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  • 106-year-old woman and 73-year-old man find love

    Hands make the symbol of a heart (Thinkstock)Hands make the symbol of a heart (Thinkstock)

    A 106-year-old woman and a 73-year-old man have found love in a nursing home, Australia's reports.

    Neither Marjorie Hemmerde nor her special fella Gavin Crawford expected to fall for anyone.

    "We just sort of melted into each other," Hemmerde told "We get along like old friends, the age gap doesn't seem to matter."

    Crawford said, "Marjorie is very outgoing and has good outlook in life." He also told that she is "always very cheerful and appreciative and we laugh together all the time."

    "I think we both have learned that life is far too short not to enjoy it," he continued.

    Neither lovebird has ever married before, which raises the question of whether Hemmerde and Crawford might consider tying the knot. It would surely be the wedding of the year, but—alas—it appears it isn't going to happen.

    "I'm too irresponsible," Hemmerde told "I quite like living in sin."

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  • Deadly Boston blasts inspire reports of heroism

    Medical workers help the injured at Boston Marathon (Charles Krupa/AP)Medical workers help the injured at the Boston Marathon. (Charles Krupa/AP)

    Following the deadly blasts at the Boston Marathon, acts of heroism were shared on Twitter and the Web.

    Some runners who crossed the finish line continued running to Massachusetts General Hospital to donate blood.

    Others on Twitter praised the first responders and marathon employees who tended to the injured.

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  • Woman seeks stranger who paid for wedding 54 years ago

    Cake decoration model of a bride and groom (Thinkstock).Cake decoration model of a bride and groom (Thinkstock).

    Nearly 55 years ago, Karel and Tom Nordstrom got married. They were twenty-something students with little money. Wanting to celebrate, the Canadian nationals held a small reception at the Royal Sutton Coldfield Hotel in Birmingham, England.

    A few friends attended, enjoying drinks and food. After the reception, the newlyweds went to see about paying, but were told that the costs had already been taken care of thanks to an anonymous stranger who had already left, according to The Province.

    Tom died last year at the age of 76. Karel is seeking the help of the Web to track down this mysterious benefactor who, through a simple act of kindness, helped get the couple off on the right foot and inspired her husband.

    Karel spoke to The Province about her quest to find the stranger. She says the act had an enormous impact on the couple and their future children. "It really was the start of how we thought and think in this family,” Karel said.

    Upon moving to British Columbia, Tom took an active

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  • Former NY drug lord turns life around by helping seniors

    "One day if we blessed, we all gonna get old." So says Tommy Mickens. Decades ago, Mickens was one of the top drug lords in Queens, where he ran a multimillion-dollar cocaine enterprise. These days, after serving 20 years in prison, he's doing his best to give back and do something positive by helping seniors to exercise.

    "I always loved older people," he told Yahoo News. "I learned from older people, I wanted to find a way to help them. Help those who couldn't help themselves and bring it back to my community."

    Mary Mickens, Tommy's mother, died in 1993 following a stroke from which she never recovered. Back then, Tommy Mickens was on the wrong side of the law. "For the first month and a half [after her stroke] she begged me, like 'Get me out the nursing home.' I finally got her out. I moved her out of Queens, bought her a house down in Florida. In the nursing home, they didn't care about old people. They let them color, draw and watch TV, and just deteriorate."

    That image apparently

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  • Man forgets $81K on train, 2 teens return fortune

    A train travels through the Scandinavian mountains (Thinkstock)A train travels through the Scandinavian mountains (Thinkstock)

    Two Norwegian teens are being praised for their honesty after returning 467,200 kroner ($81,500) to a man who had accidentally left the cash on a train.

    The Raw Story reports that the teens found the small fortune in a bag left on a seat in a train traveling between Oslo and a small town in the southeast section of Norway.

    One of the teens, identified by local paper Vestby Avis as Bendik, told the paper: "When I opened the bag, the first thing I saw were these wads and wads of bills." Bendik added that his first thought was to notify the police.

    Upon further examination of the bag, the teens noticed a passport belong to man in his 70s. Raw Story reports that the owner was expected to pick up the cash at a local police station. No word on whether the man was going to give the teens a reward.

    This is just the latest incident in what feels like an epidemic of honesty. Earlier this week, a story surfaced about a Wal-Mart employee who returned an envelope with $20,000 inside. In February,

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  • Company gives workers $100 bills on 100th day of 100th anniversary

    $100 bill (Thinkstock)$100 bill (Thinkstock)

    The owners of ILMO Products, a Jacksonville, Ill.-based company, handed employees $100 bills in celebration of the company's 100th anniversary. The Benjamins bonanza took place on Wednesday, the 100th day of the year.

    All told, 97 employees scored the bonus (if only they'd hired three more). The Jacksonville Journal-Courier reported that the company even handled the taxes.

    Blair Dial Austin, a spokesperson, told the Journal-Courier, said that while the $100 wasn't a "life-changing amount," it was still very much appreciated. "We think turning 100 is kind of above and beyond and is something really unique and deserves to be celebrated," she said.

    The owners of the company, which specializes in industrial, medical and laboratory gases, felt strongly about recognizing the hard work of their employees, according to Austin. "It takes employees to get us here,” she said.

    ILMO has 10 offices around the country.

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  • Airman reunited with adopted dog from Afghanistan

    While serving in Afghanistan, 25-year-old airman mechanic Tom Burright struck up a friendship with a puppy that was scavenging for food in the streets.

    "She was young and helpless. I had to pick her up. I fell in love and put her in the truck and took her home,” he told local CBS-DFW. Burright eventually named her Lyla.

    Lyla lived with Burright and 15 other airmen in their barrack. "She lived in my room with me. Slept in my bed. I brought her food from the chow hall. She ate everything I did,” Burright said.

    When Burright's time in Afghanistan was up, he learned that bringing Lyla to the U.S. would cost around $4,000. "I didn’t think it was going to happen,” he told the station.

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    Still, he persevered, making a video asking for assistance and sending the clip to The Puppy Rescue Mission, an organization dedicated to reuniting service members with their overseas canine companions.

    In just a few hours, Puppy Rescue had raised

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  • Retired racehorse’s paintings bring in the cash

    Metro Meteor and one of his creations (Photo courtesy Ron Krajewski)Metro Meteor and one of his creations (Photo courtesy Ron Krajewski)
    Metro Meteor won $300,000 during his career as a thoroughbred racehorse before injuries forced him to retire. Now the 9-year-old has found a new vocation as an abstract painter.

    The "Today" show did a feature on Metro Meteor. The horse was adopted by artist Ron Krajewski and his wife, Wendy. Ron noticed that Metro liked to bob his head back and forth while chilling out in his stall.

    "You can see he's always moving around," Ron said. "He would sit and his head would be up bobbing up and down all the time, and I was like, 'If we can teach him to hold a paintbrush, maybe we can do something.' I never thought he would have picked up painting.”

    Not only did Metro pick up painting, but his works, which go for around $500 each, are among the most popular at a local gallery owned by Peggy Rock. She said, "I just shipped one of the smaller paintings to Japan. We probably shipped to at least 20 or 30 different states. There is a real contemporary flair to them.’’

    When it comes to the quality

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  • Wal-Mart employee finds and returns $20,000 to customers

    Ever see someone drop a $20 bill on the street? Pocketing it can be mighty tempting. Now, put yourself in the shoes of 32-year-old Wal-Mart employee Bismark Mensah, who stumbled upon an envelope with $20,000 inside.

    Mensah, who makes $9.19 an hour at the Wal-Mart in Federal Way, Wash., didn't just return the cash to Leona Wisdom and Gary Elton -- he sprinted after the couple to catch them before they drove off. The Seattle Times recently did a profile on Mensah. The incident occurred last October.

    After he gave Wisdom the envelope, Mensah said, "She was like 'Wow! Tears are coming out." Mensah said the grateful woman tried to offer him a reward but he refused. The money was going to be used for a down payment on a house, according to the Seattle Times. They had cash because they didn't want to wait for a personal check to clear.

    File photo of Walmart store (Chris Hondros/Getty)File photo of Walmart store (Chris Hondros/Getty)

    Mensah, who immigrated from Ghana in 2012, had been helping the couple load their purchases in their car. After they began to drive off, he spotted the

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  • New York MTA worker’s quick thinking saves lives

    MTA worker Danny Hay (photo courtesy Danny Hay.MTA worker Danny Hay (photo courtesy Danny Hay).

    This past Sunday started out a day like any other for Danny Hay. At 7:30 in the morning, the 55-year-old MTA train operator was walking down the platform at the Delancey Street Station in Manhattan, getting ready to begin his shift and take the F train to Brooklyn.

    Then something happened. "I heard a loud noise," Hay told Yahoo News. "I looked and I saw a man had fallen onto the tracks, between the rails. He was convulsing. He was having a seizure."

    Hay went for his radio immediately. "I tried to contact our control center, but I wasn't able to do so at that time." Hay ran up to the station booth. "There was a station agent working," he said. "I told the lady to call the control center and have the power [to the train] turned off."

    Hay then ran back down to the platform where he saw "not just the injured man on the tracks. There were two good Samaritans who had jumped down on the track to help the man."

    That's when things got even more dramatic. "I could feel the air pushing through

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