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  • Ahead of Clinton fundraiser, flying monkey posters take flight

    Mike Krumboltz, Yahoo News at Yahoo News4 days ago

    Guerrilla street artist SABO strikes again -flying Wizard of Oz monkeys holding "Hillary 2016"

    Creepy flying monkeys for Hillary in 2016!

    A series of anti-Clinton signs appeared in and around Brentwood, Calif., apparently the work of right-wing street artist SABO, who made news earlier this month when his artwork appeared in the days leading up to a Democratic fundraiser at Gwyneth Paltrow's home attended by President Obama.

    Obama Drone?! Gwyneth Paltrow-Mocking Posters Pop Up Ahead of Presidential Visit via @YahooCelebrity

    This new artwork depicts what looks like one of the flying monkeys from "The Wizard of Oz." The monkey wears a blue and red uniform, sports a devilish grin, and holds a sign that reads, "Hillary 2016."

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  • Say 'cheese' (and a few four-letter words): Sky divers leap from 33,000 feet

    Mike Krumboltz, Yahoo News at Yahoo News2 mths ago

    Ultimate free fall: Fearless skydivers jump 33,000 feet above Mont Blanc (Pic: Barcroft Media)

    Don't. Look. Down.

    Two French sky divers leapt from a plane, about 33,000 feet in the air, and captured this breathtaking photo.

    And you thought that helmet-cam footage of your riding a bike to work was impressive.

    The two divers, Frederic Fugen and Vincent Reffet, trained for a year and a half in preparation for the jump, which occurred on May 31, the Telegraph reports. From plane to land took approximately seven minutes. They reportedly pulled their chutes at roughly 20,000 feet and cruised alongside the Alps before touching down in Italy.

    "It was a huge achievement and I'm so happy we were able to do it safely in the way we wanted," Fugen said, according to the Telegraph.

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