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  • A ChocoTaco mystery: Who updated the treat's Wikipedia entry?

    Mike Krumboltz, Yahoo News at Yahoo News14 days ago

    Paging Woodward and Bernstein. And, maybe Ben and Jerry while we're at it. Your investigative talents are needed in Washington, D.C. Somebody from inside Congress — we don't know who — has updated the Choco Taco page on Wikipedia.

    All Wikipedia edits are done anonymously, but a Twitter bot keeps track of the changes made from IP addresses in the U.S. Congress. Most of the time, those edits are run-of-the-mill stuff. Things like updates to politicians, historical entries, bills, etc. Blah, blah, blah.

    But on Monday, somebody, perhaps with a little too much time on his or her hands, edited the entry for the iconic ice cream dessert that's shaped like a taco, the Atlantic reported.

    Choco Taco Wikipedia article edited anonymously by US House of Representatives

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