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  • Video captures President Obama on D.C. stroll surprising parkgoers

    "The bear is loose," the president joked, during walk around the Ellipse

    You can almost read the bystanders' minds.

     Who's that tall presidential-looking fellow, surrounded by a crew of armed men and women who look like they've never cracked a smile in their entire lives? "Say... honey?"

    President Obama took a stroll through the Ellipse in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday morning, en route to a meeting at the Department of the Interior. Along the way, he stopped to shake hands with a few tourists and locals who happened to be in the right place at the right time.

    "The bear is loose," Obama joked.

    One gentleman, an obvious fan, approached the president and shook his hand. A bit later, Obama walked past a couple sitting on a bench. Referencing the parade of photographers, Obama said, "Bet you didn't expect to have all these people [taking pictures]." The man joked back, "It's for my birthday." Obama wished him a happy birthday, asked where he's from (Israel) and then asked the man to tell everybody back home that he says hello.

    In another bit of raw video

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  • Lightning strikes London's Shard skyscraper (Video)

    Ash Patel was watching London's vicious storm on Thursday when he was treated to a spectacular — if frightening — weather phenomenon: several lightning strikes to the tallest building in the European Union.

    Patel told Yahoo News that he saw lightning strike the 1,000-foot-tall Shard building twice in less than a minute. After the first hit, Patel thought it wise to start recording.

    The first strike "happened about 30 seconds before this one," he told Yahoo News. "People were shocked (that a bolt of lightning) hit the same spot twice."

    Several other storm watchers captured similar shots and posted them to Twitter. Stay dry, folks.

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  • Man takes breathtaking selfies from atop Dubai skyscrapers

    Click image for slideshow.

    We think it's safe to say that Alexander Remnev (in the white shirt) doesn't have a fear of heights.

    The 19-year-old Russian student took a series of breathtaking, toe-tingling photographs from atop skyscrapers while on vacationing in Dubai.

    Dubai from the top of a building. (Alexander Remnev/Caters News)

    Remnev told Yahoo News that he and his friend climbed 20 buildings in Dubai, including the Princess Tower, which at 101 stories is the tallest residential building in the world.

    Remnev said he didn't get into trouble over the photos, telling Yahoo News that almost all of the rooftops were open.

    One of the daredevils on top of a building in Dubai. (Alexander Remnev/Caters News)

    What's it like to be more than a thousand feet in the air, armed with nothing but a camera and a perhaps ill-advised sense of invincibility? "It's beautiful," Remnev said. "A lot of adrenaline."

    Maybe so, but we'll stick with the glass elevators at the mall. That's all the excitement we can handle.

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  • WWII veteran, 90, graduates from college

    “Now I think I’ll have to go out and start looking for a job,” man jokes

    You're never too old to learn something new.  

    Walter Bunker, a 90-year-old World War II veteran, earned his college diploma this past weekend at Xavier University in Cincinnati, WLWT reports.

    Bunker, who attended several other colleges, including Notre Dame, when he was a younger man, told WLWT that he was two credits short of earning his degree. He contacted Xavier, and the university sent a professor to Bunker's apartment to work with him on an independent study course.

    Bunker, who has 10 children, wrote two short stories to earn the credits required. He told WLWT that after he submitted his work, the professor called him with good news, saying that he should start sending out invitations to his graduation.

    When asked by reporters about his plans now that he has graduated, Bunker joked that he thinks he may have to "start looking for a job. I thought perhaps I might be a cowboy. I always wanted to do that. To get on my cayuse with a gal and ride off into the sunset."

    Bunker said

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  • Man delivers baby fawn after pregnant mom is killed by car

    Talk about a special delivery.

    A Minnesota man delivered a baby fawn after its mother was hit and killed by a car. 

    Bill Schulte told CBS Minnesota that he saw a car hit a deer while driving on Sunday. He pulled over and saw the deer was pregnant. 

    "I was like, she's [the mother] gone, that baby's in there kicking, I gotta do something," Schulte said. Acting quickly, Schulte used a box cutter to open the dead deer's belly and then slowly pulled out the baby fawn, neck first. He then drove the newborn 30 miles to an animal rescue facility.

    The male fawn was then turned over to Polly Rixe, a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Rixe will work with the fawn over the summer to get his strength up, until he's ready to enter the wild on his own.

    "He’s growing big already,” she said. “He couldn’t walk when he got here.”

    Speaking of Schulte's heroics, Rixe told CBS Minnesota, "Kind of crazy. I wouldn't necessarily promote people doing that, but I guess for this particular fawn, it's a happy

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  • Have an iPhone? You'll recognize this tune.

    Adi Iyer (aka MetroGnome) has a gift for crafting catchy dance tracks out of unusual source material. His latest tune uses some beats that anybody with an iPhone (or anyone who lives with somebody who does) will no doubt recognize.

    Iyer told Yahoo News that it took him about a week to compose and finalize the song structure. He practiced his performance for the video for five days, going 10 hours per day nonstop. "Sometimes I'll make it all the way to the finish line, and suddenly I'll smile or make a weird face because I'm so excited, and completely mess up." The one that made the cut was his 70th take.

    Iyer said he used three main ringtones from Apple's device. Listen closely and you'll hear the Opening (Default) sound, the Marimba, and the Xylophone. "I also used 'Harp', the SMS tone, the most deadly iPhone alarm/siren sound that wakes up the whole neighborhood, and the Siri tone."

    The Internet is known for inspiring negative feedback, but Iyer said that so far, he's received

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  • Jon Stewart rips Obama administration over reported VA wait time cover-ups

    Warning: The embedded videos feature adult language and a lot of poorly-timed bleeps.

    Politicians and government leaders insist they're upset about the various allegations being lobbed at the Department of Veterans Affairs, but they pale in comparison to the wrath spewed by "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart.

    In his show Monday, Stewart addressed claims that VA administrators manipulated wait times at hospitals to make it seem like patients were seeing doctors quicker than they really were with seething anger and his unusual swear jar.

    Normally, a swear jar is used to collect money when little Billy and Susie say words they shouldn't. Stewart's swear jar, on the other hand, is something he screams into whenever he gets upset about the VA wait time scandal. And based on the number of bleeped-out swear words that exploded out of the jar during Monday night's show, it appears that Stewart is outraged quite often.

    The clearly angry talk show host went off on VA Secretary Eric Shinseki and

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  • Dangerous beauty: Incredible time-lapse footage of supercell storms

    More than any special effect Hollywood might dream up,  Mother Nature possesses an overwhelming power to stun. Her magic is on full display in several time-lapse videos of supercell storms over Wyoming and Nebraska that are sweeping their way across the Web.

    The video above was shot by a group of storm chasers in Wyoming over the weekend. The magnificent footage captures a truly terrifying supercell hovering and raging, looking a bit like an alien mothership here to destroy the planet.

    Below, equally impressive footage of a supercell storm near Scottsbluff, Nebraska on Sunday. The footage of clouds converging and spinning across a seemingly angry sky was captured by Victor Gensini and uploaded to the internet.

    A supercell is a type of isolated thunderstorm that also contains "a deep and persistent rotating updraft called a mesocyclone," according to the National Weather Service. The storms usually last for several hours, and are most common in the central United States.

    As stunning

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  • Man spends 8 years penning 304,805 letters of the Torah without a single error

    Patience, consistency, dedication. Look up any of those words in the dictionary, and you could easily see a picture of Richard Epstein, amateur Torah scribe.

    The member of the Chabad Shul of Potomac, Maryland, recently penned the entire Torah (that's 304,805 letters) by hand using a feather quill on parchment made from sheepskin, the Washington Post reported.

    It took Epstein about eight years from start to finish. A professional can pen a Torah in about a year, according to

    The accomplishment was lauded by his Chabad, which held a Grand Torah Celebration on Sunday to honor Epstein's work.

    One mistake can invalidate the text, making accuracy far more important than speed, according to Mistakes  if noticed  can be corrected, provided the mistake doesn't involve God's name, according to Epstein, who starred in a short documentary about his endeavor.

    Epstein, who is also an author and professor, told the Washington Post that he feels as if the "Torah wrote me,

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  • Ohio meteorologist finds mewling kitten in tornado rubble

    While checking out damages after a recent tornado in Cedarville, Ohio, meteorologist Rich Wirdzek found a kitten mewling under some rubble.

    Wirdzek captured footage of the kitty's rescue and shared it on his Facebook page. We first saw the story over at The Vane.

    The unnamed kitten looks a little worse for wear as Wirdzek picks it from the debris and takes it to his TV van, where he helped get the little guy warmed up, according to a report from WHIO, where Wirdzek works.

    The footage of Wirdzek helping the soaking wet kitten out of the rubble while whispering encouraging words could melt the heart of the Grinch, Darth Vader and maybe even old Mr. Potter from "It's a Wonderful Life." Cynics have nowhere to hide -- it's just that cute.

    WHIO reports that the kitten was returned to its family, where one hopes it was given a warm saucer of milk and enough yarn to help it forget the past few days.

    The EF3 category tornado Wednesday destroyed several homes. There were no reported injuries or

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