digital weather map malfunctioned during his segment of a live newscast. Cory McCloskey from Fox 10 in Phoenix was delivering area temperatures when he noticed that a few of the numbers on the map did not add up. Like 1270 degrees in Ahwatukee, 2960 degrees in Cave Creek, and 2385 degrees in Wickenburg. No, this was not a sign of global warming. It was indeed a graphics glitch. McCloskey handled the snafu like a real pro. He used comedy as a way out of an awkward moment. “Now, I’m not authorized to evacuate Ahwatukee, but this temperature seems pretty high… Frankly, Wickenburg is a total loss… Surprise is starting to heat up as well at 1300 degrees… Again, I’m not your dad, but I would get out while you still can.”
    The station uploaded the segment to YouTube, where viewers have been loving it. One commenter wrote, “This is perfect! This guy deserves a raise!” McCloskey’s colleagues probably agree. Along with the video, the station

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  • Dogs become Internet snow and ice video stars

    Depending on where you live, you were either blasted with heavy snow by the recent blizzard in the Northeast, or you were let down by inflated weather reports.   
    Instead of complaining about the winter storm, some people and animals are turning snow into snow cones with viral videos. The first one comes from Matthew Philips of Pittsburgh, who strapped a GoPro to a dogsled and set out late at night with his pet huskies for a two-mile dogsledding adventure.  
    Before the blizzard, we got to see another dog-meets-cold-weather video, except this pup is a little less graceful than her huskie pals. T.J. Parker uploaded this slow-motion video to his Instagram account featuring his Bernese mountain dog named Quinn. She’s seen in the video running across an icy road at the Loon Mountain ski resort in New Hampshire. The slippery ground didn’t stop the pup from attempting the run several more times, and according to Parker, she was in pure bliss the whole time. If you’re a fan of Quinn, you can

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  • Teacher and students create incredible ‘Uptown Funk’ video

    Meet Scot Pankey, a theater arts teacher who has come up with a novel lesson plan: Learning can be fun.

    As part of a class assignment, Pankey led his students in a choreographed dance to “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars. The dance, which was filmed by students, was completed in a single take.

    “We are a project-based school… and that means you give the students a project, put them in teams, and they have to come up with solutions.” said Pankey of A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School in Dallas. “They had three weeks to work on it, then present as a group what they learned.”

    Since being posted on YouTube and to Pankey’s Facebook page, the video has been viewed more than 334,000 times.  

    One YouTube user commented, “I want to go back to school! Where were these kind of teachers when I was in school?!?”  

    “So proud of my kids,” Pankey wrote on Facebook. “This is a great example of how a bunch of technology students dropped their fears, trusted their teacher and got down to

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  • Minnesota brothers are back with incredible snow sculpture

    With a historic snowstorm targeting much of the Northeast, it makes sense that the white stuff is the star of our story today. The Bartz brothers from New Brighton, Minn., have been wowing the Web with photos of their epic front-yard snow creations for some time now. There was the shark … the walrus … the puffer fish … and now they may have outdone themselves: Behold their gigantic sea turtle:
    You have probably picked up on their under-the-sea theme. The three Bartz boys, who range in age from 16 to 20, released this video on their YouTube page showing the progression of the sea turtle build from start to finish — it took about 300 hours. The final structure stands 12 feet tall, 37 feet long, and 31 feet wide. According to Austin Bartz, they are pretty pleased with the outcome: “The turtle is our favorite; there was a lot of detail to be done, and it turned out better than we expected in the end.” Hey, Frosty, you have nothing on these guys!

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